Known Faces Led Me To Sexciting World

With Raj sir, returning from his native just one week before the reopening of the school, his pending official work in the school delayed my meeting him till the evening. I felt guilty when he mentioned that he missed me a lot and when he asked about me, I told him about Dr. Sanjay (uncle/Anna) taking me for evening walks, playing chess and discussing about music etc. Sanjay anna came to sirs house looking for me after confirming with my mom, for the usual evening walk. As I was walking towards the park, flanked by them, my mind yearned for a session with them together and it made me very horny, but I kept quiet.

Following sunday, after lunch, Raj sir proposed that three of us go to his home for chess game with my parents permission, as sir did not want to disturb my dad( he always liked a post-lunch siesta) and spend the evening time. My parents cautioned me not to take undue advantage of lenience, with both of them. I thanked my stars and was scheming in mind to make my dream come true. Three of us reached his home at around 2.30 pm with my favorite chessboard with the pawns and the magazine (the book of erotic pics of Khajuraho tucked in) that sir had left in my room. I set the table for the game, while sir went to change and Sanjay Anna, to the washroom. Sir, on return, saw the magazine on the table and looked at me puzzled. Not answering him, I told them casually that being equally proficient, we played flash chess and the winner would get the treat of his choice. They agreed and in no time, I won the games against them, while the third game between them ended in a draw.

It was only 3 pm and I lifted my thumb up, beaming at them. “What next?” sir asked Anna, for which he replied,”our little master (pointing to me), the winner has the final decision”. When Sir went inside for few minutes leaving us alone. I gave Dr. Anna a lip kiss most unexpectedly(purposely) and arousing him on the spot. Before he could react, sir returned, sat on the divan by my side. I slowly caressed his thigh with my palm boldly, poking his groin gently, for which he reacted immediately. I knew very well that I had intentionally triggered their lust and desires silently. I went inside leaving them back, to get juice for us from the fridge, as we felt thirsty and tiptoed to the hall to find them going through the pictures in the book together and talking softly. I was happy that the coast was clear for me. I asked them which of the pictures appealed to them best, while they were drinking juice. Though they appeared slightly embarrassed, both looked at me greedily. Sitting between them and moving my palms over their thighs up freely and boldly to test their mood, I told them, ” I know you love me a lot. All I want is banana and cocktail ice cream with chocolate and honey,ok?” They looked at each other and burst out laughing. Now, it was my turn to get confused. “No more hide and seek play. You can have bananas now and we, the tender cucumber, ok?”, said sir. I froze for a second, as only anna described my tool like that and wondered how sir knew it! All of us were excited to the core with increased testosterone levels, reminding us of our only aim & goal, thrilling sexcitement. I was surprised and excited to know that both of them, in fact, had also planned for an erotic encounter, with me. It was an awesome feeling to have the two absolutely beautiful, throbbing and hot manhoods in my palms and get my boobs squeezed by them at one go.

They led me to the bedroom, stripping me naked and two pairs of eyes glaring at my bubbly, flashy, conical and spongy boobs & the cute 5″ rod in full attention passionately. They helped mutually to get rid of their clothes and sandwiched me between them. Next moment, they were kissing me on the cheeks and pulling & pinching my nipples, making me moan and wriggle in ecstasy. I lowered their heads to my bosom, ordering them to entertain me with their wonderful boobsucking I was in 7th heaven enjoying their sucking extravaganza thoroughly for 10 mins. or so. Now, I suggested that we did a round robin for mutual benefit, repeating this on sir and Anna. They enjoyed it to the core and felt thrilled at my excellent idea. Half an hour of nipple pinching, pulling & tweaking, chewing and sucking made us fly high and high. In the meanwhile, all the three cocks, with glistening precum, were vibrating, balls moving fast in expectation and demanding attention indicating the lust and desires filling our minds. As all of us were scaling the summit of the pleasure-hunt, I suggested that we had another round robin, this time for the cocky delight, assuming a triangular position in bed, we proceeded to mouth the hard, juicy cocks by changing positions every 10 mins, on one condition that we would stop if even one feels like cumming and we ended up sucking all the cocks and licking the honey sacs by all, leaving us absolutely thrilled and gasping in heavenly delight. It was evident that we were having a marathon session. The entire room was on fire, reverberating with loud moans and mutual requests for more and more for fulfillment. We realised that thirst for sex was soaring up and going out of our control. They showed me a picture from the book, with a guy in doggy position, mouthfucked by one & assbanged by the other. Both of them decided that I would be only filling their mouths, considering my age, while they would exchange places for the latter.

It was 4 pm by then and time for the next phase of act. With Anna lying on his back in the bed and at the receiving end, myself & sir took positions, again with the same condition as before. Sir applied oil to his cock and Annas asscrack liberally and positioned his prick near the pucker hole and rubbed it to loosen the hole, whereas my fellow was already filling his mouth for sucking pleasure. Sirs mushroom shaped cockhead was straining to enter the cave, resulting in loud painful moaning from Anna, in spite of my tool gagging him. Sir widened his partners legs, placing them on his shoulders, gave one more push resulting in the head sliding into the manpussy. Now, Anna felt less pain and lifting his hip, welcomed the shaft inside with a force. His stiff body became slightly relaxed and enjoyed pumping by his partner. Thus, he was pinned between us and simultaneous banging both up and down, lifted our spirits and insurmountable erotic delight high up. I pulled myself reluctantly to avoid spitting the honey, but down thrusts continued for few more minutes. The mixed feelings of exhaustion due to excitement during assbanging and contentment were evident on their faces. This time, we had spent nearly 30 mins. and we decided to call it a day as it was getting late, not before they hugged, kissed and sucked my nipples wildly and feverishly that I literally jumped like a spring, a high voltage current passing through me from head to toe and shivering uncontrollably. I went one step ahead to go on my knees and the fast and continuous jerks of their pricks made their body stiff and arched, until I was drenched in a shower of their love juice. It was like a finishing touch to our most unforgettable, romantic and sweet experience among us proving age is no bar for love. We cleaned ourselves up, had tea and got ready for the evening walk, as if nothing happened! ,

Thanks to All.