A Fantasy Comes True

I am a 40 yrs old male from Mumbai.I am married to a beautiful woman and we have active sex life. I had a Girlfriend in college we had sex regularly but we didnt marry each other as we broke our relationship. She got married to very rich guy & went abroad for few years.

After she came back we met & our sex relations started again. Our spouses dont know about it as it is our secret. I share about it some other time. Today I am sharing a true incident that happened with me sometime back. I regularly visit a Kerala massage centre since few years the lady owner of the centre knows me well as I have taken lots of my friends there & given her many regular customers.

The staff is also good to me as they always get good tips from me. I always take massage from 2 particular ladies & I dont prefer new faces every time. Once inside the room as while massage I am naked this girls are also topless & in end they always give blowjob. Just couple of months back as I was passing from there I thought of taking a massage & I had some free time. But that day both this girls were absent & I dont prefer any other girls. Owner suggested why dont you try a male massager, now that was something I had never tried so I agreed. She introduced me to Venu a typical Mallu guy & said he is very good I said ok.

As we entered the room I took off all my clothes & the way Venu looked at me I got it it this fellow is a Gay his way of talking & behavior changed. I had never come across a gay before. As he started massage, his hands were good & he was really good. During massage my hands were on side & he touched his crotch many times as if it is normal. After sometime I said Venu why dont you take off your trouser & shirt so you can be free. He was just waiting to get of it so quickly got naked. First time in my life I was seeing a male penis so closely other than mine. He was just too small.

I asked can I touch it he agreed & I took it in my hand I was so excited as first time I was holding a penis other than mine in my hand. I massaged it & it grew he was just 4 inches fully erect. I got up from massage table & hugged him very tight as both the penis met & our lips were locked tongues were exploring each other & I had never felt my penis so excited my size is 7 inches & quite thick.

I slowly said in Venus ear I want to be your woman, as if he got green signal he turned me around with my back towards him brought his cock to my ass with one hand pressing my left breast other on my cock & started kissing me wildly. I was loving that domination this went on for 15 mins. As he is slightly taller than me I was loving being in his arms. Then he lied down on massage table & told me to take his cock in my mouth.

The moment I brought my face near his genitals that smell of a male just made me go mad. I kissed his balls & every centimetre around his cock Venu started moaning & said he never felt like this before. Same was with me finally I took his cock in my mouth & he started moaning louder. After sometime I took it out & said I want him to come in my ass not in my mouth. He got up from the table & made lie with ass up side.

Venu started pouring oil on my ass then he put his finger inside with oil on it. I told him to be gentle as mine is a Virgin ass. He mounted on me with his finger parted my ass crack I brought his cock near the opening of my ass & he straight away pushed it in & brought his one hand to press on my mouth or my sound would have gone out as I was about to shout loudly in pain. Venu just remained like that for sometime pushing himself further. Then put both his hands inside me & holding my breast pulling me & his complete body was on me as if we are locked together I was in tremendous pain.

I told him to loosen up a bit. But he had some other plans slowly he started his stroking the pain was increasing but after sometime in spite of pain I started loving it, he increased his speed & I was I heaven as if what my wife & girlfriend was getting from me first time I am getting it. Finally he pushed hard deep inside me & came, that rubbed my cock also on the table the feeling of his cum inside me I also came on table.

We remained in that position with Venu inside for a while. Then he pulled out climbed down from the table. I also got up & saw my cum on the table & Venus cum coming out of my ass then as I turned around, we both were speechless just looking at each other then I hugged him tight & started kissing him all over just kept thanking him, we remained like that for 10 mins. After that Venu told me we have almost taken more than an hour so we need to hurry.

We went to bathroom & quickly applied soap on each other took bath. Later on as we got dressed I was giving some money to Venu which he did not take & asked can we meet again at some other place & asked for friendship. I agreed by giving him a lips kiss.

We exchanged our mobile nos & I left. My ass kept paining for 3 days. A week later Venu called me to meet. About that I will write in next episode. But guys this is not something cooked up it is a true experience. So please send your feed backs my mail id / / . It will encourage me to write my further experience with my Venu & my girlfriend.

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