A Drunk Night And One Auto Driver

Hey hi, this story might not be for everyone… includes a lot of kinks and dirty sex… If thats not the kind you enjoy, then please dont read further. The rest unzip your pants..

Ok so i live in Mumbai, malad to be precise. I enjoy a healthy sexual life with my gf… but have always been curious about the other side. In looks im smart 26 years of age and stand at about 510 in height, average body, hairy, and around 69 kgs.

The incident took place on a friday night. I had just finished a drinking session with my office friends at around 2 am. I was down a bottle and in no way could even stand on my own. But my friends managed to find me an auto and tell him the place where i lived. I got in and continuously going off and on in between. But i could hear my auto driver chattering away to me… he was actually giving me advice on how i shouldnt be drinking and travelling this late at night. All i did was ask him to keep his eye on the road and i guess that was my downfall, cause he didnt like my tone. But i was least bothered, i could see shop signs pass by and i realized we were nearing my place… I then realized i was carrying a 1000rs note and might need him to have change….

I asked my the auto guy that if he had change? to which he replied he does not… i suggested to him that we might have to stop at an ATM to withdraw some cash in change, to which he suggested ”sir my ‘slumis just on your way home, it would be easier for me to get change from home instead of searching for an ATM at this hour. The suggestion sounded all right and i agreed.

But i was still very very tipsy and suddenly when he applied brakes! I came to reality with a stutter and i asked him what happened to which he just replied ‘Sir my house is here I said Ók then go get the change to which my auto guy replied ‘Why dont you come with me sir, instead of standing here in the dark, ill give you the change also inside i replied ‘No need im fine here to which he further insisted ‘Sir it seems you need little water also and i realized yeah actually little water will do me good.

I agreed and asked him to lead the way. We walked into the slum and with a horrible stench… and for the first time i was seeing my auto driver in full light. He was around 50, looked Muslim, with his white beard and was rather pot bellied. i followed driver, till we finally reached a last slum on the lane. He opened the door and invited me in.. i could barely stand and i knew i would pass out any time… I asked him to hurry with the change, but all he did was turn around and latch his door.

I got little worried and asked him whats he doing. To which he replied ‘Sir just shut up and listen to what ill ask you…. youre in position to disobey me and if you do ill just make it painful for you”.

Seeing a sudden change in his mannerism got my senses a little sorted but still i was in no way going to fight this man off.

He came closer to me, so close that his breath was on my lips… He said his name was Ali and asked what was mine… i was just able to mutter Arjun. He said nice… Before i could ask him what he wants i had his lips on my… His tongue was forcing down my mouth, i tried to push him but all i managed was to lose my balance and fall on his bed.

Thats all Ali needed too, with his weight crushing on me, he quickly started biting my necks i could feel saliva drool all over my face. I didnt know what to do while ali kept biting my neck. Slowly i too was losing it and realized that when my hand went behind his head to press it further on my neck. And thats all that he needed as a signal. Ali just sprung up and pulled me up. He dropped his pants and underwear in one go, and i saw something i never saw in my life before Á cut cockit was 7 inch in length hairy… and hard… He just dragged my face towards it and shoved it right in. The smell was rather intoxicating of sweat and urine … but i just kept sucking it, while ali kept shoving it in my mouth.

This went on for a good 10 minutes and after which Ali pushed me back on the bed, in one swift move he removed my pants and underwear. He turned my around and attacked my ass like a hungry dog, i couldnt control it i could feel his tongue slurping my hole and making me squirm, i tried pushing him away but he kept digging his face inside… Till i could literally feel his tongue inside my ass hole…The feeling was amazing and i realized what was going to happen next. I tired turning around …. but Ali just pressed me down with his weight and i felt his dick approaching my ass… I was scared and i tried to move but in one move he shoved it in my hole.

I tried screaming, but his hands came down heavily on my mouth and he kept shoving it in my ass. I had tears rolling down my ass, but all Ali kept doing was shoving it in my ass… it went on for a good ten minutes, till his body all tightened up and he cummed all inside my ass. I felt his body fall down on mine, my ass was still burning but i had no energy to push him over… I also just laid there accepting my situation. I dont know how but i think i went into a slumber only to be woken up by some wet feeling on my neck.

And i suddenly realized where i was, Ali was kissing my neck and through the side i could see morning light entering his house, i asked him to move over. But all he did was push me further on the bed. But now with the alcohol out of my system i could push him over and thats what i did. I took my pants lying on the floor when Ali, said ‘Stop, (and he showed me my pictures he had clicked on his phone) i can shame you if i want or else you could just obey me and Ill let you go . I had no choice i dropped my pants, he signaled me to bend over like a dog, i did and Ali wasted no time in humping me like one. He kept going for 15 mins till he cummed all over again.

He sat back on the bed and said you can leave now… Ive our number saved on my phone ill call you when i need you. I just picked my dress, wore it and picked my bag from his table and left. I walked back from that slum limping, but i had a smile on my face…as looked into my pockets I flicked his phone. I deleted my pictures and my number and dumped in the sewers. Got into an auto and left home again.

Please do comment or let me know via mail if u liked my story. Im from mumbai and always willing for kinks / /

A Drunk Night And One Auto Driver