Desperacy Led Me To Public Park


I know its some time since I posted my new update. For the people who don’t know me, I am rajesh 35 male Bangalore and I am a bi-sexual. I love having sex with both men and women.

This incident happen to me just a day back on 20th march 2015. It’s a quick gay sex.

I was kind of horny from couple of days and my wife was in periods and our maid was on leave due to some reasons. I was deprived of sex for last 4 days and I was more than Horny.

I was driving back home just when I thought why not visit the good old Krishna rao park which was near basvangudi police station. This place was famous for gay pickups and quickies behind trees. I was horny and had been there many years back. The thought of visiting such place ran cold shiver down my spine. I was anxious to reach the park and see what is in offering.

After about an hours drive, I reached the park. I parked my car in a dark corner, so that it can be used if required later. I entered the park and was surprised seeing the view in the park. It was very well developed with joggers track, well lightened and things had changed. Earlier it use to be gay paradise park, very less lights, less general people visiting and mostly gays or bi people use to visit the park. There use to be corners where it was almost certain to find partners. But now after going through the complete park, I found none such corners.

I was disappointed after about 30 minutes of search and it was almost 8 in evening now. Just then I realized that right in the middle of the park, there was no light and few dark souls were seen moving around. With lots of hope and anxiety I started to walk toward that part of park.

As I was there, I saw few men and boys noticing me, infact checking me out and I guess those were regular visitors and were excited seeing a newbie. I was feeling cold and my cock was getting wet in anticipation of action. I was wondering what these guys wanted? Are they gays or bi or general people? Will I find a bottom guy or some one who can suck me dry?

With all these thoughts I stopped behind a huge tree and found couple of guys in hunt and saw them checking me out. This place looked safer in comparison and I was desperate so I tried the old trick. I unzipped my cock and pretended pissing and immediately a young guy came close to me and stood very close to me. He was so close that he could feel my breath. He smelled nice with a strong perfume he was wearing. He smiled and held my cock in his hand directly. I was cold and shivers were running down my bones and knees.

He said, hmmm nice, can I have it? Would love to suck.

I replied, hi dear, its all yours…suck it, lick it and juices are yours.

He immediately said “hmmm you have condom? Hope you are free from infections? Any place or you want only a suck here?

I replied “I have a car and a condom and am free from all infection. Hope you are the same. I want a nice suck but your ass looks juicy, so don’t mind fucking you.”

He smiled and squeezed my cock and asked to move towards the car. He followed me as I zipped my pants and started moving towards my car. Meanwhile another guy was moving behind us. I ignored him and was excited with the things to follow. We walked to my car and looked around if it was safe. It was dark and car was parked next to a huge tree in a corned and there was no streetlight. It was perfect.

Both of us got into my car back seat and I unbutton my pant and sat in the car in underwear. Even he got in hurry and locked the door. We once again looked around and after feeling absolutely safe. He came close to kiss me. But I am not into much of kissing, which he understood with disinterest showed and he got down to his job. He felt my cock and pulled the underwear down. He felt my bare cock and ran his finger on tip of my wet cock and then he put his finger in his mouth, tasting my pre cum. He said “hmmm salty and tasty, you are fresh.”

Saying this he went down and licked my cock from top to bottom and then took the entire cock in his mouth. I was in heaven, I was desperate and with this guy giving what I was looking for was ecstasy.

With his hand he was feeling my bare thigh skin and his mouth was doing the best job….hmmmmm ohhhhhh I was moaning and my hands were on his head holding his hair tight and pushing deep towards my cock. In no time I was hard as rock and he was loving my cock. After about 2 minutes of sucking I was ready to blast, just then he stopped and started removing his pants. I thought to my self, I will not suck, I am a top and don’t know how safe this guy was. He got completely nude below the waist and turned around and said “where is the condom, put on and fuck me.”

I was in heaven thinking of his ass hole, I had condom in my pocket, which was a super thin. I wore the same and position my self in a doggy style, he bending down and me fucking him. I tried entering his hole and with no efforts my cock was in. I felt my cock was small as his hole was over used. I started stroking him and he was moaning now (wondering what pleasure you can get by getting fucked in ass). I was in heaven and reached for his cock.

My hands caught his cock and I was surprised it was less than 3 inch and he said it was erect. I kept pumping him and car was now shaking, but I dint think about the same for a minute also. I kept pumping him harder and harder and he kept moaning little louder every time I fucked his ass. His ass was nice round and hair free.

He was moaning as was I, now car was moving a lot with every stoke of mine and I was about to blast. With a heavy stroke I leaked and felt every drop coming out of my cock. I fell back on seat with condom filled with my juice and this guy turned around and settled in seat. He was still feeling my cock and suddenly he took out the condom from my cock and took my cock in his mouth. He licked my half erect cock clean and sucked left over sperms. Hmmmmmm I said…..

Then he got up and dressed himself and even I was satisfied and happy. We both got dressed, he again came close to me and tried kissing my lips but I did not show interest so he pulled back.

He asked “when can we meet next? My number is …………..” he gave his number.

I said “ will contact you very soon dear…I am rajesh and now I have your number, so will call you. But what is your name”?

He replied “sorry I am shekar, I know you will not give me your number. Anyway I am ok with it and will wait for your call.”

He again kissed on my lips and got down from the car and walked back to other side. I got into drivers seat and drove down back.

I hope you would have liked this incident of my life. Look forward hearing from you at / /



Desperacy Led Me To Public Park