A New Taste

Hi I am regular reader of this site. And this is my first story.About me, I am from kerala, 59 bit chubby, has a bit of man boobs, not very hairy, fleshy round ass. and my penis measure upto 17cm. The following story which I am about to narrate is purely based on my first and only sexual encounter with a male.

I was a student when this happened. It was during my 3rd semester leave. Usually I just go back home, but this time one of my friend Sree(name changed due to privacy issues) asked me to spend a couple of days with him, since I had nothing else to do. I took my parents permission and went with him, my parents where happy too because they were trying to have some time for themselves and went on a trip to Hyderabad. Now Sree, he was a quite handsome. He is 61 athletic body, not much hairy(we both like to keep up hairless) I dont know about his penis length. All I know I was way bigger than mine.

Next morning we set out to his place. It took us almost 5-6 hrs to reach. his parents were more than welcoming. It was a happy family. I enjoyed theeir company. Sree was a naughty one. He used to tease me a lot. Even though I tried to push him away wen he teases me, I really liked it.He knew I had man boobs. and never misses a chance to touch them. I just took them lightly.(He never tried to grab them or anything… jst brushes his hand, and acting as though he did it unknowingly.)

On the 4th day of my stay When I woke up I heard some commotions. And when enquired, I came to know that Srees Uncle had met an accident and so the family had to go visit them. Me and Sree were in no mood to go, so we asked whether we could stay back. Due to the rush they thought It be crowded if all the family went to visit his Uncle and they said some one needs to look after the house. So we two stayed back. They set out early morning . Now we had the whole house to ourselves. We started the day of by drinking some beers and watching TV.That was a normal day. At night me and sree used to sleep in different rooms. But I suggested that I we should sleep in the main hall. It was big enough for both of us and there was TV and enough drinks, all in all It was a comfy place to sit back and relax.

We started by watching a movie.It was quite boring for both of us. So he asked me whether I would like to see a porn movie? Obviously, I agreed to this. It was a gang bang video.We both were quite hard and where stroking ourselves under the quilt. I was quite amazed on how the porn star was able to take a big extremely long black cock in her ass. I thought I was think, but I said that aloud. He heard that. we both looked at each other, had a bit of laugh and continued with the stroking. The movie ended. But we were not satisfied. Both where not able to cum, I think we both were a bit shy at that part.(ie; cumming when others are watching). I knew he used to watch me some time and stroke, but I didnt mind it. Later on, I suggested that we both should sleep. Both me and sree were in our shorts.

We both turned off the lights, locked the doors and slept under the quilt, I was not able to sleep as sree was making lots of sound by moving from side to side(I later came to know that he was stroking himself.), still I stayed still with my eyes closed, suddenly I felt his legs on mine. Later on it started to move . I didnt react. After about 1/2 hour I felt that he have hugged me from behind. It was quite awkward for me. But still I didnt move. He came closer, I could feel his breath on my shoulder, I started to breath heavily too… Suddenly he said “Enikku ariyaam ni urangeettillla ennu” (which means” I know you havent slept yet “), and kissed my shoulder and asked “Ithu ishttaayo” (“did u like this”)… I kept trembling, not knowing hoe to react…. He was getting impatient… and suddenly grabbed my manboobs, and squeeeeeezed them really hard. I moaned in pain..AAAAhhhhhhhhh….and said in a commanding tone”Parayada, ninekke endhu thonunnu”,,,(“SAY HOW YOU ARE FEELING RIGHT NOW”)……..

I had no word to express how I was feeling….bt moaned like a bitch in heat “mmmmmmm…………iniyum”( “again”)…, he really like my response. All this while he was stroking his already hard cock which was leaking his precum over my shorts….he start massaging my boobs and pulling my nipples hard and string and saying “kollalo ninde mula, sherikkum oru penninde mula pole thanne, njaan ithu kondu endhu cheyyum??”(“wow, dude, your boobs are awesome, feels like a womans breast , what do you think I should do with them”), I kept silent and started to enjoy this, he didnt like it so he started to pull my nipples to its limits and say “PARAYADA ” (“say aloud”)… I cried out in utter ectasy…”ENDHUMMMM”..(“ANYTHING YOU LIKE….. MMMMM”)….

