My Best Friend My Fucker

Raghav and I had been friends for more than ten years. Both married and both happy with our families! I was a closeted gay… and i somehow suspected that he was one too though he never gave any hint about it from the way he lived. Yet his unexplained disappearances from gatherings, unknown young men smiling and waving at him and his obvious disinterest in any woman other than his wife made me wonder if he really was that straight or was there something more to him!

I was member of the famous social website and looked for discrete hook ups, which i did get from time to time, given the fact that i have kept myself in shape and that i make a nice hot bottom in the bed describing myself i am Deep! I an in my 30s,, 6 ft tall hairy and toned up.. an average but thick uncut cock and a nice bubble butt, which I flaunted well on the site! My USP are my long n strong hairy legs n nice brown nipples which get most tops drooling! and when in for a fuck- there are no ‘donts for me! i love exploring my mans body and getting fucked like a bitch in heat!

coming back to my story Raghav was going to goa for a vacation with his family and was to stay in south goa at a resort! with him not around, and my wife away too over a work trip i logged in to look for a hook up! It was then that i started looking for visitors in south goa! and there i saw this ad under ‘travelswhich said “M 35, disrete, staying in resort X ( a very posh resort) from sat till thurs, looking for discrete sexdates… anyone with place contact! and preference showed the man as pure top! I got excited and changed my location on profile to goa and left a message. i checked after sometime and the man had replied! he was interested and wanted to meet a man his age! only he was more into smooth men… but

“What the heck! (his words) a good ass is a good ass and you have a nice one! would want to rim you and then want you to ride my cock while i feed on those hot nipples”

“They are all yours! how big is your cock?”i wrote back

“Come and check… it wont disappoint you” was the reply

“Send me a pic of yours” I asked

“Sorry no pics.. call me at xxxxxxxx (cell no)

The number wasnt Raghavs!

I wasnt sure if it was him . but then i called. the voice was unmistakable…

“Hello.. whats your name?”It was raghav

“Rohan”there wasnt another name i could think of

“When can we meet?” Raghav asked

“You tell me”…

Ï am pure top and i dont do orals for my bottoms.. unless they have something really tempting to offer. I just love fucking them well and yes no emotional hook ups!”

I had never heard Raghav talk so precise and business like

“Fine”was all i could say, when i lost my nerve and cut the call. i switched the phone off and didnt call back again

Few days later Raghav got back from Goa and we got together over a cup of coffee…

We were sipping the coffee when Raghav looked at me and said

“Why did you switch the phone off?”

I was stunned, but pretended not to understand “what phone”

“Deep i know it was you. even when it is rohan, i can always know your voice from miles together”

I was quiet

“I have always wanted you Deep and i love your sexy body n juicy lips”

“But you like them smooth and i am hairy”i blurted

“For that ass of yours i could fuck a bear too baby”Raghav smiled “Get up… kiran is not at home- and i cant wait”

We paid for our coffee and drove back

While driving i felt Raghavs hand creeping down my chest from across my neck and he touched my nipple. I gasped with pleasure! i love my nipples being played with

“Wow man you got real man tits! You are a dream”Raghav pinched it while i gasped more he caught my hand and led it to his cock…I could feel the big hard outline! For Raghavs slim body the cock seeemed to be on a never ending length!

“Man you are big!”I said as i ran my hand over his hard cock

“They call me Horse”he laughed

I bent down and ran my tongue over his bulge as he caressed my head and pushed it down while i sucked him from top of his jeans

“Fuck man i cant wait to lay my hands upon you, you cocksucker!”gasped Raghav

We were soon home and tearing each others clothes apart while we kissed unclothed he pushed me on the bed and sat on my chest!

His uncut cock was almost 9 in, thick as a wrist and dripping precum

“Suck it whore! I have spent so many days jerking over this fantasy of you sucking this meat” he rubbed his cock on my lips. I opened my mouth n ran my tongue on his salty pink head and tasted his salty precum.. i opened my mouth and swallowed the head in my eager warm mouth..

“Wow!”gasped Raghav as he pushed his head further in and pinched my tits!

I sucked him and soon was deep throating him.. while is sat and pumped his cock in and out of my mouth and played with my nipples

Suddenly Raghav pulled the cock out of my mouth and flipped me on my stomach

He dived between my legs and opened my ass cheeks!

“MMMM…… what a fucking sexy ass!”I felt his tongue snake into my hole and all i could do was let out a loud moan of pleasure!

“I fucking want this ass to be mine for ever! Deep you slut, why cant you be my hot bitch forever?”

I raised my ass to offer him a deeper approach to my inners!i maneuvered myself into a 69 and was soon rimming him and sucking his balls and that horse cock while he rimmed me

Raghav again flipped me on my back and raised my legs up and put them on his shoulders! I felt his cock on my hole!

“Raghav.. condom n lube please”i begged

“Condom yes!.. no lube.. i want it raw!”

“No Raghav i cant! you are too big”

“Shut up bitch! i want to see your hole open up for me! i know you can and you will take it in”smiled Raghav while he rolled a condom on his cock

I was so taken by my desire to have Raghavs cock inside me that all i could do was lick his thighs and balls while he pushed a finger and then two inside me to loosen my hole! I was again flipped on the back and he pushed his big cock in me without any warning. I felt that my ass was being ripped apart as i shouted at this assault and tried to push him away!

He put a hand on my mouth, pinned me with my legs thrown across my head and pushed his cock in and started pumping like there wasnt another day in his life!He was rough and all i could do was whine with pain! His huge cock filled me up and stretched my ass walls to the hilt!

After some time the pain subsided and i could feel the head of his cock hitting my prostate, giving me such painful n yet pleasurable waves of shock that i gasped and raised my ass up to meet his thrusts

“Fuck me Raghav”i pushed his hand away and moaned

“What do you think am doing Deep, you slut?”

He turned me on my fours and entered me from behind… he seemed even bigger inside me now! he held on to my tits and pulled them ruthlessly licking my back and uttering all profanities while he pumped me

Suddenly i felt my climax building up and pushed my ass towards raghav. He started pumping faster and his cock seemed to be becoming bigger inside me

“Fuck Deep i am going to come”

“Yeah Raghav come inside me.. i want your cum”i pumped my ass harder as a wave swept over me

Suddenly i felt my ass muscles contract and Raghavs cock go into wild throes of shooting inside me! i could feel his hot cum through the thin walls of condom inside my ass, as i shot my cum all over my own face!”

We collapsed on the bed, as Raghavs cock slipped out of me

He kissed me on lips n licked my cum off my face… and offered it to me while we kissed again

I felt raghav push a finger into my ass and show it to me..there was blood on it

“See i broke you! you are my whore now!”

“Yes i am”i smiled and we kissed..

Will be back with more

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My Best Friend My Fucker