How I Was Seduced By My Roommate

Hi all, I am very new to this site. I started to see this stories three days before only, I dont wanna hide my secrets thats why I wanna share to all and give pleasure. First of all, I apologize u all for my poor vocabulary and grammar. But I think my story would give real pleasure at the end though its mistake.

I am Vaibav, 23 years old, currently staying in Pune. Its my true experience which was happened during my final year engineering. (Two years ago) and also it was first time to lose my virginity with my roommate. When I joined the first year in my college, the guy who was sat next to me at the time of certificate verification was my 4 year room partner. Yup, it was my first time to completely out of my home.

From 1st year to 3rd year, a room occupied by 4 students and at final year a room was occupied by only 2 students. I never forget the things which happened in my final year for my entire rest of my life. Up-to 3 year, there was normal friendship was going on with me and Raghav. Finally 4th year, we had planned to take single room due to the same project. Since 2 months in final year, we were only close and taking because of project only. Thanks to god; given that awesome night to me. He had bike and we went to one small industry regarding our project. At that time, it was heavy rain, whenever, we go outside. I am only used to drive. We returned to room at 10 pm. We both are completely are wet, so we changed the dress and we finished our dinner there itself. Being tiredness, we went to bed early, we always used to sleep in same bed, it was double cot bed, normally we used to sleep at 12 pm or night 1o clock, but that night we went for sleep at 11. 30 pm, thats why I couldnt sleep though my eyes was closing.

After half an hour, I saw Raghav, I thought he slept because of his eyelids were closed and after some time, he put his hand on my waist, I thought he was sleeping and I was not resist him. Then after I was also felt sleepy and he moved his hand towards my chest, I dont know why I was not resisting him but I was enjoying quietly and I was pretending. He was smooching my nipples I was really liked that pleasure and I suddenly touch his hand, instantly he also removed his hands from my chest, then he was act like slept. But I know he was not sleeping. Then I put one my leg to his leg and I pretend like slept.

After sometime, he started the thing and once again was smooching my nipples, but this time, I was not resisting him. Instead of that, I was moaning slowly, he moved to his hand to my lips and smooching, I was enjoyed a lot. Yup that awesome moment came. Then he came near to my ears, said “Vaibav, I know you are not sleeping, shall we play something” in very slow manner. I was simply shook my head like the sign as yes. Then I was made too horny because of his naval massage, I dont know, how my 7 inch dick get started. Then he slowly enters his hand into my jockey. I was moaning like anything. Yup I know, he got confident and he can do the things whatever he wants without any objection.

My 7 inch dick was fully erected and he stroke my dick to and fro in one hand, I couldnt explain the pleasurable moment by words, then he moved his lip over my lips. First I resist him by means of shaking my heads, then he forcefully put place his lips over lips, then I became a slave of his saliva exchange. We were playing a mini game with our tongue for nearly 15 minutes. Eventually he removed my jockey and shirts; it was my first time to completely nude in front of a guy. Then he also removed his shorts. Then I hold his dick with my hand, whats going on with me.

First time, I was holding a guy dick with my hand. Why cant I resist him, but I know that one thing, anyhow we were enjoying like anything. As compared to me, his dick was small than me. He also wondered when he holds my dick his hand. He told wow, “Vaibav you have huge cock, yup I know my dick is fatty also. Then he moves towards his head into nearby my dick. At last, what a surprise. My dick is inside his mouth and was giving the best blowjob to me. I pressed his head towards me. I was moaning like ahh ahh ahh ahhhh. Ahhh oohh ohhh haah ahhhhh ahhhhhh. And I was in too much sexual pleasure. I was about to cum and I told him, remove your mouth. But he hasnt. Then I cummed inside his mouth and he drank all.

After 5 minutes, my dick once again got erect because, still my cock inside his mouth and he asked me to give a blowjob to him. First I resist, but he begged me. Then I accepted. I was enjoying my friend cock in my mouth first time. I think it was Lux soap odor. Then I move towards his mouth and enjoyed 10 min lip lock. And he asked me to insert my dick into his ass. Even I was also quite interest to fuck first time. Then he applied some coconut oil on my dick as well as ass. I insert my cock to his ass hole, as my cock is too large. It was not going inside and he shouted, so I removed my cock. He told me, though I shout. Dont remove your dick, just insert. I applied more oil on my dick and his ass hole. Wow by my force stroke, insert my head portion of my cock. He was screaming. I gradually increase the speed and make to and fro action, I felt like a seventh heaven and I know that, just now I was cummed inside his mouth, so surely next cum will take some time.

Then I moved my dick and fuck him in different position like doggy style. I want to give him pleasure. So we were on 69 position and I gave him good blow job. We both of them are moaning like ahhh ahhh ahh oooohhh ooo hh ahhhj ohhhh while fucking. At-last I was at under him, he place his ass in my cock and was doing to and fro for 10 min. It was time to cum. I had cummed all into his ass and he also cummed on my chest. We both got very tired. And we slept in nude manner by hugging each other and we woke up at 80 clock and dressed our self and went for breakfast.

This is the way I was seduced by my friend and we had sex many times, and my bad time starts. He was placed on one company and moved to Bangalore and I moved to Pune. I am really missing a lot. Hi dudes, if u like the story please give the feedback / /

I am awaiting for the guy anyone like Raghav in Pune.