My First Time With Indian Gays In The Middle East

I will tell you about how I got started when I worked in the Middle East and from there onwards I can tell you a lot more of what happened there.

When I first arrived my new colleagues who were all British and Australian took me around the local area to show me around including the nearest big town which is where the main shops were. One thing they warned me about was not to go there on Thursday evenings or Friday at anytime because all the Asian workers were also off work. It was too crowded on those days and thousands just sitting or walking around. Not only that they told me I was liable to be groped but would never know who did it.

Two weeks later I decided to go see for myself on a Thursday evening and at that point I had no car so traveled there on one of the mini-buses that went up and down the highway. Once there I soon saw what I had been told was true because there were literally thousands walking about doing nothing in particular.

I went on to the high street which was even more crowded and within five minutes I had been groped four times but I never saw who did it. By the time I had gone 200 meters the number of times I had been groped had doubled but I wasn’t upset or interested in making problems.

I stopped and looked in a shop window having got my way through the crowd so I could see the gold on display and again I felt a hand squeezing my ass. This time though I thought I saw the guy who had done it so I turned away from the shop window and walked back in the direction I had come. Again I had hands feeling me as I walked through the crowd and then I was overtaken by my chief suspect. He stopped at a shop and watched me in the reflection going past and followed me again overtaking me soon after.

I kept on going and saw him turn left down a very narrow dark alley and when I got opposite the entrance I saw he was stopped a few meters inside. Once I turned into the alley he kept on walking to the other end turning twice to see if I was still following. When he got to the end he turned and came back towards me and we had to squeeze past one another because it was so narrow. As he passed me he felt me up having a good grope of my cock area and then moved on quickly for a few yards before stopping and looking back towards me.

He saw I was looking back at him, then I walked slowly towards him and he turned and walked back towards me. This time as we squeezed past and this as he felt me up I did the same to him and pulled him into a kiss. This surprised him but he responded passionately as our tongues did some exploring. We parted and he told me to follow him and we could go somewhere safer nearby and I said OK.

We did not go far, about two hundred and fifty meters, and I followed him into another dark alley by the side of three shops. This led to an enclosed area behind the shops which had no overlooking windows or doors that opened into this area. There was also an Indian security guard supposedly keeping people out. He did keep people out as I learned but he let in the Indian gays and their friends to have fun in peace. My new friend was obviously known by the guard and we were allowed in without any problem.

Once inside this secluded but reasonably well lit area I saw there were at least a dozen men in there already in groups of twos, threes and even one group of four. Guys were in various states of undress and busy kissing, sucking cocks and being fucked. A very nice sight I have to say.

I found out my friend’s name was Ravi and pretty soon we were kissing deeply and feeling one another. He was slightly shorter than me, aged around 50, slim and a nice face too. He asked what I liked doing and I told him I would be happy to do anything he wished. He requested I sucked him so I bent down and took his erect cock which he had removed from his pants into my mouth. Once I started sucking him he started fucking my mouth harder and then said he was going to cum. I held him in place and moments later my mouth was flooded with his warm salty cum juices which I swallowed down.

I got up and saw another guy had come across to see what we did from one of the groups of three. He was also middle aged and he smiled at me and asked me to kiss him which I did. When we parted from the kiss he told us that he had just cum himself but later hoped we would allow him to join us. Ravi introduced me to this guy whose name was Kumar and we decided to go for a drink and a snack together. We went to a nearby tea shop and we had a good chat about what had occurred.

Ravi and Kumar then had a chat in their own language and finally Ravi told me that Kumar was going to take us to his room if I had no objection. I was OK with that and off we went to Kumar’s room which was about a ten minute walk. They explained Kumar shared the room with three other guys but it wasn’t a problem because they were all gay.

Once there Kumar opened the door for us and into the room we went and immediately I saw there were five guys in there already and all naked. Kumar introduced me and they obviously knew Ravi because they greeted him by name. The three of us also got naked and Kumar immediately gave me his cock to suck and Ravi took one of the other guys. That was the start of a good two hour session of great gay sex. I got three mouthfuls of cum from sucking cock and also got fucked four times.

I seemed to be very popular because I was a foreigner who enjoyed having sex with them all. Kumar seemed to be the naughtiest of them all because he loved sharing cum kisses with me and also licked out my asshole too.

By the time we had finished and washed up in the bathroom it was almost 10 pm so I decided I needed to get going in case there were fewer buses. As we were leaving Kumar invited me to go there the following afternoon because they always spent Friday afternoon fucking and sucking. I said I would be delighted to join them and I said I would get there for around 2pm which Kumar said was perfect.

After some nice goodnight kisses all round I left and went to catch a bus. The bus was very crowded and I managed to get a seat at the back with three other guys who seemed to be together. The aisles were then filled with guys using the folding seats and off we went. Once out of the city the two guys on my right started kissing and touching one another but no one could see them doing anything. The guy on my left in the back corner was watching them eagerly especially when the two cocks were pulled out. He had to lean forward so he could see properly because I was sat between him and the other two. He was pretty young, around 21 or 22 and I could see he was excited.

Then he leaned back into the corner and took out his throbbing cock and started slowly stroking himself with his eyes closed. I turned to him and asked if he would like some help in making himself cum and he opened his eyes, smiled and said he would enjoy me helping him. I did not hesitate but took his cock into my mouth and began to suck him. It only took a couple of minutes and then I felt him thrusting and then his warm sperm filled my mouth. At the same time the guy in the other corner filled the mouth of the guy next to me and he turned to show me he had a mouthful of cum. I opened my mouth and showed him I had the same and we then shared a long cum kiss.

The journey takes about 35 minutes and I sucked the young man next to me again getting a mouthful of cum and this time he kissed me. A few minutes later I saw I was approaching where I needed to get off so I knocked on the roof to indicate to the driver I wanted to get off but I need not have bothered because it seemed half the bus was getting off including the guys next to me.

It is quite deserted there because it is a major roundabout going off to two other main roads plus the minor road to my quarter’s area. My direction is also just desert and bushes if you go off the small road and the three guys from the bus went over to the bushes so naturally I followed. We spent a good thirty minutes in there and I got fucked twice and sucked off another one before we parted.

As I walked up the road I thought my colleagues would be really shocked if they knew what I had been doing, but I was very pleased to know I could get as much sex as I wanted. I did sleep well and my last thoughts before I fell asleep were that I was full of cum both top and bottom. Heaven!!

My First Time With Indian Gays In The Middle East