Dream Come True Of An Indian Boy I Knew A While Ago

By: W. A. Chohan

Shashi Sahni was the name, Ahhhhhhhhh! Fucking the sound of his name makes me go hard even today. He was that nice a bottom boy with passion, attitude and swagger to feel pride and show dignity before, during and after getting fucked.

Where I got him is not relevant here but suffice to say; boys like him are around us and with a stroke of little luck they can be in our bed and then it is up to us, the users of such boys to keep them or dispose them onto someone else. Shashi was an A grade stuff and a step ahead of the crowed of wanna be like Shashi. He would do the parties and that’s how he got introduced to me. We stayed in touch for casual sex for almost 4—5 months and then he and I both got plenty of each other and moved on to our next partners.

It was one rainy night when I had Shashi warming my bed and we fucked almost the whole night and when we were not fucking or dozing off, he answered my question of telling me of his first ever episode losing his virginity and got his ass fucked. Hope you enjoy reading Shashi’s narration. Be safe, have fun and happy fucking to all. Please send your comments on this story. Thank you.

I’d like to tell you about my first experience with another man, Shashi started with a mild sigh. Because of my weaker looking body and physique instead of my real age I looked about younger, if I was a girl I guess, people would call me petite. I’d had a few girlfriends that I’d been sexually active with, but I had always wondered what it would be like to suck a hard cock and get fucked.

I kind of believed I was not gay but never could claim, admit or confess to be bisexual. In fact, when I watched porn and masturbated I would imagine myself to be in the bottom place, being fucked and covered in cum, I had a couple of household objects that I’d use as dildo’s and push into my tight asshole. I’d always been told that I had a cute butt and I loved the dirty feeling of being on my hands and knees with my butt pushed into the air. This is the story of how I came to realize my fantasy.

Anyway, I was due to attend a job interview some distance from my home and staying in a small hotel in the middle of nowhere for 1 night so I’d be fresh in the morning for the interview. After my evening meal, I sat in the small bar for a couple of drinks. I was completely alone except for the manager of the bar, Kamal. I’d guess Kamal was in his late 20’s or early 30’s, muscular, I suppose you’d say he looked fit and obviously took care of himself. We talked about sports; music etc and Kamal mixed me some cocktails.

If anyone asked, he said, they were fruit juice. Wow, I don’t know what he put in them but my head was soon spinning, the bar was still empty so Kamal said he was going to lock up early. I was a little disappointed as I was enjoying the buzz I had going on. Kamal obviously noticed and asked if I fancied a nightcap at his place, a short walk down the road. I said sure and soon we were in Kamal’s living room with cocktails, talking and laughing.

I don’t know when, but at some stage I passed out, the next thing I remember is being carried, my head was spinning, I was laid down on a bed. I felt Kamal sit on the bed beside me. I didn’t know what to think, was Kamal just going to let me sleep it off here, or was the something else on his mind? I decided to pretend to be asleep and find out.

A few minutes later Kamal reached over and unbuttoned my shirt; he managed to remove it and then unfastened my jeans. Kamal’s gentle touch on my crotch made my cock to stiffen. He pulled my jeans down and my underwear went with them, I wriggled a bit to give the impression of being disturbed in my sleep, but also allowed Kamal to get my jeans off without much trouble. Wow, was this really happening? Did I want it to continue? I had a choice to make, continue pretending to be asleep and see what happened, confront Kamal and leave or confront Kamal and stay. I decided on the easy option and continue pretending to be asleep.

There I was, naked, lying on another man’s bed whilst he probably played with himself. I was really scared, my heart was pounding and I felt so exposed and horny thinking something interesting was going to happen.

I felt Kamal lay beside me facing my back, his hand gently ran up my legs and caressed my butt, I heard him sigh, then his hand reached over and lightly touch my semi hard cock, his fingers traced up and down the shaft a couple of times, barely touching and my cock throbbed and stiffened more. Oh my God this was really going to happen. I was scared but exhilarated too.

His hand left my cock and a minute later was between my butt cheeks, his finger probed around my asshole and I felt something cold and wet on his fingers, lubricant! This guy was going to fuck my ass! I was finally going to get to know what it was like to be fucked! Kamal rubbed the lube around my opening and pushed the tip of his finger in; I let out a little moan and pushed my ass out toward him a bit. Kamal obviously took this to be the green light and buried his finger to the knuckle; I let out a sigh of pleasure. Kamal withdrew the finger so just the tip was still inserted then delved back in; he did this for a few minutes, my sighs turning to low moans. Kamal must know I was awake by now.

