Gym Master Is My Master

I am a normal straight guy or that is how I thought until this happened. I am a fair fatty guy with obesity working in a life science company earning a good pay cheque and I was then posted in a hilly forest area in Kerala where it rains for 6 8 months. And this is Ajay aged 28 years.

I was staying alone researching on rare herbs in the adjoining forests of Kerala and was posted in a hilly town. It was a small town with fresh vegetation, basic amenities and cultured people who were really nice. I was obese due to neglect of fitness. I was smooth in nature with fair skin and my cock was rather small.

I wanted to reduce my tummy and hence joined a fitness center which was located at the other part town, some 15 kms from my residence. It was the last building of a rather silent street with most people having houses just to enjoy vacation. The Gym was maintained by a nice gentleman of 23 yrs age with toned abs and structured body. He was the only one who stayed there in Gym itself in a small room adjoining.

I joined Gym with the objective of losing weight and got well along with the guy who was very supportive. We striked a good friendship and my time was 12 pm when usually no one was there at the Gym. He was initially reluctant to accept such a bizarre timing but later agreed as I paid a little extra. It was because I work in early mornings and evenings.

In our town it rains most part of the year and rains come so unexpectedly. One day I started to the gym and went to the market before that for some purchases. As I was driving in my bike, it started raining heavily and I was totally drenched. I usually had rain coat ready but somehow it was not there that day and I entered the gym around 12:15 am fully drenched.

The master was there and he asked what happened. I told him of my predicament and since it was raining very heavily, I could not travel back to my home. So I decided to hit the gym. He said its is not advisable to work out with wet clothes and gave a change over dress. But given our differences in size, I could not fit into any of his clothes. Luckily there was a large shorts left by someone and it was still so tight to my size. I reluctantly wore it but none of the t shirts could fit my size.

He said I can still work out since no one was there and he had closed the door of the gym. He usually does that by the time I go and I used to enter through the side door. Now I was only in a tight shorts coming to half my thighs.

To add a word about my body, as I said I am smooth and hairless, fair. Fatty body meant I was endowed with soft flesh in places unusual for a guy. My hips were soft with 3 folds, a big soft belly, deep navel. Thighs were white and soft like any actress and cock was small. Legs were slender. The most prominent things in me where my ass is extra large of size 46 which protrudes out of my body and my chest was very big. Again it projects out of my body and formed a natural cleavage due to the weight and size. Nipples were brownish and large. In short my chest looks more like boobs and in all I will look like a 40 plus aunty but for my small cock.

Now I was in shorts and started working on EFX cardio without any top dress and just a small shorts. My breast started bouncing and my ass was shaking as I was walking on a treadmill.. I could see him giving me looks on my bouncing boobs and shaky ass from the mirror. Though I was not a gay, that time I found it curious and increased the speed of the machine and started jogging.. Now my extra big boobs were bouncing so much and I started to shake my ass as I worked out..

After some time I switched off the machine and went to work out for chests. He was constantly staring at my breast and licking his lips. As I was working, he came near and in the process of explaining, he kept his hands on my breast and pressed them.. I gave a “Ouch…” and bit my lips.. He kept both his hands there and started pressing them. I told him to leave me and he was reluctant but did move away. I worked for some more time but then I wanted him. It is not that am gay but lack of sex was making me go for any skin and here was a perfect hunk.

I finished my work out and was sweating like a hell while he continued staring at my assets. I could see a raging hard on and was curious to touch it. So I made an instant plan. I said am having pain and went and sat on sofa. He enquired where I am having pain. I said in my chest area and cupped my boobs. He asked if he can touch to see. I said sure. He cupped my boobs and was making small circles pretending to examine.

I wanted him to suck my boobs badly and so I just hugged him and said “Dear.. If u wanna my boobs, take them.” I was bit scared but he was happy and started playing with them. He first played with his hands on my right boobs while he started sucking my left boobs.. He was licking my nipples and suckiling my boobs at great speed. I lied and sofa and he lied over me. His cock was throbbing and hitting my thighs.

While he was busy with my boobs, I removed his track suit and jockeys in one go and started cupping his cobra. It was 7 inches with good thickness. I kept stroking it with my soft hands while he shifted to my right boobs. His other hand was busy with my navel and lips.

