Enjoyment With A Ladyboy On Train Travel To Mumbai

Hi all! This is my first story in here and it is about my first sexperiance with a transgender on a rain on a long journey. So first of all, I am a 22 year old guy with surging hormones basically a bisexual. I have a decent 6” cock slim body and a slightly rounded ass. This happened when I was travelling from Coimbatore to Pune on train in 2 tier AC coach in December. So as I have been a Bisexual from a long time I used to keep my asshole and dick completely hair free for visual satisfaction of my lovers.

So before my travel I had shaved the area but because it was a winter the skin was a bit dry so I used a lot of Coconut oil to moisturize the area and keep my skin smooth and supple. The train started from the station at around 9 AM and I was sitting on my seat looking the view outside when suddenly I heard a panting woman near the aisle, I looked up and saw a heavily made up and sexy looking woman but with a very different facial features. She had a massive suitcase in her hand so I helped her settle down and we started to chat about. I came to know that she was Lakshmi 25year old pursuing her UG from IGNOU and was in CBE for a trip to Ooty with her colleagues and now she was returning to Mumbai to rejoin the job she was doing.

So we were chatting about general stuff when at Iruppur station 5 Eunuchs boarded the train were asking for money. I kept ready a Rs 20 note in my hand to give it to them but Lakshmi said not to encourage them by giving money, I said they usually dont trouble women so I don’t want to be embarrassed by them so when they came they asked for money and I gave 20Rs note to them. One of them was quite huge and she came and sat on my lap and started moving on my sleeping dick and asked for 50 Rs but I said I cant give so she got up and lifted her skirt put it over my head and asked for money and threatened me if I don’t give her then she would kiss me on my lips.

Under the skirt she wasn’t wearing anything so I cud see everything. She had a 1” black dick clean shaven with no foreskin but it really smelt of piss. Her balls were also very very small as if a newborn’s balls. So to escape from giving her the money I simply blew some air on to her dick, I cud feel her twitching and she removed the skirt from my head and smiling at me she blessed me and put the skirt on my face and thrusted her dick on my lips and removed it and then went away mumbling something I couldnt hear.

After this episode I looked at Lakshmi she smiled at me and said look at your face on the mirror, I got up and looked at the same, I understood that the eunuch had rubbed her precum on my lips and Lakshmi saw that I said I was helpless I cant dodge her, Lakshmi smiled and asked me what did u do when she put her skirt on me first time I was feeling awkward on how to say that but I thought lets be frank and I said I blew air on her dick. Lakshmi said in a low voice wow and then said OK. I asked her why did she say wow for which she said nothing and we started discussing about general stuff again.

After about 15 min the TT came in for checking tickets he looked at mine and then lakshmi’s then he smiled weirdly at Lakshmi and went away. Then we had the following conversation:
Me: Why did he smile at u?
She: He understood about me.
Me: what did he understand?
She: I can tell u that but u might feel awkward to talk to me again.
Me: No issue I will not feel anything like that.
She: I am not what u think I am.
Me: What do u mean?
She: I belong to the group u saw earlier but I am educated and have a job.
Me: Ok I get it that’s why u smiled at me after she had removed the skirt because u understood what liquid was on my lips is it.
She (Smiling): yes I had done the same when I used to extort money from ppl like u.
Me: so now u must be happily living, u have a job, u can roam freely, government has given recognition so u must feel happy.
She (long face): I do feel happy for what government has done but ppl are still against us and I really want to enjoy my life. I am a romantic person but till day I haven’t seen a single guy interested in dating me.
Me: What do u mean by dating u?
She (Shyly): We have hormones in our body too.
Me: aaah now I get it; u know what I haven’t been that lucky either. Let me propose u a deal u say if ur willing to go ahead.
She: go on
Me: why dont we have some dating here on train, what say??
She(Shyly): I am not what u think. I am more of a top than a bottom. I like to dominate; will it be ok for u??
Me: hmmm. That’s ok but I don’t want anything painful to happen to me if u can assure that then we can go ahead (wink).

