Mixed Emotions Of A School Boy In Bus

This is my very first story. And its a true story. And am very weak in expressing my views …so kindly pardon me for my bad narrating. But i wish this story could at least fulfill someone out there. Again this is a true story.. Except for some little very little exaggeration for the purpose of good reading.

I am Nivin. Am like a normal guy who like to see girls , to undress them with my eyes… Am not that lucky in school days.. I got only a few girl friends none of them which i touched except a girl who i smooched in 12th std.. Thats the maximum i got. This story is based on my early school days while i was studying in 12th standard…In school days i was not into any forms of gay relations except on one day in bus(wen i was in 9th) one matured man (around 40) sitting near me tried to rest his hands on my thighs…

I had my monthly exam that day. And my bus trip to school takes about 45 mins. And i was some sort of bookworm during my school days, i kept my bag in my lap and my book over my bag and i was just going through the lessons. and his hands was still in the same position. But as the bus shook a little in the gutters his hand moved a little towards my crotch. Even that time i thought he is innocent because he was nice to me like he asked me what is your name what are u studying? Do you have exams today and so on… But in my imagination i was like what if his hand touches my cock and how will i feel and so on.. As his hands was very close to my dick., i dont know from where i got the sensation. But my dick got hard inside the pants. And i was not wearing any undies. And i just tried to hide it with the bag and book..

After sometime i felt his hands moving a little more. This time i got a suspicion that he is intentional. But i dint resist or remove his hands because what if his intentions are pure and he just wanted my things just for support.

So i let it go and went back to my studies. His hands was almost near my balls. Then i felt him moving his fingers a little. I dint resist even now. Maybe he thought i was into it because he got bolder and he moved his hand a little further towards my balls. I looked around. No one even cared us because he was very natural with me and he was talking to me as if he is some relative of mine. I got frightened a little. I wanted to move away. But wanted to see how far it will go. Again seeing no resistance from me he just cupped my balls through my pants and my school pants was very soft and tight.. So suddenly he came to know that i was not wearing any undies.

He moved his hands towards my dick from my balls.. He touched it though the pants and i was feeling like exploding wen he touched my dick. But as a schoolboy and as am straight or not very open during my schooldays i got terrified and i wanted ti stop it. And i tried to move him away. But his hold over my dick was very strong and i dint want anyone else in the bus knowing that some stranger is holding my dick in his hands. So i just kept quiet…and then his fingers was moving over the middle of my dick which was straining to come out through my pants. He just ran his fingers over it caressed it and it was feeling so good. I have never been this excited before. But on the other hand i was never frightened to this extent before.

Suddenly his fingers moved towards my zip. I was like on my god what if he opens my zip and what if my dick jumps out and what if someone comes to see my exposed dick. I was so confused and afraid. I wanted the bus to go fast and i just wanted to run away from the bus.. But my dick was telling otherwise… U can imagine my position…! A 12th standard boy who hardly knew how to masturbate sitting in a bus with a bag and a book in his lap with some strangers hands in his pants covered cock and now he is about to open my zip? ! I was in a state of shock.. Mixed feelings of a young school boy. My cock was never touched my anyone before but me…

And someone is now touching my cock for the very first time and even though my mind knew that this hand does not belong to a lady but its a hand of a guy… But my dicks reaction was like it dint mind whether its the hand of a guy or a girl , it just wanted some caressing…these thoughts were on in my mind.. Suddenly to my ultimate surprise He just pulled down my zip and as i was not wearing anything inside my cock just jumped out. U should have seen that in action. Even now i cant forget it. My cock jumping out from my zip that too in a bus and that toooo by a stranger opening my zip.. I was terrified like hell… Looked around again but luckily no one noted as he kept on talking to me like nothing is happening inside the bag.

I tried to push his hand away but in vain… I immediately pulled my schoolbag and the book over his hand and my dick so that it will cover it fully..he touched my bare cock. Ohhh god… Wat a feeling. A stranger to touch our dick for the first time. That too in public. Then He started stroking my cock(hidden by my school bag) and he had stroked a little more i would have cum. But luckily i think he sensed it and he stopped.. I was blushing and i was having mixed emotions. I wanted to move away from him.

