Facebook Fantasy Comes True

I am a married man but have always fantasized about gay sex. I have never really experienced it but have always wondered what it would feel like. I am 56″ tall, fair, very good looking, clean shaven and have an average body.

I have several hundred friends on facebook and some of them I befriend only because of their looks. There was a very nice elderly man, an astrologer, balding on the top, but slightly longish silver hair at the back. He was plump, slightly overweight and had a beer belly. He had very little hair on his body, I could tell from his photographs. He lived in Secunderabad and his name is… well, lets just call him Mr.B.

I used to see his pictures on FB and wonder what it would mean to make love to someone like that. You might say I was a bit of a ‘chubby chaser. I had to go to his city, strangely, for a job interview. I knew he was over 50 years old and single. So, before I planned my trip I wrote him a message, saying that I was coming down for a day and would he be kind enough to do an astrological reading for me. I received no reply and had almost reconciled to my fate, when I got a message after I had reached the city and was on my way back from the interview. He said he would be delighted and so I called him to the 3 star hotel I was staying at.

I got my hopes up; bought some whiskey, beer, a bit of lubrication and some condoms and waited for him. I had never done this, but didnt want to be unprepared if things went in the right direction.

He showed up at around 3 pm and it was very hot weather. I offered him some beer and he reluctantly agreed. He said he usually avoided alcohol before a reading. After a drink, we started chatting about life and why he had never married. He was a little shy and started avoiding the topic. I then broached the topic about sex and gay sex in particular. He turned redder in his face. We then smoked a cigarette and he wanted to lay down for a bit before doing the reading for me. I suggested that he undress, wear a pair of shorts and take a nap since it was so hot. He agreed. The beer was working in my favor, I thought. I then changed into a pair of shorts as well and lay down next to him. There was only one bed in the room.

I suddenly asked him what he did for sex. He smiled and raised his left hand. I joked ‘it looks very strong, but dont you get bored of it. He smiled and said, ‘yes, but choice do I have? ‘I said you could get a girlfriend or boyfriend. To which he turned red again. I asked him when he had had sex last and he answered over 15 years ago. I immediately reached to his shorts, held his organ in my hand, but my other hand on his left cheek and told him, you poor man, I feel so bad for you, maybe I can help and before he could ask me how, he knew. His member was growing erect every second.

My hand entered his shorts from below, on the right side. I was pleased to find he had shaved not long ago. I cupped his smooth balls and put my other had from above and started stroking him. He didnt know what to say. He was shocked but also loved it at the same time. Intermittently I took my right hand from his balls and rubbed his thighs and fat belly. His thighs were fair and smooth, but belly had a few hairs. I liked that. I raised my right leg and with my foot pulled down his pants and then pulled down mine. He was a shocked and didnt do much. But he was erect. I couldnt back out now, so I reached under the sheets and put his cock in my mouth after pulling the foreskin back. It was dark brown from the outside but clean and pink inside.

I rolled my tongue in my mouth to produce a lot of saliva and then started sucking him. He couldnt believe it. He just lay there motionless but very erect. I took his right hand and asked him to keep fondling my hair while I fondled his butt cheeks with both my hands.

I then rotated my lower body toward his head and sucked two fingers of his right hand and insinuated him to put them in me. He hesitated, so I took out a bottle of Vaseline and asked him to dip his fingers in and then gently enter me, first one, then the other and then both. He obliged. He was on his back; I was kneeling with my but toward him, his dick in my mouth and both my hands fondling, alternately, his butt cheeks and balls. He grew a little bolder and started fondling my butt with his other hand. Within a few minutes he came in my mouth and I swallowed him completely dry. His dick grew limp.

I then sat up and with his fingers still up my butt, got his other hand to give me a hand job. I came all over his plump abdomen. It was the best orgasm I had had in a long time. I then licked all my cum from his abdomen.

We were both awake but felt drugged and lay watching the ceiling. His plump arm was under my head like a pillow. I looked at him and asked him if he would like to share a cigarette. He smiled. I wasnt a smoker but would love to have one on such a special day. I lit a mild cigarette and took a few puffs. He signaled me for a puff and I told him there was a better way to smoke. He looked at me questioningly and I took a big puff, turned to him and placed my lips on his and he sucked the puff from my mouth as I was exhaling. We did this for a bit and soon we were both aroused again. We had oral sex and he became bold enough to suck me. We did a 69 while fingering each other. It was most satisfying. We slept in each others arms that night.

I ended up staying 3 nights with him and subsequently he visited me many times in my city.

I hope you guys liked my story.
I would really like to receive emails from some of the readers.