My Gay Experience With A Massage Guy

Hi everyone. Well this is a true incident and not at all something that has come out of my head. This is an incident which happened when I went to get massaged in a gym, also it is a reputed gym so cant take the name.

Hi I am 28yr old guy and a resident of Navi Mumbai. Well to start off I am 100% interested in girls and love to fuck them. I am interested in working out every day but had started working out after a gap of two yrs. unfortunately my gym did not have massage services. Due to just starting of working out everyone gets muscle pain. Same was d story with me.

After 15days of workout I started having some muscle pain. So I thought why not get a massage to ease of the pain also it will relax my body but due to no availability of massage guy in my gym I contacted another gym and luckily they had massage service with them.

I fixed up the appointment with the massage guy for a weekday and I got the late slot of 9 in night which I did not mind. I reached that gym around 8:45pm and just waited for my turn to come since the massage guy was already busy with a client. Finally at 9:15 he was ready to massage. To describe him he is a guy in late 30s or may in 40s ht may b and 5. 6″ medium built guy with a little bit of paunch. He was in some kind of uniform.

Well when I entered the massage room. The room had few candles placed in two corners with the massage table in the center. He asked me to remove my clothes and lie down on the table on my back. I striped down till my undies n was lying on the on the massage table. He started pouring oil on my upper body on my chest first he massaged my chest for about 10mins and den started towards my abs and then to reach to my lower abs he put his fingers on the side of my undies and slid it down almost to a level where my pubic hairs were fully visible. He continued massaging me there n den went towards my thighs by inserting his hand inside my undies n towards the inner thighs. To be frank Im very sensitive on that area and it ticked my cock n saying I was embarrassed for getting a little hard-on. He continued rubbing on both sides inside of my thighs. My cock was up by all his rubbing. He would even try to get my cock away from where he was massaging by holding my cock over my undies.

Next he went on my lower legs giving them a gr8 massage. Later he asked me to turn around. I turned around and lied on my stomach. Then again he started massaging my back and shouldered but when he reached to lower back he removed my undies completely till my lower thighs exposing my ass fully. Then he massaged my lower back n d next thing shocked me a little. He just spread my ass n pour oil it was like just about my asshole. He then started rubbing my ass cheeks n sometimes sliding his finger in between my ass cheek n pressing a little on d hole. Ill be frank I never thought I will like that feeling but to my surprise I did. He kept on rubbing my ass cheeks by sliding his finger again n again. It did make my cock hard n there was a little pre-cum as well which I observed later on.

He did spend lot of time near my ass den he moved on to my lower legs which he continued for 10 min or so after massaging my legs he came to my side n took my hand to massage while he did that my fingers accidentally touched his cock and from what I cud make out in split second it was definitely hard. For all this time I thought massaging like that would be normal but when I touched his cock I understood he was enjoying n to be frank even I was. This was something new to me.

Later on he asked me to stand up to massage my shoulders nicely. I got down from the table still with my ass naked he came behind me n started massaging my neck n shoulder area. Next I told him I do have pain in my lower back so can he massage it again. I thought he will ask me to lie down on the table but he just asked me to face the table while standing n just bends on the table. Then he got behind me. I know that position very well because even I have fucked my gf in that position almost like doggie style. He got a chance to come closer and grind his cock on my ass which I could feel it very well. By that time someone knocked the door. He just took my undies n slid it back covering my ass n opened the door. Some guy had come to inform him that another client has come and is waiting.

He took the message and locked the door and without asking me anything removed my undies again till below my ass n by one hand between my legs he took hold of my cock and by other hand he started massaging my lower back with his forearm area. My cock was rock hard in his hand n I bet even his cock would have been rock hard while doing this. Then after few min of massaging the massage was done. I wore the towel n went for steam and den had showers n to be frank I did shag in the shower.

I never knew I will get hard when a guy would me, but I was surely hard and did like it. I just want to know if I should go again to that guy and get massaged because I have this mixed feeling about going n not going. Hope u guys liked my real incident. If yes then please reply back suggesting me what to do. Thanks for reading my story.