Jijaji Ke Saath, Maje Wali Raat

Hi ISS readers! I am Raj and I am from Haryana. I am 20 years old and I am fair, 5’8” and I am curved and I am also gay. I found this out when my sister’s husband made me have sex with him.

My sister got married off to a village in Haryana outskirts and it was one of the few villages that had college. Since our village did not have college, I went and stayed in my sister’s house for 3 years. One day, my sister had to go to a marriage of one of our cousins so she would have been gone for 3 days.

My jija said that it was fine and so she went. My jija is a farmer and he is very tall and muscular and hairy. So he told me in the morning that he would come home late and I should go to sleep and not wait for him. So at night 11:30 he came home and came into the room in which I was sleeping. He was smelling of alcohol and he looked around the room and spotted me lying down on a cot.

He slowly came near me and sat. I was not wearing any shirt and I was wearing only a lungi. he was also wearing only a lungi. I was almost asleep but when he sat near me I woke up. But I remained lying on the bed.

He did not know that I was awake and so he brought his mouth directly near my big fat brown nipples and he kissed and suckled them. I woke up shocked. He said to me that I should stay still. I said that he should not do that because it was not normal but he said ,” sab kuch sai hai. Aise hi to har roz main tere behen ko chodtha hoon. Aaj wo nahi hai to tere paas aaya. “ I was shocked but he did not listen to me.

He loosened the knot of my lungi and touched my dick. He shaked it till it became firm and erect. He said, “ kitna chota sa hai tera lund. Mard nahi hai tu. Aaj dikhata hoon ki mard ka lund kaisa hota hai.” Then he pulled up his lungi and took out his tool. It was throbbing 10 inches. He said, “choo ise.” So I touched it and it jumped with energy. I looked up at him. He said, “dekh kya raha hai randi?! Lund ko choos”. Saying that he forced a small 2 inches of his throbbing black cock with bright pink top into my mouth. He kept pushing it in and pulling it out. I could smell his cock. It was so nice and tasty. He said, “ achcha lag raha hai na tanne? Le! Poora le ise mooh me randi!”.

Then he thrust his whole ten inches into my throat and started vigorously fucking my throat. Then he came. It seemed as if he came 1 litre in my mouth. It was so tasty. Then he pulled out and again sucked my nipple while my hard cock rubbed against his thigh. He sucked my nipple for long time then he pulled my lungi up and stroked my cock. Then he pulled my foreskin down and touched my sensitive top. He said, “ kabhi kissi ko choda nai hai na tanne! “ then he repeatedly pushed and pulled my foreskin and I liked that feeling. I moaned with pleasure. He said, “ chilla ! randi ki tarah chilla! “. Then

I came on his hand which rubbed on my nipple and he sucked it again. Then he turned me and pulled up my lungi to see my gaand. He said, “ ab tanne pata chalega ki gaand me lund kaisa hota hai. Teri behen ke to hamesha hi gaand me hi daaltha manne! Uske bhai ka bhi dekh loon”. Then he thrust his middle finger with full force in my hole. I shouted as it pained. But then it was not painful as he licked his finger and kept putting it in my hole. I moaned with pleasure. Then he made me sit on my knees with my face down like a horseback position. He then put his tongue into my hole and licked it thoroughly.

Then he stood up and tied up his lungi and raised it to once again reveal his long and huge tool. He spat inside my hole then on his tool and then slowly and painfully put it in. then he repeatedly took it out and put it in again and again. I liked it and he also liked it.

He said,” kitna kass rahai hai tera gaand! Teri behen se bhi achcha hai. “ then he changed my position to missionary position and put it in. he said, “ is chaathi ko dekh. Ise soong! Chaat mere chaathi ke baal ko.” So I licked his hairy nipple and his sweaty armpit as he repeatedly thrusted at me with full force. He never became tired. I liked his sweaty smell mixed with the smell of alcohol. I likes the smell of his urine and his dirty lungi that he never changed more than once a week.

He kept thrusting me fully until I shouted with pleasure. Then he again came and this time he came inside my hole filling it and on my tool and on my stomach and chest. Then he quickly brought his tool near my face and shaked it to cum all over my face.

Then he asked me to suck his balls. His balls were as big as two cricket balls in a big sack. I sucked it as he put his lungi on my face , making me smell his sweat and cum and alcohol that were there on his lungi. the he asked me to get up, take of my lungi and wear his so that his cum could be near my body all the time.

He then said, “too teri behen se bhi beheter hai! To raat me agar tere paas aoonga toh too yehi karega thik hai?!”. He playfully pinched my nipple and walked away in my lungi as I savoured his. We did this many times in the future and even when my sister was at home. After doing her, he would come to my room and do me.

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