One Night Stand In Banglore

Hi, I’m 26 yrs. old from India n this is my first post here. I’m 5 11’, 65 kgs with 30 waist n athletic body. The story I’m going 2 tell is a true one that happened with me a week back.

I was on a trip n i was supposed 2 stay in this city for 3 days. So on the second day after all the commitments when i got free, i went back 2 my hotel room got freshen up and started searching for guys in that area on gay friend finder site. Meanwhile i ordered some drinks in my room n started drinking. I found few guys near to the hotel i was staying. I got some nice response also. Then i got a buzz from this guy….OMG i didn’t even remember his name. Any ways, he told me that his office was near to my hotel n that he leaving office in a while. I had started getting high, so i thought lets go with it. We exchanged our numbers n he asked me to meet outside my hotel.

I went out of my hotel in the street n found a dark area under a tree. I decided to stand there n watch n if i don’t like the guy i can simply go away. Then he called me n asked me were i was. He crossed me without noticing me. He was good looking, tall, dark n handsome. So i came out of the dark n met him. We had a small talk there. Then he asked what i would like to do? Whether i want to go in my room n have fn or have some talk n leave. By time i was totally high. So i took him into my room.

There i was in my hotel room with this hot guy. I offered him drinks, and then he had his drink. I said no, it was second. He asked if i had any porn in my laptop to get into the mood. Then i played porn, it was a threesome but not a gay one. Then he said he was in hurry, since he need to get back home as it was getting late in night.

And his instant answer was yes please. So the slutty bitch in me got into full mood. I started a sexy strip tease like a pro. Soon i was naked in front of me dancing n teasing, playing with myself. He could not hold any more. He got u n hugged me. He started rubbing his cock with my erect cock. It felt so great. I felt like a slut in his arms. He was playing with my body. I was totally aroused. I got on my knees again n sucked him for a while before he fucked me, so that his cock gets lubricated to get into my ass.

When my saliva started dripping from his balls i got into the bed. I got on all fours in doggy style. My legs spread apart….

He came close to the edge of the bed n spread my ass cheeks so that he can have a good look at my rose bud. He applied some saliva on my rose bud n placed his cock on it. Ohhhh, the feeling was so nice. Then he started pushing his cock, making its way into my hole. Ouch, i felt a current of pain running from by rose bud to my head. Then i stopped him n asked him to be slow n gentle.

Then he applied some more saliva n started fucking me slowly. After a while the pain has vanished n i was experiencing the pleasure. A great pleasure; pleasure of alcohol mixed with the pleasure of anal sex. As his cock was stroking my prostates i was entering in to a state of Trans. With his each stroke i was nearing more n more to ecstasy.

Then i stopped him n lied down on my back with my legs spread in missionary position so that i can look into his eyes as he was fucking. He took my legs in his arms n placed it on his shoulders and started fucking me hard. He was making all sort of noise in pleasure n pinching my nipples. I too was moaning in pleasure n squeezing his ass.

He fucked my ass good for some more time n when he was about to cum where i would like to take his cum. I said that i would like to have it in my mouth, but then is said no n asked him to cum on my face. Coz i had never tasted cum so i was little hesitant. But finally i told to cum him on my chest n abs as i as again hesitating to have his cum on my face. So he came with a big grunt n shot his cum all over my chest n abs. I could feel the warm cum on my body.

Then he go up n went to the shower. I followed him. He cleaned himself n i took a shower. Since i had not cum, i started stroking in shower. He was enjoying watching me stroking and playing with my nipples. I came soon n then cleaned myself n got out of the shower. He started dressing as i sat naked watching him. Then he said he have to leave now n told me that it was one of the best fuck in his life. As he got up to leave he again squeezed my ass n kissed it. I opened the door for him still naked, least bothered bout the fact that the hotel staff may see me nude. We kissed good bye n left. I closed the door went to the bed thinking what had just happened n went off to sleep. That night i had a good sleep. When i woke up in the morning n recollect what had happened last night, i felt so funny that what alcohol had made me do.