Serving The Master By Obeying Every Command

Hi its Balaji again. Im bisexual from Pondicherry this is another leaf of my gay sex experience I have been having recently. I was chatting with this person I would like to address master. There is a reason for me to call him Master because he is so good at fucking and next he is so dominant. So I was chatting with this nice and soft spoken person. He said he has place and if he would like to have fun with him and he is some 42years old and married. Then he shared his pic he looked bit bulky and I didn’t mind and frankly I wasn’t interested. Then I asked about his likes for which he said he likes foreplay for long time and to fuck after getting a nice blowjob. That he also enjoys foreplay in a dominating way. This “dominating” word made my dick make a tent in my shorts. And I was really looking forward for what it would look like to be dominated. Hence my answer was yes to him and went to his place.

I reached his home and I was welcomed in by master. For a while I was sitting in his leather sofa. The place was a bit old with stuffs everywhere and he was living with his family and they weren’t there for some reason I didn’t ask why. And we started talking and he was waiting for me to get comfortable and was asking how far he can go in dominating for which amateurishly I said up to him and I really don’t have any experience in this and he explained he will go soft and if I was comfortable he will take it to next level next time. Meanwhile I was drinking some ice water he gave. And he asked can we start for which I nodded and I was sweating and my heart was beating faster than usual this time. He asked me to keep the water bottle in fridge and I did and I came back. Then he ordered to clean the table where the water bottle had sweated I asked him what? In an astonishment he pulled me by my shirt and said if you question me back one more time I will slap you, you filthy servant. I didn’t know what to do but to obey so I took a piece of cloth near the fridge and started wiping the table and he came inspected and said “it’s a terrible job, you useless fool now go clean the bed!”

I followed him to bed and started fixing his bed neatly. And he came behind me and said “ you worthless u can’t do anything correctly u deserve to be punished!” “Now bend over and remove your pant” I obeyed like a servant. He slapped my ass cheek and said does it hurt? I said yes! And he slapped harder and asked does it hurt and I replied yes he took a belt and gave a whack and said you answer me by saying “yes master!” and I replied yes master. A soft spoken decent nice person suddenly became an arrogant dominator. “Now you remove that dirty underwear of yours and stand naked like a loyal servant.” I removed my t-shirt and underwear and was standing naked like a kid. He went behind me and took the tip of his belt and hit my balls and it gave a shock to my spine. He asked did I like it. I replied yes master in a shivering voice. And he asked me to remove his dhoti and his t shirt. And I did now he was just in his big size underwear.

He asked “do u want to see what’s inside of my underwear?” I replied yes master. Then prove you are worth it start licking my feet and I obeyed confused. And then he allowed me to remove his underwear and I saw a thick but short dick. And he asked me to smell it and I did. He asked me to suck it but with my hands tied at back. So he tied my hand with his belt and I knelt and started sucking his dick which was pulsating. I was sucking his dick for a while and then he asked me to lie down on the bed and was parting my ass cheeks and was looking at it and replied you have a tight whole. Now he ordered me to get the rubber band from his study table I came back with it with my hands tied at back tied my balls with the rubber band tightly with was making my dick go hard. Then he made me doggy style and first inserted his fingers in it and slowly he inserted his dick and started to stroke first slowly and then faster and I got shocked and asked him aren’t you using condom. He gave a tight slap in my ass cheeks and said did I ask you to talk and his movement became fast and fast and I was moaning he took his underwear and stocked my mouth so that I won’t moan and he cummed inside my ass. He asked me not to move and he went to his draw and picked up a thick candle and inserted into my asshole. And left the candle in my ass and asked me to sit on it. My whole body was shivering.

Now he asked me to suck his dick and I was sucking his dick with hands tied balls tied and with a candle in my ass. I stopped sucking his dick and he raised my head and gave a slap saying did I ask you to stop I was astonished and then started sucking his dick. Soon there was a growing sensation in his dick and a splash of salty urine started flowing. He held my head so tight that I had no choice but to drink it.

He went to kitchen and brought a saucer kind of plate and removed the belt from my hand and asked me to hold it in my hand and he removed the candle from my butt and inserted his dick and started fucking me again and stroking my dick and he asked me to cum in that plate and in few minutes I cummed in that plate like he asked and he ordered me to lick that plate clean. I had no choice but to obey. I licked it clean. Now he relaxed and patted me on my head and said “good boy!” “But next time I won’t be easy on you, my bitch!” and I replied yes master. Thank you for reading my story leave your comments on / /