Me With Stranger In Night Journey

Hi I am a regular reader of ISS. Almost every story I read in ISS. I am Sumon a bisexual guy. Now I am married and I have lot of real sex encounter in my real life from my childhood. And I want to share my entire encounter one by one with you guys. As this is my first story so please forgive me for my writing mistake.

I live in Dhaka. I love making friends with new guys. I love sex more than anything. Sometimes I feel If were a girl I do sex all the time because it is very easy for a girl to find a partner for doing sex.

I was student of class 12 and that age I have few knowledge of sex. I am always curious about girls body. I always try to pick for cleavage and it makes me horny. Once because of some sudden urgent work I have to travel alone by train at night to Habiganj. When I reached Saistaganj a Thana of Habigang it was all dark and no transport is available to go to Habiganj. An elderly guy is also traveling with me. He was may be 40 years old. He is a very smart guy. He is also having same problem like me. Our seat was together when we are traveling. He asks me to stay in the hotel that night. I think that would be a good idea but still hesitated to go with a unknown guy cause I thought if he do something wrong.

Then we went to a hotel. We took a room. He told me for freshen up. After taking shower I went to sleep. Then he went to fresh room for taking shower. When he back he was only in towel & his upper top was bare. He has lovely body. He asked me why do not you change some loosen dress for sleeping. I said its OK for me. After sleeping in the mid night I feel his hand on my chest. Then after some time he started moving his hand all over my chest over my shirt. I was confused what he was trying to do.

Then after sometimes he put his hand under my shirt and pinches my nipple. I feel great as nipple is my most sensitive parts of my body. Then he slowly started to open my entire shirt button. Then so softly kiss my nipple then he was sucking my nipple so softly. He was hugging me so tight. He was kissing my neck & its made me so horny. My mind exploded when our lips first made contact. His tongue entered my mouth and familiarized himself with it. His right hand held my head in place, while his left slowly went down my back towards my ass. I really want to hug him tight but I afraid. Then he slowly made me sleep on my back & open my shirt. After that he started sucking my nipple one by one. I was feeling great but still pretending to sleep.

Then he tries to open my pant & succeed. I was full naked in front of a stranger. He kisses my thigh. Put his hand under my ass & press softly. He took his tongue and started licking the base of my cock, going up and pausing when he reached the head. Then he started shaking my cock and after that he kiss my cock first then slowly put my cock in his mouth.

My cock is getting rock hard. After that he made me sleep on my tummy and try to push his cock inside my asshole. He made his cock wet with some oil. Then he presses my ass and kisses my ass. I was sleeping on one side with my face to wall. Slowly he came near to me. I felt his dick is poking in my ass. It was winter season. He slowly moved his hand over my lower where my dick was and it got an instant erection. He slowly held my dick and started to tight his grip over my dick. Then he slowly came near to me and started rubbing his dick between my ass cheeks over the lower. I was not moving and acted as I am sleeping. Now he started to push his dick in my ass crack. His dick was not going in.

I was in sideways position and now I was lying on my stomach. I lift my ass to give him more access to my ass. He pushed 2 3 times but his dick was not going in. Now he stood and took the coconut hair oil and put in on his dick and on my ass too. Now he tried again to insert his dick. I lifted my ass spread my legs. I wanted to take and feel his dick inside my ass.

Suddenly he gave a thrust and his dick head inserted my asshole. I felt a great pain in my ass and moved upwards. He caressed my back and started to squeeze my dick and started to jack me off. Soon my pain lowered. Now he again tried to insert his dick. He pushed himself towards my ass and his long fat dick started to slip in my ass. He gave me another thrust and whole dick went inside my ass. But this time I didn’t felt much pain and started to get sensations and goose bumps in my ass. I was feeling his hot and heavy dick is inside me. That was making me hornier.

My ass started to drip and took more of his cock. Now he was sliding more of his dick and I was feeling his sensations and was in heaven. I took my dick started to rub. My dick was oozing cum. I was feeling great. He was humping me hard and fucking my ass hard. I liked his strokes in my ass. His dick was so soft and was feeling great in my ass. I was feeling the pleasure of being fucked in my ass. After 10 min of fucking he started to cum in my ass and started making sounds, aaaahhhhhh aaaahhhhh. Hhhmmmm. Fuck! He came in my ass.

Then he kissing my nipple again & shaking my cock furiously and its made my cock so hard & again he puts my cock in his mouth and sucking hard and after some time I cum on his mouth. Some of cum fall on my thigh from his mouth then He clean myself by his shirt. After that he put my hand on his cock and started shaking. I press his cock lightly as I am pretended to sleep deeply.

Then he tries to push his cock in my mouth and in sleep I open my lips so that he can put his cock. Then slowly he started moving to and fro. I feel that his cock getting rock hard. I want him to cum in my mouth But suddenly he pull off his cock from my mouth & cum on the floor. Then after cleaning the floor he went to sleep.

In the morning we acted as nothing happen & we have our breakfast & we leave that hotel. This is one of the best sex experiences I ever had in my life.

If you like my first ever story please mail me on / / Though I am married but still I have some girl friends. I love to swap my girl friend of you are if you are couple too. I love doing sex more than anything.