Gay Theater In Bangalore For Bisexual Men

Hi, my name is Kshitij. I am 29 and I live in Bangalore. I am going tell you what really happened. I cant stop thinking about it.

There is an old cinema theater in Bangalore that shows dirty movies. The talkies are known to every guy in Bangalore who wants to be in a big dark cinema hall with a lot of other men touching, sucking cocks, running naked between rows of seats and showing their masturbation-ready erected lunds, fucking many men, sometimes moaning and crying like slutty women or sometimes grunting like beastly men, you may not be gay at first! Just random guys watching dirty movies and nobody stopping them from whatever they want to do.

Sometimes, somebody brings cheap whores, everybody watches them do, and the whores satisfy many men- they have a quick look at the face, smile, and then they quickly grab the lund and pull it into their mouths,. They suck hard. They dont like limp dicks or guys who cant get it up. If they see someone sucking a big hard dick, they contest who sucks better. Nobody to stop, nobody to check- the talkies authorities close the doors and never interrupt. A lot of wild things go on, anybody rarely watches the topless moaning women on the screen. Sigh!

I went there. I felt dirty, guilty, disgusting. But I went there again. Then one day I met Bobby at the 7:30 show. I was entering through the door of the hall. The ticket man checked my ticket. Everybody inside was watching the guys enter. I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Some of the guys looking at me were waiting for me to take a seat so that they can sit next to me. Suddenly, a much taller guy than me, who was next in line behind me, put his arm around my waist, slipped his hands in my shorts and grabbed my crotch. I shifted through the rows to find a seat while still with him with his hand in my shorts. Very quickly he had pulled my dick out. So, as I was shifting between the rows he was holding my lund in the faces of all the men sitting in that row. I could not push him away. So, I said to him softly, later. As I took a seat, the seats next to mine were taken so quickly by some other guys that he had to sit much further away.

Now, I am not a fully fledged gay. I like to hold big hard dicks of men I will never know who come there. They rub their lund against me- I like that. I like to show my hot lund and hairy balls to them. But I do not suck them or fuck them.

When the movie started I reached out to grab cocks of the two men on either side of me who were so eager to sit next to me. I put my hands in their pants and they helped me to take them out. They were warm, sweaty and thick lunds. I started masturbating them. The guy on my right took my lund out. He asked me if I will let him suck it. I denied. I told him I dont do it. The tall guy was watching us from his seat. I get turned on when somebody looks at my lund and stares at it horny. I have flashed my lund to young girls and women many times over many years. The young girls look at it intently. They look at it for the longest time. They dont immediately raise an alarm. They are curious. They will watch if I start masturbating till I cum.

Then suddenly I was hit by an elbow on the back of my head. I looked around and I saw a young man, barely 20 years of age, tall and thin, bent over and a middle-aged man ramming him hard, pounding away his arse. The young mans arms flayed and he was grunting with both pain and pleasure. If I had continued sitting there, his hand would have hit me again. I let go off the lunds, got up with my shorts still pulled down and walked down the aisle to find another place. I found a seat at the beginning of a row, next to a young guy wearing a cap and a thick jacket. I stood in front of him with my shorts pulled down and my semi-erect penis. He was looking at it as if he was going to swallow it in the next moment. But he seemed a bit scared too- perhaps he was new to this, inexperienced, working hard not to do something, no sex, no lund! Working hard not to get excited, I sat down. He was pretending to be interested in the movie, but he was stealing glances at my lund. He was hiding how young he was behind his jacket. He looked like a boy not a man.

There were men giving blowjobs behind us. They will pounce on him if they see how young and smooth like a girl he looks. I took his hand and placed it on my dick. I seem a very decent guy to people. Im fair, handsome. I look high class! Not like those men behind us. He griped my lund with greater confidence. I whispered to him to shake it. He did not. He seemed tense. I touched him below his jacket. I raised his t-shirt a little. I traced his waistline with my fingers- his skin was smooth. I could sense his vastly beating heart, his heavy breathing. I pushed my fingers into his pants. My hands slipped inside his underwear. I was about to grab his penis, when suddenly, my fingers entered a pussy, I looked at his face, she did not look back at me. She was not a man, not a Hijra with cut; she was not a whore either. It was exciting, I was bloody horny! But it was a tense moment.

On the cinema screen, a woman with big boobs was undressing- first a long cleavage beneath her red blouse, then when she unhooked her blouse big round breasts popped out- There was no bra holding them. With a sudden urge I started moving my finger in and out of her wet pussy. And, while I was fucking her with my small fingers, and she was enjoying it, I whispered to her that I wanted to fuck her. But we needed to get out of there fast. She whispered back softly yes. She told me to call her Bobby.