Fun On The Play Field

This is a true incident which took place about 4 years back, I never found the time to write about till today. Well this incident was when I was 18 years old. Hi guys I am Aditya to describe me at that time I was 511” tall and athletic smooth body, had brown medium sized hair which came up to my shoulder, fair complexion and blue eyes.

This is when I was a state level tennis player and what happened just before a semi final tennis match. I still recall that day when I was practicing for the game late in the evening and I was assigned one of my senior members of my club to be my team mate, to describe him he was 23 years old at that time his name was David and he was bout my height slightly more muscular than me, had short dark hair, brown color complexion and dark brown eyes.

I was really tensed just before the match and I had asked David to come help me practice in the evening so that we could plan our moves for tomorrow and take down the other team. So as I was practicing on the play field I saw David come into the court. I always had a huge crush on David I just adored how he played the game, his great body and a great dick which I would see bouncing about during the game and some where I knew he liked me too, but I dint know in what way. But there were always some hints like, whenever we would score a point he would slap my ass, he would grab my crotch before a game started in a fun way to tease me, he would also give me a hug and make sure that our dicks touched. But we never had a chance to meet in the evening this was our first time meeting in the evening that too I got the permission because my coach called my parents and said that I needed to practice as this was a state level tournament.

Now as David entered the court and approached me that day he came close to me and grabbed my crotch and smiled at me. I was used to this so I smiled back and then we began to practice the game. While playing I slipped and fell and sprained my ankle. I screamed in pain. David came running and lifted me up and we moved into the team locker room my hands around his shoulder. When we got into the locker room David grabbed my led and started applying pain relief spray that I had. Now he looked at me very differently from what he usually did. He said turn around now Aditya and I will relieve your pain. I just turned around and before I knew it David began to move his hand over my ass as he did I moved in shock he dint let me move, he told me u always looked so tempting in the sports shorts I always wanted to see whats under it. I dint know how to respond to this I was in a state of shock.

He by now had a raging hard on which was visible from his blue sports shorts. I was both eager and scared as I had never done this sort of a thing. He slowly moved my shorts up and revealed my blue under ware he squeezed my ass and told me look Adi ( a short form of my name that my friends called me) u wearing the same color under ware as my shorts and gave me a smirk. Before I could say something he moved my under ware up and reveled my pink hole; he now began to massage my pink hole and simultaneously rubbed his dick through his shorts as he was not wearing any undies. He said to me, u wanna see my tool; my heart started beating and I started to pant for breath, I nodded in approval, he then reveled a nice 8 inch brown colored tool. I went to reach my shorts and pull them down, but he stopped my hand, he took out a tube of almond oil from his shorts (we usually use it for our hands if they dry) and then put it on his dick and rubbed some on my pink hole.

He moved my under ware a little further to reveal more of my hole. He then began to insert his raw dick into my hole. I was in great amount of pain. And told him to stop right there and tried to move away. He pushed me down and pressed my ankle so that I dont move any more. He said just take it in u will be alright and asked me to relax. He then kept going in and shut my mouth with his hand. My eyes had tears in them as he put his whole 8 inch dick into my ass. He waited there for a while with his whole dick in my ass. He went through my shirt and grabbed my nipples and squeezed them and pinched them as he put his face down. I went to kiss his lips but he stopped me and dint let me kiss him. He moved my face away with his other hand and then started to move his dick up and down my ass. The feel of his warm dick now began to give me pleasure after a bit of pain. I began to enjoy it. He said u have a nice tight virgin hole and began to fuck me even faster.

As I began to enjoy it I went down to grab my own dick but he dint let me he said that he was fucking me for his pleasure and not for mine. He said that bitches are just supposed to get fucked not enjoy the fuck. He come down and spat on my face and my red lips and said to lick his spit with my tongue. I dont know why but I began to enjoy the humiliation and did exactly what he told. He then told me I am going to cum in your ass not knowing how to reach I just nodded before I could even nod I felt a warm feeling in my ass. As he came into me he told me from today u are my bitch. He then got his dick out.

As I was about to get up all tired from being used like a slave. David still had plans he asked me to suck on his dick. I could taste my ass, his cum and oil on his dick. As I sucked his dick he spat on his dick and asked me to lick his dick and clean up all his cum and spit. as I was doing so he grabbed the back of my head and made me stop moving my head before I knew it I could feel a warm jizz of stream flow in my mouth I suddenly moved and tried to spit it out but he dint let me move he held my lips and my head, I had no other choice but to drink every last drop of urine in him. I looked up at his as he peed in my mouth.

He had used me in every possible way that a man could. He was then satisfied with me after fulfilling all his lust. Even till date I cannot forget that day. He then went on to use me for many days and a whole year, at his home, in his car, I basically became his slave and I loved it all the time. He went on to get married and I moved out of town to pursue my education. But I still remember all the encounters I had with him.

I hope u guys liked my story do let me know how u like it on my email. This is my first every time writing so please forgive me for any mistakes or errors. I will improve myself in the times to come.

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If u liked this I could post more such incidents about this and many more.

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