How I Became Shalini

Hello this is Samar (name changed), I am a girl whos trapped in a guys body. Even though I am Samar I always loved to be “Shalini”. My ass is better than a lot of girls, when my seductive lips touch the guys cock it would give him thrills. I am fair in color, curvy at the right places and always more than ready to be fucked.

This is the story of an incident which happened 6 months ago. I was searching the web as always. I liked to dress up as a girl, finger myself pinch my nipples etc. I always fantasized getting fucked by a group of guys, getting fucked by a real slut. But I never had the courage to get real action, so I just enjoyed by teasing guys online. But this day changed everything, it was the day I met Atul.

I was searching the web for gay tops. And I started chatting with Atul; Atul was everything I wanted. He was nice, intelligent, and he talked like an educated person. He talked me into having a video chat with him. And OMG he was sexy, his cock 7 inches and the thickness was amazing. Well I gave him the usual show I give everyone. But he wanted more. He wanted to fuck me for real. I never had the courage to meet a stranger. But he kept asking again and again. So I joked with him, that I will charge to get fucked. And to my amazement he accepted. By now I was tired of saying no and I was way too desperate to get fucked. So I said yes. He gave told me about a park in his area, we decided a time and he said hell pick me from there.

Next day evening 7oclock I reached at the place. He told me to wear a tight red t-shirt and shorts. I was waiting until 8 and it was getting dark. I was sitting on a bench; just then a guy came and sat next to me. He said Atul here, and OMG he was handsome. We talked a bit and then he said come behind me. He took me in the dark corner of the park behind the bushes. Here; he handed me 2000 rupees. I was amazed he took me seriously, it wasnt about the money but this really made me feel like a real slut/a randi. I put the money in my pocket. He said now I am his bitch for the next 3 hours. I was more than happy to be his bitch.

Right then, he grabbed my ass and told me to suck his dick. I was shocked we were in a public park, and I had never sucked dick in real forget in a park. I hesitated but he made me do it. His 7 inch rod going into my mouth was haven. I kissed it licked it sucked it for 10 min. He said hes about to cum, but I said I dont want him to cum in my mouth. He said I am his bitch I has to do everything, I said no, so he slapped me hard grabbed my hairs and said drink my cum bitch. This was too hot to handle, he was so dominant. I drank every drop of his cum right there in the park.

Then he took me to his car and we drove to his house. When we entered his house he handed me a sari, a wig, and make up kit. He told me to dress up as a real sexy bitch. I obeyed him happily. He got horny when he saw me dressed up as a sexy slut. He came near me and kissed my lips. He said from now on I am Shalini. I am a randi and he is my pimp. I was so happy and horny to hear this. Right at that moment the door bell rang. He opened the door and there were 4 more tall bulky guys standing there. They came inside and he said heres your Shalini slut. I was shocked, I felt like crying I felt desperate. But I had no other option then obeying these guys. He ordered me to go in the bedroom.

Just as I entered the bedroom one of the guys grabbed my sari and stripped it off me. Then he just threw me on the bed tore of the blouse and started sucking on my nipples. It was amazing, this handsome guy sucking and biting my nipples. Just as I was moaning with pleasure another guy came and put his dick in my mouth. His dick was big and I mean really big. It must have been around or more than 8 inches and it was thick like a rod. He started mouth fucking me like I am a toy. While these two were busy with my nipples and mouth another one started fingering my hole.

My hole was very tight, I was a virgin. And they were very happy to see this. He took a big bottle of Vaseline and started fingering my ass. He started with 1, then 2, then 3. And then he was ready to enter his monster cock. But I dont think that Vaseline helped. Because when he entered his dick in my ass I screamed so loud you cant imagine. He put his whole dick my ass in one shot, tears rolling from my eyes. But after five minutes the pleasure started and I was in heaven. I was getting my ass and mouth fucked at the same time. I felt like a complete whore, my dream came true. And I was getting paid for it. His hot cum flowing in my ass was the best feeling ever. I loved drinking the others guys cum also. I couldnt help but think how much I loved cum. How much I loved getting abused. They all took turns in fucking my mouth and ass. In the end they all cummed in a glass for me and made me drink it.

They were more than happy with my service, and I got a tip of 1000 rupees. They said from now on I am the Shalini Slut, and they will pimp me to whoever they like. It was like a dream come true for me. Once I got home my ass was paining my back hurt, but this pleasure of being a slut was so much that I completely ignored all the pain. I couldnt wait for my next fucking session. Which I will tell you guys about in the next story. For now keep fucking bitches like me and enjoy.

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