I wanted to run away from the bus. But on the other side his hands on my cock really made me horny like never before and it was rock hard jumping and jumping /jerking jerking with excitement. I dint know what to do. Meanwhile the next surprising thing happened. He took my hand in his hand and put it over his lungi. And i felt some very hard and big rod like thing and i immediately knew it was his cock. This was so open. He dint even have a bag to hide. I just took my hand away but he was so strong and again put my hand over his cock. Now it was huge than before but i was scared I tried hard to withdraw my hands but he was very strong.

It seemed He had no undies inside because i could just hold his dick over his dhothi/lungi…and now he was very bold he dint wait for my reaction. I looked around. The one who was standing near by us got down in the previous bus stop. There was one guy with blue shirt sitting opposite seat to us. But he was looking somewhere else. And others were some seat behind and some were in the front. No one seemed to notice whats going on between me and this stranger. And after sometime he just parted the lungi and my hand slided inside the lungi and touched his bare cock. It was warm and big. I wanted to withdraw my hands but he did not let me.

He kept on stroking me. My cock was very hard and i just wanted to cum (i have masturbated only few times before)… As i was frightened so much and excited at the same i thought i ll just cope up with him for sometime and i will escape as soon as i got down from the bus… He made me stroke his cock too and fro. First i thought that him touching my cock was the most exciting thing but what I never thought in my life that touching another cock would excite me more than that… I just stroked it to and fro inside his lungi.. Its so huge.. And i was more excited to see my hand is exciting his cock more. But frightened at the same time. The bus stop is just 5 mins ahead. There was some precum in his cock.

He took his hand from my cock and just slide his fingers over his precum(i dint know what it was that time) and he acted as if he caressed my face but suddenly he inserted his fingers in my mouth. I felt his hands tasting somewhat salty.. I moved his hands from my face but he just rubbed it over my face.. It was sticky. Then his hands suddenly came near my cock and put it back inside the zip. Even though i felt happy one side but on the other side i was very disappointed that i was not able to cum. But he came near my ears and told that the bus stop is approaching and meanwhile he just licked my ears.. And said next time.

I acted like i dint like anything and i said what next time. I wont come in this bus hereafter but inside i felt like it was the most erotic event till that day and i tried very hard to control my excitement and i closed my eyes and thought of some other things so that my dick can become soft again. And to some extend it succeeded. And now my mood all is gone i was feeling so much guilty.. And afraid. Now i was not excited and i just wanted to run off the bus.

And suddenly the bus stop came and everyone was getting down. He was not standing. I could see his hard dick through his lungi. Then he asked he to move over him. I dint say him a word i wanted to move away. I thought everything is over and did not suspect his intention. I wanted to go out now somehow. While i was moving over him he just pulled me so that i was in his lap for a few second and i could feel his dick in my pants covered ass. And it slided between my ass crack.

He just caressed my ass a little within that few seconds and he put his hands inside my back pocket and put a paper there(later i came to know that its his phone number). Holy fuck. How can i get hard again with just a small caressing in my ass that too by a stranger… This is something i dint know till that. My dick jumped again inside my pants. And i got up and while i was getting down he was behind me. His dick was again caressing my ass. Oh god i could hardly contain my excitement. But i got down. He came behind me.

Asked me to have a cup of coffee with him. I said no and i just ran away towards the school thinking of what happened. I felt very angry and guilty. What have i done? A total stranger touched my dick and i touched his dick and the worst thing is i got excited wen he caressed my ass. I was confused about the last two parts… Why did i like touching his dick? Why did i like him caressing my ass. Y did i just not move out wen i first noted his intentions.? Do i like guys? I thought no.

I just liked the him touching my cock me touching his cock and i just like the caressing he did on my ass. All that day i was thinking of this. And somehow i forgot it and came home. In the night while i was going to sleep again these thoughts came to my mind… Y did i like touching his cock ? Why did i like him feeling my ass y did i want his dick inside my ass. ? Am i a girl to dream about a guys cock inside my ass? Oh my god whats happening in my mind. Finally i just slept having thousand thoughts in my this… To be continued…