My First Sex Encounter With Old Man

Hello all ISS readers. I am Rahul age 21 from Mumbai, India. I am regular reader of ISS and I love it. My body stats are Height 5′ 8″, Waist 30, Weight around 50 KG. This is my first SEX experience I want to share with all and it’s gay!!! Actually I had few incidents like touching and rubbing in Mumbai local trains before but never had SEX. So I was virgin. So this also started from Local Train only. I was traveling from Churchgate to Dadar in evening around 5:30 to 6 in Borivali Slow local and it was hell lot of rush in the train. Not even a chance to move a little and I was in middle door. So in that rush I was getting touched on my front and back very frequently and again I realized like it was being done intentionally. And there I found an old man around 55-60 years old in action. He was very clean, stocky or fat body looking very huge in front of me as I am skinny!!! He was very good looking smart and having French cut mustache. He was touching on my butts very often and trying to communicate with me with eye contacts. I was very nervous and scared but horny as well. I was enjoying his touch on my butts over tight jeans but I was afraid of doing this in public. Now as at Dadar station, I wanted to get off the train but in the rush I couldnt get out of train and again thrown in the train with loads of guys. That old man laughed at this and asked me u should have prepared well before to get down from train. He said anyways u can get out @ Bandra as he is also going there he will help me in getting off the train. Now his touching activities continued and he was pretending to be he was helpless because of the crowd in train. As Bandra station was near he told me to get close to the door, and he was right at back of me. And while train was about to stop, he literally pressed on my butts and pushed me out and he also got out of train. After we got out he told me he is staying just near to station and I could visit for tea or coffee if I like. I knew what he was trying for. So I decided to tease him and told I dont like tea or coffee. So he was afraid and told I can visit just to relax as I may be irritated in so much crowd in train and tired. I took some time just commenting something but finally agreed. And I could see his happiness on his face and his pants as well :)

Now just 5 mins of walk and there was his apartment. While walking he asked about me and told about him as well. So now we entered his flat a nice 1 BHK flat and he locked the door after entering. He told me to sit down on the sofa meanwhile he will get fresh. He offered me glass of water and went inside. After 5 mins he came in hall and he was in nice night suit. I asked him it’s just 7 pm and why night suit now only? And I was shocked with his answer, he told he want to sleep with me so he was wearing night suit. I told him I am not that tried to sleep. Then he asked me directly while he was touching me in train I was enjoying or not? To this I was having no answer. Then he told me he got pair of clothes ready for me as well so get inside the room and be ready in 5 mins. So I entered his bedroom and on his bed there was a small plastic bag. I opened it and inside there was pink colored bra and panties and also top and short skirts. So I wear it and it was nice fitting for me. I came back in hall and he was just staring at me. I asked him how the clothes perfectly fitting me to this he told me that he always had fantasy for skinny gays and specially Cross Dresser so he bought it. And fortunately he got me :) Now Action started.. he lift me up like girl and carried to his bedroom, and thrown me on the bed, the bed was so soft and he get on me.. He started kissing on my neck and below region.. I was moaning in pleasure. He lift up my top and started kissing madly on my stomach. Then he slowly removed my top and also skirt. Now I was only in Bra and Panties. He was hugging me from back and he started pressing my small tits and rubbing my nipples.

Then he removed his night suit and he was only his sexy underwear. He lie on bed and told me to sleep over him. So I slept over him hugging tightly I felt like cushion as he was fat. And his body touching my body was just feeling awesome that I cant express in words. We continued it for a while he removed my Bra and started chewing my small tits and nipples. I was shivering in pleasure. Then he continued to kiss to down and he told me to lie on my stomach then he kissed my butts over Panties. I was in heaven :) then he slowly removed my Panties and he attacked on my butt chicks, he bite on it very hard that I felt little pain but I was enjoying it. Then he suddenly got up and went to kitchen and returned back with Chocolate in his hand that was melt Chocolate. He inserted chocolate in my asshole and my god it was great feeling :) and then he started licking my ass and tasting chocolate from it :) This I cant ever forget I loved this so much :) He finished all the chocolate from my ass inserted his tongue in my ass and fucked me with his tongue. Then he started inserting his fingers in my ass and did it very fast. I was moaning like hell in pleasure. This all things I was doing for first time so I was really enjoying it. Then as I was sleeping on my stomach, he also slept over me and I felt his huge dick inside his underwear rubbing on my asshole. It was feeling great. Then I told him it’s my turn now, and I removed his underwear and I cant believe it was hell huge and very thick clean dick. I asked his what’s his size and he told he never measured it. I told him I am curious and I want to know. So we measured it and it was just more than 8″ he asked about mine and I told mine is around 6″.

Then I firstly just kissed on top of his dick and that taste was salty I told his I dont like salty taste so he told I can suck him when he wear condom. So he wear dotted strawberry flavored condom and then I started sucking it for first time in my life :) I did it just for 5 mins and then he told me enough now he wants to go for “main course”. Then he told me to again sleep on stomach, then he slept over me and he started rubbing his dick on my tiny asshole and it was not going in as I was virgin. So he applied Vaseline on my asshole and his dick as well and then he started inserting slowly and this time it went. I was in heaven and moaning hard. Then he started fucking slowly and then he was doing it very hard and fast. Now while fucking he slapped on my butt chicks very hard and I moaned and he continued slapping like he was playing tabla. After some time he told me to be in position like doggy which I was eagerly waiting for. Then he ride on me in doggy style. He fucked me for around 30 mins and then he told he is going to cum and he want his cum on my ass hole I told ok then he quickly removed condom and shoot his load on my asshole. Then he slept over me relaxing. Then he carried me to bathroom and we bath together in bath tub where I was sitting on him. And after all this I returned back to home. He companied me to Bandra station up to I get into train. And he told me soon we will meet again :)

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