Suddenly he lip locked me and we kissed for 15 mins exchanging our saliva. He was a damn good kisser and I had already leaked once from my small cock. I kept it pressed between my thighs and it was completely buried giving a mound like appearance. He loved it that way and started licking my thighs. Meanwhile his cock was near my mouth. I slowly licked it and it was salty. But desire made me take his thing in my mouth and we were in 69 position. I sucked and licked his cock for 30 mins or so and he said am going to cum baby.. I held his cock tight and he cummed in my mouth. It was bizarre in taste but I liked it and drank it.

Now he got up and asked if he could have my ass. I was totally in his control and said “am his girl”. He made me sleep on my stomach and placed a pillow. That raise my ass and he was slowly licking my butt hole. It sent me to crazy heights and his hands were busy playing with my boobs. He then took oil and applied a lot on my asshole. And slowly entered his index finger. My hole was tight and I cried but he slowly was able to penetrate with his first finger. Then he inserted his two fingers and three fingers, each time waiting for me to accommodate.

By another half an hour, my ass hole was well oiled and could allow his three fingers. With his fingers still in my hole he again asked me to suck and I obliged. Now his cobra was ready for the conquest and he slowly kept the tip on the entrance of my hole. He inserted first inch and I was crying aloud. But rain, closed doors meant it was unheard outside. Now he waited for 5 mins and when I was ready, he pushed one more time and half his cock was inside. I felt like my ass being split into two and cried once again. He was accomodative and waited again. It was all for another 5 mins and when I patted him back, he held me tight and gave a hard push. I was dying in pain as his full 7 inches was inside me.

He held me in that position and was kissing my back while his hands were fondling my boobs. He remained so for 10 mins and my ass was now fine. He sensed that and started slowly fucking me by taking his cock out and pushing in.. Pain turned into pleasure and I was moaning loudly. He kept on biting my neck and sides of my boobs while he rode on me. He was immaculate in strength and after 20 mins, he made me into missionary position while he continued to ram my hole.

This gave him access to my bouncing boobs which he sucked and bite alternately while he continued his exploration of my hole. I was in heaven and hugged him deep. Our lips were locked. His hands were twisting my boobs, our legs were twined and his cock was deep in me. He suddenly gave a strong bite on my lips as he released his fertile cum inside my ass.

We laid together for some time and I cried in guilt. He kissed me and said “Darling dont worry. It happened unexpectedly but you make a great girl than a guy. Am happy to lose my virginity to you”. I kissed him back and said I would love to be with him if he treated me gently.

We got up and had a hot shower in the gym when we played with each others body. We shared the meal he made for himself and then proceeded to next session in his room, on his cosy bed. This time it was more passionate and we enjoyed thrice till the evening.

Ever since I started going to Gym at 11 am when he will close the door and remained with him till 4 pm. Everyday he fucked me non stop and soon my already feminine body added up more femininity. One day I asked him to shift to my bungalow where I stayed alone. He readily agreed. I sent off my domestic help and started maintaining the house myself. The femininity in me found its pinnacle against his masculinity and I was a duty bound house wife.

We lived as couple and two months later on my birthday I wore a saree for him. He was happy to see my dressed and that night we enjoyed like never before. I started dressing daily at home and soon was remaining in female dress except when I go out for work. We lived as husband and wife. Given my work in forests, we quite often explored uninhabited areas and had sex in natural conditions like deep forests, waterfalls and where not. It continued for 2 years until he left for Gulf.

Those time with him I never felt am a male and always was his wife and girl. Such was his effect on me. But once we separated, I slowly regained my inner self. I slowly cut my communication with him and changed my jobs and went to a metro. Again I started going to a Gym but this time, I made sure I am always dressed. Dieting and workout, I was able to tone my body and appear masculine. No other guy made me feel feminine and I slowly discovered my original self.

I managed to get a gal friend and we are in happy relationship. Once I did meet him accidentally in the air port. We smiled at each other but the same guy who made me crazy for him appeared as yet another stranger. We just spoke a bit and I bade him good bye. His parting words were, today he does not find me appealing as I had become better as a male with my body. Am now trying to build up my body for a 8 pack abs as my gf wants and already have 4 pack abs. That feminine part of me remains a secret in my heart.