How I Was Seduced My Room Mate

This is my first sex experience with a guy. This is about how I was seduced by my roommate for a gay relation. When I was in college, I had a roommate who had a pretty good sexy look, lean, and muscular. We were very close that we will discuss all sorts of things including sex. We used to see porn movies together and even we confess each other that we masturbated in bathroom. But I never had an idea that he had a different kind of feeling towards me. Well to describe about me I have an average look, not so fat nor lean but with a medium body, good height (6 feet) and a bit sexually appealing. I first realized that he behaved different when one night when we were both watching porn movie he sat in a posture that his erect dick become very much visible to me. I told him funnily that he is showing his dick and asked him to hide. But he replied me its a normal response to porn watch and he doesnt mind me seeing it. I didn’t respond anything.

Suddenly he kept his hand on my shorts and asked if I have got erection. I suddenly threw of his hand and scolded him with bad words. But scolding each other with bad words was a normal thing to us. He laughed and told I act like girl being shy. He even provoked me telling I didn’t get an erection and that’s why I am hiding it from him. That made me angry and I told him what’s the matter to be shy, I have erection and in fact I have a huge cock, but that’s none of his business. He kept annoying me that I am self-boasting and I didn’t get erection and won’t fit for sex. Then finally he asked me if I am not shy, I should let him to check my cock if its erect. Now that moment a kind of feel oozed out of my head, that I was speechless for a moment. In addition we were watching porn movie and already we are very much excited. I told I don’t mind. That time I was wearing a night pant with a brief inside and he was wearing sports short with no brief inside, which made his dick tenting in his shorts.

Now the seduction started. He kept his hand over my night pant and holder my dick, that moment I felt like a shock but a pleasant feel. My erection in fact became more. He then said to me that it seems erect but he cannot feel since I am wearing brief, and suddenly he inserted his hand inside my pant and hold my bare dick in his hand. I felt like heaven but I didn’t show him. I told him ‘OK now you checked, please take off your hand’. But he didn’t hear my words; he gradually started squeezing my dick. Though I was telling him to remove, I was enjoying his touch. Then he told me, ‘daily you masturbate yourself, why don’t I do it for you today, it will feel different’. I didn’t respond anything and in few seconds he started kissing me in my lips. I couldn’t resist him and I started kissing him. It felt like heaven, he was squeezing my dick and kissing my mouth hard that we exchanged saliva. He pushed me on bed and started kissing me hardly and shaking my cock like hell. No words to explain, all pleasant hormones are flowing inside my body and I forgot the world. Then he took my hand and kept over his short.

I felt a huge dick protruding through his thin shorts. Immediately I held his dick over his shorts. Then in excitement I started squeezing his dick and wow! It was really huge and felt amazing. Then I left my hand inside his short and started massaging his dick faster. We became very much excited and he asked me how it was. I didn’t reply I continued squeezing his dick harder and harder. Then he told he will show more heaven and asked me to lie down. He removed my pant and brief. He removed his short and lied inverse to me and started sucking my cock. I felt amazing and started making some humming. He was just sucking my dick harder and took it entirely in to his mouth. I closed my eyes and was enjoying. Then suddenly I felt something hitting my face and it was his dick full erect and dancing with his hip movements. I realized that he expect me to do the same. Then I slightly opened my mouth and tasted his penis. Pre ejaculatory ooze was there which tasted a bit salty. I became excited and started sucking his penis and we both were 69 position sucking each other dick harder and harder. His dick was too big to take in to my mouth.

I held his buttocks and started sucking his penis like I was in unbearable hunger. I squeezed his buttocks and so he did mine. We both were just moving on the cot, like a pair of snake having sex. We forget our reality and we kept doing for long. Then I couldn’t hold my cum anymore and I told him I am about to cum and asked him to remove his mouth. But he didn’t hear me and continued sucking mine harder and harder. I kept telling I gonna cum! I gonna cum!. He didn’t hear and yes! I went to peak and poured all my cum inside his mouth and I was very excited while ejaculating and I couldn’t resist him shooting his fluid inside my mouth. Then we both kissed each other and exchanged cum in our mouth and lied down for some time caressing each other. After half an hour we did another time and ejaculated on each other. This is how I was seduced and converted a gay. Any feedback is welcome to / /