Another finger joined his first and he fucked my ass with 2 fingers. His hand reached around and took hold of my throbbing 7” dick; lightly played with it and massaged my balls. I wanted him to grab it and jerk me off hard, this was driving me wild. I felt his cock bump against my ass.

Kamal held my hips and pushed the tip of his cock against my hole. I grasped the bed and braced myself as Kamal pushed. “Oh God” I sniveled, it did hurt so good, his hard dick pushed into me spreading my ass rim open. Just the tip of his cock was in me and I wanted more. He reached over and took hold of my cock again, this time he grabbed it and pulled back the skin hard, “Oww” I whimpered, I thought he was going to peel the skin right off my dick, he released it and I felt a small burning sensation which made my dick throb and pulse even more.

He still just had the tip of his dick in my ass and went back to lightly playing with my cock and balls, I maneuvered my body so my ass cheeks spread for him and I pushed my hips back trying to engorge and lodge myself on his cock. He pulled back and popped out. “Not yet bitch” he breathed. This was the first thing he’d said since this started, he pushed the tip of his cock back into my ass pulled hard on my cock again. “Agh” I cried.

This went on for some time, lightly playing with my dick then pulling hard on it, never putting more than the tip of his cock into me. He knew exactly what he was doing, all this teasing was driving me crazy with desire, I was panting and gyrating my hips, pushing my butt at him trying to get him to push his pole into me. I was so cock hungry now; I’d do anything he wanted me to.

Finally I couldn’t stand it anymore, “Fuck me, fuck me” I cried. Beg me slut, Kamal replied, “and call me Daddy”.

“Please Daddy, fuck me” I panted.

Kamal pulled back hard on my dick and pushed his hips forward, invading me with his thick cock sliding into my hole. (I brought my hand back to my asshole and assessed about half his length was in me it would turn out).

“OOhhh” I purred. It felt fantastic, better than I imagined it would. I pushed back trying once again to impale myself onto his solid meat dong.

Tell me what you want, you slut you; Kamal said pulling away again. Knowing what he wanted to hear, I muttered in a low tone but very slutty voice, Fuck me Dadddddyyyyy pleeeeeeeeeease, give me all of your lovely hard cock. Fuck my ass gooddddddddd.

I felt Kamal’s body move and he slowly pushed his solid cock into me. Aaaahhhh, Ooouuuhhhh Godddd yesssssssss! I yelped with terrible pain spreading into my whole body and I thought he will never stop pushing himself into my rectum but finally he had sunk to his balls in my ass.

Yesssssssss Dadddddddddddy yes, I gasped and panted loud.

You bitch, you like my staff in you, don’t you? You ass hole you; I heard Kamal as he slapped my quivering ass cheek. I felt his fingers at my ass entry making sure he was all inside me.

He withdrew again and again pushing back all the way in. I groaned in pleasure, it felt wonderful, I was filled with another man’s cock and I loved it. Kamal continued to thrust slowly in and out, obviously enjoying the sensation of fucking my tight no more virgin ass. My cock started to twitch and I grabbed it with the intention of making myself cum. My moans of pleasure alerted Kamal and he knocked my hand away from my dick and also emptied my fuck hole pulling his cock out all the way.

You bastard bitch, who told you to touch that? Kamal was shouting. That’s mine and you are not allowed to spoil my fun. As a top he knew if I played and shot my raging juice, I might come to my senses and refuse him his lusty fucking fun.

You have to be punished now, he announced.

Almost dazed and scared, I had no clue what he had in his mind as he quickly got up from the bed and pulled a paddle like thing made of solid leather from the side drawer. This was the first time I saw him naked so close to me. His tanned smooth body was muscular, totally hairless all the way down to his extremely thick cut about 8” cock bobbing as he moved around. Even his hairless heavy balls were swinging low like the pendulum of a grandfather clock.

He sat on the edge of the bed and commanded me to move my ass and spread on his knees facing the floor. I obeyed and took position across his lap with my steel hard cock pressed into his thighs and his pole pushed in my side.

I am going to teach you once for all you be my bitch, you will not touch yourself unless told………….and before I could respond, he smacked my bouncy buttocks with that paddle. O’ fuck! The rage, the zeal and the force produced a stinging feeling of pain rapidly throughout my body. He showed no mercy to my cries and smacked my ass cheeks even harder, kneading and molding the shape to his liking.

You naughty dirty little slut boy, aren’t you, you like it baby? I heard him say.

Yessssssssseeeeeeeee Daddy, I panted and whimpered with pricking pain of continued spanking. My butt felt being roasted on fire. Kamal continued to spank me, each strike getting a little harder; I was moaning in delight as my lust had found new heights.

