My First Time With A Gay Mature Man

This is the story of the first time that I had sex with a man. This happened to me when I was 18 years old. Since I was a teenager I had a deep attraction towards men specially those who were above 45 years of age. I liked to stare at older men wondering how they would fuck me if they had their way. Physically I am tall around 5 feet 10 inches with a slim body and very little body hair. I have a nice round ass that sways slightly when I walk. So this is how it started.

One day the neighbour beside our flat decided to sell their house and move to another city. They had sold a flat and the new owner was expected to move in a few days. Two days later I heard a truck being parked below the building which had brought in the new owners belongings. I was all alone that day at home as my parents had gone out for two days. I went outside the front door and saw the hottest old man ever. He was tall, around 50 and he had a nice athletic build with nice muscular arms. I picked up a few boxes of his and offered to help him. He smiled and thanked me and I went inside his flat to keep his boxes.

As I was keeping one of his boxes in his bedroom, I accidentally dropped the box and it opened up. I hoped that there was nothing fragile. The box had opened and I looked inside. The box was filled with porn magazines and CDs all of them were gay porn containing images of young boys like me getting fucked by older men. I immediately grabbed some porn magazines and hid them inside my shirt. I heard him coming into the flat and I quickly closed the box.

His name was Rajesh and he was 55 years old. He had just sold his business in Delhi and had decided to settle in Bombay. He hoped that I could show him the places that were worth seeing in Bombay and I readily agreed. That day I went home and read all the gay porn magazines and masturbated lot thinking about all the things that Rajesh would do to me in bed.

About a week later, one morning I went outside to pick up the newspaper outside and at the same time Rajesh had come out to pick up his newspaper.

He was wearing a t-shirt and the tiniest shorts that I had ever seen, and through those shorts I could see his semi erect dick in his tiny shorts. I bit my lip looking at the sheer size of his cock. He realized I was awestruck looking at his cock and he smiled at me and called me over. I went up to him and he took hold of my hand and guided towards his cock.

I started to squeeze his cock through his shorts and I could feel his cock responding as it started to get harder. Rajesh then put his hand inside my shorts and started to feel my round ass. He was kneading my butt cheeks and I was moaning with pleasure. I was caressing his hard cock which seemed to just keep on growing.

Suddenly I heard someone coming downstairs and we quickly separated but before going in I turned around and saw him smacking his lips in anticipation and I knew that my ass was going to be explored by his cock soon.

The next day I was all alone at home and I was feeling really horny. Rajesh had his bedroom window facing my bedroom window and I knew how I would get his attention. I went to my bedroom window and saw that Rajesh was sitting there wearing nothing but his tiny shorts. He was reading one of his porn magazines. He looked up and I started to strip. Soon I was fully naked in front of him and I signalled him to come to my house.

A minute later the bell rang and I ran to open it. There was Rajesh standing and looking at me hungrily. I grabbed his cock and pulled him inside. I led him to the sofa and we sat down. I got down on my knees and started to caress his cock over his shorts. He was moaning as I kept on squeezing.

I the grabbed hold of his shorts and pulled them down. His cock sprang out and nearly hit my face. It was huge around 8 inches and a big round head. The veins on the penis were throbbing and I knew what a great time I was going to have.

I started by sucking his penis head like a lollipop. Rajesh moaned and threw his head back with sheer pleasure. I was making great slurping sounds and he was moaning loudly. I then started to lick his balls which made him even more excited as started to talk dirty.

“Yes boy, suck that cock, today you will learn a lot from an older guys cock” and he was moaning loudly as he said this. I then started to run my tongue up and down his hot steaming cock as I felt his nice large cock veins. Then I flicked my tongue on his penis slit and nearly made him cum.

He suddenly caught hold of my head and pushed his cock deep in my mouth. His cock was hitting the back of my throat as his was moving his cock in and out of my mouth and repeatedly pushing it deeper and deeper. Finally he pulled his cock out for the final time and shoved his cock deep in my mouth so that his ball was touching my chin.

He held onto that position for some time while talking dirty at the same time.

“Yes boy, hold that cock deep in your mouth. I am going to make you an expert cock sucker.”

Saying that he pulled out his cock and all my saliva came out dripping and clinging on to his cock. He then made me stand up and turned me around.

He then started to eat out my ass and it was the most erotic feeling that I had ever experienced. His tongue expertly flicked around my asshole as he licked it and then his tongue started to penetrate my hole.

I was moaning loudly and begging him to go on and lick me deeper.

Suddenly he lay down on the sofa and told me to climb over him so that his cock was in my face and my ass on his face. We were in the 69-ing position.

I was working my mouth up and down his cock and he was eating my ass. I was kneading his balls which were as big as tennis balls and he liked it as his tongue plunged deeper in my ass hole.

“You taste nice my boy. I am going to eat out your ass and you are going to every drop of cum from my balls.”

I moaned my approval and continued to pleasure his cock. We went on like this for around 45 minutes as he continued to say a lot of dirty yet erotic things that made me even hornier.

I then got up and looked at him and smiled. I took hold of his cock and he too got up and both of us went to my bedroom.

I lay down on the bed on my back and spread my legs wide apart. This was going to be the first time that a hot mature older man was going to enter me and I was very horny.

“Fuck me hard, please”, I moaned.

He then took his cock and started to guide it in me. His cock head was really big and my hole was really tight but he pushed and pushed but only his cock head got in. He then took out his cock and grabbed a bottle of oil that was lying near my bed. He then poured it all over his cock and muscular chest and rubbed my asshole with oil. He then started to push his cock.

I nearly screamed out with pleasure as his cock was soon entirely inside me. Soon he started to pick up the pace and ramming his cock in and out of my ass hole as I moaning out loudly telling him to fuck me louder and make me cum.

He grabbed hold of my legs and put them over his shoulder so that his cock could go in me fully. His balls were hitting my ass as I felt his penis touch the inner most parts of my ass.

He was in full flow as he was fucking me like an animal and grunting. I was nearly coming over the edge and I shouted out, “Oh fuck, I am going to cum.”

Rajesh suddenly took his cock out and grabbed hold of my face and said, “You are going to cum only when I cum.”

He then shoved his cock in my mouth started to fuck my face. I was loving the way how he was roughly fucking me and I shoved my mouth deeper onto his cock.

He the made me stand up and told me to get on all fours on the bed. He was going to fuck me doggy style.

I moaned and he plunged his cock deep in my ass hole as he started to ram my asshole. Both of us were moaning very loudly and I knew that many people in the building must have heard our lovemaking session by now.

Then without withdrawing his cock from my asshole he made me stand up and held both my hands behind my back. He took me near to the window and slowly started to thrust his cock back and forth.

“Please Rajesh, someone might see us fucking.” I pleaded.

“Good then, there are many people in this building who got to be serviced by you then.” saying so he started fucking me.

In no time both of us were screaming and shouting in ecstasy as he cummed very loudly in my ass.

I too started cumming at the same time and my cum was flying right out of the window.

Rajesh then drew out his cock and went to sleep on my bed. I was also very weak in my knees and fell asleep but not before cleaning his cock and leaving it dangling on my face.

The next day too I was all alone. I was fully naked as I loved the freedom being without clothes.

The door bell rang and I opened it expecting Rajesh to be there for another round of fucking. But it was two men who were there wearing only tiny shorts.

“We saw your fucking session yesterday and wondered whether you would be interested in fucking two older guys.”

I smiled and grabbing their cocks led them inside.

End of story