Hot Time With Muscled Sir

Hi, I am a fair guy, who did not know what a gay is, but was interested in shirtless men, always had a fascination to see shirtless pictures of men, specially their nipples, which still fascinate me the most , I use to watch images of shirtless men when alone and enjoyed it…I am a regular reader here and for the first time I am writing a story, hope you enjoy it…

This story is about how I fell in love with my tuition teacher, he is a hot and sexy man, muscular fair body. He sometimes wore tight shirt to flaunt his muscles, which would reveal his well toned chest and those lovely nipples, I just wanted to touch them…..

Various incidents made me feel more towards him some of which i would like to mention

Once I went to a mall and saw a transparent black shirt, I could not resist and started imagining him wearing them, to my surprise i saw him at a gift shop a few days later, he was getting a gift wrapped for his friends marriage, bachelors party , when I turned towards him he was wearing a suit, under which this transparent shirt was seen, with a tie, imagining him without that blazer gave me a hard on. I could feel that he would definitely remove his blazer at some point in party, after all it was a bachelors party. The only thought in my mind then was how lucky those people are who would get to see his body though the shirt.

Another day, while he was teaching us, electricity went off, he was wearing a shirt that day, it was too hot that particular day, he was sweating badly, he just unbuttoned the top three buttons of his shirt, aah his beautiful smooth cleavage was just irresistible, and it turned even amazing when he tilted a bit to solve another boys doubt and his awesome ripped body was clearly visible with those hot sexy nipples…

The true incident happened, once I was told to stay back after the class, he taught me a lesson and asked me to solve it, he was going for a bath, I could not have missed the chance to see my dream boy naked, after a few minutes i went into the room and saw that the bathroom door was open, wow i saw him taking shower by hiding. soon he started to play with his cock, and my hand could not resist and suddenly a bang was her on his bathroom door, i quickly tried to move back, but he had seen me, he dried himself and just wore a towel on his waist and came out. He did not show that he saw me rather asked me if the question was done, he tilted a bit while I was sitting on a chair and started explaining me, soon his hand held mine, and he suddenly started massaging it, wow, a dream come true. He drew close to me and started smooch. Wow first ever smooch, it went for around 10 minutes and I then started to suck my favorite parts the nipples, i could see his towel having a pole standing.

He got more aroused by this and removed my tee, and started licking my body, he then opened up my pants massaged my cock over my undies and took them off, he sucked it for awhile but did not wanted to cum, and then asked me to do the same, I did it and even he before cumming told me, we wanted a safe first time, he then took me to his bed room, rolled his tongue all over my body on bed, after which i did the same, and then he made me lie over him, wow nice experience touching whole naked body with your naked body. We both smooch, and them cummed over each others chest.

Smooching me he took me to his bathroom, we cleaned it under shower and continued smooch, then drying each other we smooch and finally we wore our clothes and went.This made us big love birds, whenever we got time we did something of fun, we had extra classes, and enjoyed every bit of it… The most amazing incident being the time when I told him of my nipple fascination, and the story behind the gift shop. He told me that yes he did remove his blazer and tie, he also told me that on that very day they all also did strip dance and had best fun.

One another day, to make me happy he called me to a neighborhood park, where he wore that very shirt, his daring act of showing his muscles in public made me his fan.Once during extra class when no one else was at his home, he opened the door to me, and I was completely shocked to see him.

As he was wearing nothing on his upper body and just a transparent under wear revealing all that he had. I could not resist and kissing him we reached his bedroom, where all the fun re started, with sucking, cumming, and a special thing that day, massage, where we both oiled each other and then had fun, that day became even special as he had got condom that day, he after oiling slightly entered his finger into my ass, it pained a lot, but his simultaneous kiss didnt let me shout, he did put more fingers and soon my pain got less, ow he wore a condom and entered his stiff pole in my hole, i moaned loudly ……… aaahhh what an experience it was…

Once we even went to his balcony naked, no body saw us though but it was also an experience to dare so much… I just love to spend all this fun time, looking a that hot body, I always get a hard on.. and every time we kiss, i just cant express the feeling of i.

Hope you liked my story and will appreciate it, do give your views on my email id / /, This is my favourite site do share in your stories with me as well, because i love reading them and enjoying. Hope you loved it, enjoyed it and had something after it, hope you got it, enjoy…

Hot Time With Muscled Sir