She: wow! I can assure that u wouldnt be harmed in any way but where can we do its not safe in here.
Me: Night time in washroom deal??
She: deal!
So after this conversation we had our lunch and slept till the evening. In the evening she got up to freshen up I winked at her she smiled and went and came back and I went to freshen up and we were both chatting about general stuff. In some time we reached Bangalore and the other seats got occupied. Now we asked a cpl in side seats to swap the seats and they accepted this way we had privacy for little caressing and touching. At 9 pm we had our dinner and went to sleep.

At around 11 pm Lakshmi woke me up and took her hand bag and went to the western type washroom. After 2 min I went there and gave a missed call on her number and she opened the door and we were inside. She was all smiling and we started by having a deep French kiss. Then she straight away pushed me on the seat and lifted her sarree. I saw a thong covering her dick and she pushed the thong to the other side up came the snake, it was clean shaven uncircumcised brown dick of around 5” but very thick. She asked me to take it in my mouth I smiled and went near it. I first kissed her inner thighs and went near the head and slowly pulled her foreskin back and I was greeted with a purple strawberry and a faint smell of piss and sweat. I liked the smell and I started licking the head portion and slowly took the whole thing inside.

I was sucking her fat dick while she was caressing my neck and playing with my pointy nipples. After about 4-5 min she shuddered and came in my mouth it was only 3-4 drops of clear liquid. And then she sat down on the seat and I got up. After 1 min she removed my belt and lowered my pant along with the undies. And then she took the whole thing in her mouth and started giving me a nice and hot BJ. After about 5-6 min I said I was about to cum and she pulled out my dick and pressed the head tightly my urge to cum was gone and she smiled and said this technique will help u in future. Then she turned me around and saw my clean shaven ass and said finally a clean shaven ass, first time in my life. And she started to kiss, bit and spank my ass and she opened my bums with her hands and started smelling my hole and said “wow smell of coconut oil. I am going to enjoy his”.

She started licking my ass and was also slowly playing with my cock ad balls. I was in heaven. After 2 min she said get ready baby and she opened her purse and took out a bottle of oil and inserted the bottle without the lid inside my ass and pressed the bottle. I cud feel cold oil entering my ass and she asked me to push out the oil after she removed the bottle. I pushed out the oil into the commode and she then got up bent me down in front of the mirror and inserted her fatty cock inside my tight ass. It felt painful and pleasurable. After inserting the whole thing she started giving rhythmic strokes and kept pinching my ass. After about 8-10 min she started giving fast and deep strokes and she came heavily inside my ass. She came about 3-4 jets of thick cum but when I pushed it out it was all colorless.

Now she bent down and lifted her saree, my god what an ass that was; it was exactly like Kim K’s ass but a bit smaller perfect shape, I started spanking and then started biting that ass and asked her if I can leave my love bite there for which she simply moaned. I gave love bites on both the sides and started licking the opening it was so nice slowly she relaxed her ass muscled and I cud enter my tongue after about 5 min I inserted my dick and started fucking her fast straight away. After about 2 min I slowed down and started giving slow but deep thrusts. After about 6-7 min I came inside her. We both were tired now, so both of us sat on the commode and continued kissing and after 2 min she removed my dick from her ass and cleaned my dick and dressed me then she said I cant forget u in my life and she wore her panty without cleaning her ass and she said this is for my memory.

Then she opened her blouse and showed me her firm boobs, those were artificial and I kissed her nipples and said thanks and went to me berth and slept. After about 5 min she came back and whispered” I had to relive my cum again, thanks for making me happy” and she kissed and slept on her berth. Next day at around 10 am I woke and found her writing something. I asked her what was it she said it was her dairy and she was writing the thin gs that happened the earlier day. I then smiled at her and went to freshen up. And at around 11.30 I got down at Pune and she went to Mumbai for her. We still talk over phone and she and this whole story is actually copied from her diary. Thanks Lakshmi if u happen to read this please do comment your views on the same. Hope u all like my story kindly provide me your feedback hence I can continue writing all my experiences.