“On your knees slut” Kamal instructed.

I got off his lap and positioned myself in front of him on my knees, whimpering and squirming. I could feel the colder air working my ass as Kamal stood in front of me ordering to open my mouth for him. I complied and he shoved his beefy manhood deep inside.

Oh yeah, shamelessly I was introduced to my first taste of cock. Like a bolt of current Kamal’s hands dropped, gripped my head and guided his cock towards it. O’lord, it was thicker than I was seeing it.

Zzzaaaaap! I got a slap on my cheek; the tree stump sized cock came flying out of my mouth with huge amount of saliva drooling off it, Kamal yelling to watch my teeth scrapping his meat rod and open wide.

Pulling my hair he held my head back as I opened wider to accommodate his raging hard and wide manhood. Still grabbing my hair he pushed deeper into my throat, shoving my tonsils to aside and gagging me. I could see a nasty smile on his face as he must have enjoyed seeing me choking on his plunger but he bobbed his wide hips and pushed even deeper once again. As his slab of cock knob rubbed against my tongue, I had my first taste of man’s pre cum.

The taste was a bit salty, a bit tangy but what I would never forget was the odor, the smell, the aroma, the flavor of a man burning through my nostrils and reaching my brain. I was almost feeling Kamal’s cock fucking my skull, it was so horrendous a pleasure hosting his cock in my mouth, the insult of being throat slashed and choked to death felt like a touch of breeze. I felt his cock twitch and he pushed again making me gag again. Saliva was pouring out of my mouth and running down his shaft, dripping off his balls.

I thought he was going to cum and I got ready to swallow his juices. I was still squirming with the feeling of my ass hole being stretched but empty. I was hoping he would feed me his spermy slush.

I couldn’t believe how horny I felt, I’d never felt like this before. Abruptly he stopped and pulled his dick from my mouth. He spread his legs and pushed my head between his thighs and yelled to lick, suck his soaked balls under there. I dutifully licked and sucked one of the huge nuts into my mouth, polishing it with my tongue for a while and then swapping it for the other until my jaw was aching.

I wasn’t very sure how far to go under but I felt kind of special licking there and I held onto his hips with my hands and ran my tongue from his balls to his asshole; he spread his legs a little wider to give me better access. The manly scent was utterly intense down there and I could not resist keeping indulging more and more with my long tongue drawn out.

That’s a great job, you bitch boy, and he praised my effort and announcing to fuck me soon. Oh gosh, I could not wait but I wanted to suck his cock a bit longer and did not hesitate to run my tongue up his shaft to the enlarged cock head swollen like a huge mushroom. I flicked my tongue around the tip and my hands clutch the base of Daddy dick and quickly going to town on it swallowing all the length I could and then some more making fucking live moves with my mouth on the beautiful cock producing slurping sounds and dripping saliva like no one would believe.

MMmmmmmm!! I love your big cock Daddy, I murmured softly as I took his cock out for a breather and then plunged back on it. I could see a huge smile in his eyes and knew he was enjoying it although I had never sucked a cock before but knew how fantastic it feels when girls gave me one in the school. I kept tugging and sucking his cock alternating with his nuts which had started to dance up and down in his sack.

My head was bobbing up and down his dick, my lips clamped hard around it, it was too big to take in all the way, but I did my best. Kamal was moaning and his cock swelled even more. I picked up speed and sucked him harder. Kamal looked skyward and his hands gripped my head harder, much harder. I knew he was close to climax. Fucking grief, first I wanted him to cum in my mouth and now he was ready but now I intensely needed him to fuck me first.

The urge took over and I stopped sucking him quickly climbing onto the bed taking the position on all fours raising my ass up and begged him to fuck me with his big hard dick. I kept wriggling, wiggling my ass at him, spreading my cheeks wider to show him pink inside for luring and doing the deed. He came up to the bed and spanked my cheeks hard, twice, making me gasp with pleasure. I just felt so dirty now and wanted Kamal to fuck me real good and sure Kamal climbed onto the bed behind me and I felt his cock bumping at my asshole. He grabbed my waist and pushed the tip of his dick into me.

Oh yeah, Daddy, I panted, pushing my head down onto the bed and my cute little ass into the air. He eased his dick into me and then withdrew popping out and then thrust in again. He felt huge, and I felt so vulnerable and the feeling of his big hard dick sliding in and out of my puckered butt felt fantastic, better than I had dreamed. I moaned and groaned in ecstasy as he asked me to bring my hands back to him and gripping me rough at the wrists holding them as bridle he picked up the speed pounding my dear ass fucking it brutally with some kind of revenge.