Now he turned me and got on top of me….and started to kiss me,…. really passionately… It was really wet… just the way I like it…For almost 10 mins he kissed, and went down and started to suck on my boobs like a baby sucking milk from its mother and at the same time pinching and twisting my right nipples in between his fore finger and his thumb….When I looked down I was really excited my the scene…. He was looking into my eyes and sucking my left boobs really hard and pinching and pulling my right one… I smiled at him and stroked his hairs and press his face closer to my boobs. He took my erect nipples in between his teeth and bit it slowly, It was really paining … and he was pulling it….. oooohhh… I came a lot inside my shorts ……I was really happy and satisfied…. I asked “njaanum chappikotte??” (“Can I suck u too”)…

He left my boobs and lay back on the bed. I kissed him on his lips …. went a bit lower.. kissed on his neck… going lower.. his strong shoulders….. his manly chest…. sexy abs….and stopped.. and looked into his eyes like I was waiting for his instructions…. he then put his hand on my head and lowered it and said “suck my cock, luv”…. it was all I needed… I saw the huge tent in his shorts and pulled his cock… it was quite bigger than mine….and for the first time in my life… I kissed a cock…. he shivered… I giggled and started to take it inside my hot mouth…. I wrapped my tongue around it…. tickled the tip with my tough….and started to suck on it…..suddenly he put his hand around my head and started to fuck my mouth…I wasnt able to suck the whole length… But went on with it, as I knew now, that there was no turning back. He turned my mouth into a fuck hole… tears where rolling down from my eyes becoz of his intensity…. he knew no limits… and I let him do that….all of a sudden he stopped, that bewildered me,……and now I could feel hot liquid squirting into my mouth and it was overflowing …… he was not letting me go…. there was no option for me other than to swallow it….at first I hated this…. but once I drank it…. I dont know why….I had this really strong urge to have his cum overflow my mouth.

He let go of me, and we both fell on each other, there were still some cum inside my mouth….Both of us were breathing heavily…. he hugged my and kissed my and sucked of the cum from my mouth…. We both lay there like that…. an dozed off…after about 3 hrs… I woke up…. I found sree on top of me…I felt as though it was alla dream. I really enjoyed it…..I was getting horny…. and started to hug and kiss sree. He too woke up.. and smiled… I said…”Enikku iniyum venam”(“I want more”)… his eyes widened….he asked “Ni endha udheshikunne??” (“what do u mean??”)…. I said “fuck me”…. he was super excited …..I could feel his cock growing strong…he started to-and-fro motion lying on top of me and looked into my eyes…… I kissed him on his lips and nodded, affirmatively. .. he asked me to go to the toilet and clean my ass…. after about 1 hr or so I came back…all fresh and ready to be fucked…

Sree was laying on the bed with his eyes closed….. I slowly came to him and took hold of his cock, it was all floppy by now…. Now it was my mission to suck him and make him hard…. he was quite amazed by my openness now….and said “ni oru vedi thanne…” (“wow, now you are like a real slut!!!!”)and I said…”athe… ninde swandham” (“Yes…. Im your slut, baby!!”) and winked at him…and started to suck him really hard…. I circled his tip with my tongue… tried to insert the tip of my tongue into his penis hole….sucked his balls… after all this his cock was shining with his pre cum and my saliva…. I bent down and showed my ass toward him…I have shaved it and made it hairless. He really loved it and bend down and stated kissing and sucking my ass hole…. I was getting excited and impatient…. and moaned…… this went on for quite some time…

Now he inserted 1 finger into my ass.. it went in quite smoothly..(I sometimes used to try finger myself). .. He was amazed by this and asked… “”Ethranam ullil idaan pattumeda??” (“How many finger can i put inside u??”)… And I said “Ni thanne ittu nokke” (” why dont you try it yourself??”)….He took a bottle of body lotion… dipped his fingers into the the lotion… and on after the other put his fingers into me….. It was paining… a lot….. Bt i asked him to keep going until his fifth finger was inside me… he kept it like this for some time…. I felt a bit ease…. suddenly he took them out… It was quite relieving. But only for a second or so… becoz he inserted them altogether…. I shrieked out in pain….. He kept on with this furious fist fucking until I felt a bit ease…. all this was making sooo hard I could see his long cock oozing pre cum on the bed sheet….

Now we were both ready for the main course… he pushed me down …. got on top of me…. applied some lotion on his cock… and pushed it into my ass…. I was feeling as though a hot iron rod was inserted into my ass hole…. he kept still for 5 mins…. and started fucking me… I was getting this really hot feeling from his poundings…. I was laying on my belly on the bed and he was fucking me from behind while squeezing and pulling both my boobs from either side…. I really loved it…. He increased his speed…. He was really energetic… and fucking me as though there was no tomorrow…. I was cumming and wetting the bed and my stomach…. Suddenly he stopped and gave some huge hard pushes….. and I felt him cumming inside me…..

He took photos of his thick white cum flowing down from my ass hole… It was really erotic… This was a new and awesome experience for me…. We staying like this until his parents came…. and sometimes used to fool around the college when no one was around…

I will continue posting about our next session according to your comments and reviews… Hope your cocks are dripping with your yummy sloppy thick cum.mail me at / /