Give me, give me baby, take my cock you cock hungry sluttttttt; he was repeating himself stretching his body backwards making the thrusts even harsher.

Yes, yes, yes, fuck me harder Daddy; I slurred with great difficulty. I knew full well, I was being fucked royally as he picked up speed as well as the force. My young bronze brown ass raised high up in the air, stuffed with manly fucking tool; I was feeling so filthy and never wanted it to stop or end. My own cock was so hard and bursting, I truly thought my cock skin might split soon.

Kamal had added a new touch and now he was fucking me by almost conquering my ass hole and riding my ass. His both hands were moving nonstop on my shoulders but dwelling much longer on my nipples which were hard and full of sensations between his fingers. My body was shuddering with extreme joy already when suddenly I felt his hand slip and grab my hard meat cock leaking silky lube onto the bed sheet in abundance and also rolled my balls. His other hand pushed my head into the bed making me go in total submission. The frenzy and fury of events was felt in my ass with his cock growing larger in all aspects but he PAUSED with same urgency.

His control was amazing but I was absorbing the shivering and shaking of his body with the feeling of closeness he had come to the point of no return and starting the cascading of orgasmic go most obvious with his loud panting and tightly squeezing my body into his. He successfully delayed his ejaculation one more time rapidly gaining charge and control and pushed me off his hot and hard black member.

On your back my bitch boy toy, he ordered me and like a useless piece of junk he shuffled my body and next moment I was under his sprawling body. My legs were raised enough to bring my ass hole to the perfect height of his fucking machine as he bent over me, ready to fuck me again.

This is my most favorite position, he told me. I can look into your eyes, on your face, peeking into your body to know how much you were enjoying as I fuck you senseless and absurd for my selfish pleasure and with that he hoisted me on his flag pole once again hitting the unknown depths inside my asshole. The insertion and pile driving act was so fierce I felt the muscle walls of my ass tunnel crash and crumble; wrapping hurriedly on his shaft to stay intact……. My sighs heard far louder since I got into this predicament with Kamal.

I saw Kamal move up on my completely impaled body but his both hands were filled with my cock and balls, pulling me forcefully even more to stab himself into my ass canal until his balls were totally crushed and squished looking like quarter boil eggs smashed out of the shells.

I closed my eyes letting the ecstatic feeling wash over me, but a yanking of utmost severity made me realize, Kamal wanted my eyes to stay wide open; though he did not say a word but only did not separate my 7 incher masculine rod off my body. With that it did not take much time for him to set a rhythm of plowing into my rectum and pumping my cock with same pace and tempo.

Ooooh, Oooohh, Oooohhh that feels sooooooooo very good daddy, I purred looking into his blood shot eyes with lust and yearning to fuck me for his own enjoyment. His intensity in my ass was exceeding as well as his speed of jerking me off. He was digging my ass deep like he was digging for oil. He was swaying heavy machinery as he went forward widening the tunnel giving me feeling of huge gaping but looking in my eyes with his face distorting, his head pulled back and trying to stay in charge.

The expert hand job was doing a number on me quick and I sensed Kamal grow inside me by split seconds.

I’m Cummmmming Daddy, I’m Cummmming, I growled with whatever little voice I could produce as my throat dried, my saliva thickened, my breathing stopped and then suddenly became shallow. My seed rocketed out of my cock hole hitting me on the face for 4 shots and then flying in acrobatic moves and falling on my chest.

His grip was tight still on my dick and his fingers were pushing any remaining juice from my balls to travel upward and spill out, milking me dutifully as huge waves of euphoria filled my throbbing cock.

Kamal wiped my Cum with his drenching fingers and brought them to my lips and could only say, Now……………..and his orgasm surged in my ass. I cannot decide if my cries of feeling in heaven were more strident or grunting of Kamal’s as he squirted rope after rope of burning lava into my body which never seemed to end and he kept pulsing and pulsating, reckoning my ass ring for the longest time, I remember even today.

By the time we both gained senses I had licked his fingers clean of my own seed and he had flooded my intestines with liquid fire. The wildness and at times the cruelty of the events positively left us both totally spent, I only remember Kamal gliding onto the bed while I remained pivoted on his masculine gizmo and we both fell asleep in no time.

And Oh, just for information; I did not get the job because I did not even go for the interview, instead I accepted the invitation from Kamal and stayed with him for another couple of days letting him practice his fucking skills on me and helping me to become better bottom boy for all who needed my services from then on. I been fucked plenty but I still enjoy Bangla Deshi cock in my ass more than anyother.

The End…………………….. Feb.15, 2015