White Foreigner Seduces A Young Indian Stud

Introduced in virtual world and got fucked in real world, white foreigner seduces a young stud

Hi readers and writers

Here is my real experience which I am going to share.

Sept 13th 2014, 03:30 am Hitech city, Hyderabad. I was checking an online advertisement website looking for guitars when I got a message in chat saying “hi nightly owl”.

I cleanly ignored it thinking as one of an automated advertisements which haunts every time.Again I got a message saying

Dev: hi this is Dev

Prithvi: hi

Dev: I am sorry to call you an owl, but I was curious to see some one at this early hours browsing.

Prithvi: same applies to you….What were you doing out this time?

Dev: I am from UK, just flied down today on a business trip and hence my time zone is different compared to India, so couldnt sleep.

Prithvi: oh, welcome to India

Dev: thank you, by the way what do you do?

Prithvi: I am a qa software engineer in us based company in mindspace.

Dev: wow, thats sounds great. I am too here on business kick off meeting in mindspace block.

Dev: whats your age?

Prithvi: 28 years

Dev: so young

Prithvi: yours?

Dev: 42, still young and dynamic :)

Dev: I am happy to find a young friend in the middle of the night, in a new country.

Dev: lets chat in whats app

Prithvi: ok

Dev: will you share me your number?

Prithvi: 098

Dev: will ping you

5 minutes later on whats app.

Dev : hey I am back

Dev: you look very handsome in your profile pic

Prithvi: thanks

Dev: can you share more of your full pics ?

Prithvi: y?

Dev: so that some day when we knock over any street then we have to recognize each other right.

Dev: I feel you r little conservative?

Prithvi: no

Dev: wait I will fwd mine

He sent couple of his pics.

Dev is very handsome though 42 looks as if in his thirties and milk fair and very stylish and around 6.2 height.

Prithvi: I sent few of my pics

Dev: you are really handsome and you are very fair compared to other Indians I have seen at airport.

Prithvi: I am not as handsome as you are sir.

Dev: call me dev. What is your height?

Prithvi: 5.11

Dev: whats your office timings?

Prithvi: 10 to 6 pm…Depends on work.

Dev: then why not we meet some where and have a drink?

Prithvi: some day…

Dev: tomorrow evening 7 pm I am free, you can come down to Westin hotel in mindspace.I will be waiting for you…..I am new here …Need to know lot of stuff

Prithvi: I cant guarantee you dev but I will think over.

Afternoon 3pm got a message from dev

Dev: hi, I have skipped my schedules for you at 7 pm….Will be expecting you at Westin hotel, 7pm at the reception.

Prithvi: will let you know

After my office, I started to my flat and suddenly came across Westin hotel.

I thought why not I greet him and leave, if I wont it would be called bad manners…Any way whats wrong may come out meeting a guy in public place.

This was the step I took as I dint knew it was coming….Cant explain even now if its a bad/good decision I made.

I stepped in and was at reception in a minute. I could recognize him…He was busy reading a novel.

When I went and greeted him. He had a big genuine smile on his face and he got up and gave me a tight hug, tighter than I ever usually had…But I thought this is the way the foreigners do.

Let me introduce myself to my readers… I am Prithvi Raj basically from north but got settled in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. I am 28 years old. Fair and very handsome.I am stylish and professional.I am 5 feet 11 inches with 68 kgs weight, 32 inches waist.To be frank I am attractive,i am a big fan and regular reader of Indian sex stories website.

Dev again complimented me on my looks and attire and leaded me to the lounge(bar) he sat beside me by placing his hand on my shoulders. He was gigantic yet very handsome…He had manly face and strong build body. He asked me what I would drink. I cleanly refused it, but he insisted and had ordered a scotch, dont remember the label.

We had a casual talk while drinking and few times I felt his hand touched my back/waist and some times he casually touched my thighs….Still dint knew it was coming,….May be I was too innocent :).

We had couple of pegs and the clock stuck 10 pm. I told him its already late and I will start.He insisted to stay longer but as I had to travel on bike and I had enough drink to make me drowsy because of intoxication. At last he too agreed me to leave. He came to drop me till the door step. To my coincidence it was raining heavily outside.That day it never looked it would rain that heavily…..I dint knew what to do.

Dev suggested not to take any hasty decisions to leave early by getting drenched in rain. As I too was staying in flat with my friend, I too dint had any constraints.

Dev asked me to come and look over his room in the hotel and he also said, that I am very fortunate enough to meet him, dint knew why he said that …But I ignored thinking he is too drunk :)

He gave me a way to his room 502. We got the lift and to be frank it was costly hotel with rich looks and feel. Even the music was soothing.He unlocked the door and after we went inside I securely locked it.

As I told you it was a costly hotel, the interior was very rich look and the bedroom was too romantic, it was similar to what I have seen in movies.

He asked me to make me feel comfortable and sit on his bed. I went out and saw from the balcony it was still raining.

Suddenly I felt his hand on my back, I was surprised/shocked but dint said any thing as I felt he is drunk and he is out of his mind and dont know where he has placed his hand.

He was casually talking and meanwhile smoothly he was sliding his hand from my shoulder to my back.A strange sensation has started in me …I dint knew what it was.

He then pulled inside the room and made me to sit on the bed.

The bed should give a clear mention…It was so soft that I thought I drowned in it…(gonna buy some day).

He was asking different questions about the work I do and the climate …Etc and he placed is hand on my inner thigh.I was getting aroused …Slowly he was going inner and inner which made my cock to harden.I never knew that my cock gets tempted even when man touches me…. By now my words changed to whisper and I was muttering and he came over me and gave me a kiss on my lips…I was totally out of my drowsiness. Now I knew some thing was coming but it was too late …

He hold my hands and he pushed me on his bed and before I could utter a word he again kissed me …I was not a gay, I am straight but his touch unlocked my feelings and in a moment I was not at all stopping my self. His kisses went deeper and deeper and my cock began to become harder and harder. His tongue was teasing my tongue and he sucked my tongue and then with one of his hand he rolled over my trouser…He felt that I am iron hard. He looked into my eyes and gave a quick smile and stated that we both gonna enjoy this moment.

He removed his t shirt and started unbuttoning my shirt. I tried to stop him, but his strong hands and his desire to make me nude couldnt stop me.In a moment his naked chest was sliding on my bare chest.His nipples were piercing mine.He slid down and started kissing my hairless chest and started licking my pinkish nipples and I was sure I was on the way to heaven…My journey started. He kissed my navel and stomach and was caressing my my thighs and then pulled my jeans down in one stroke…I was only in my underwear and I was feeling very shy.

He comforted me not to feel shy and enjoy whats happening.He kissed on my underwear and with his teeth he un-slided my underwear to my knees and then undressed me …Making me completely nude….This was the first time I have ever been nude in front of any being,i am a pure virgin never had sex with any girl and now I became a girl for my dev. He saw my stiffened cock and said you really have a great master piece, you gonna make your girlfriends happy :p .

I was already too tempted to resist …All the pre-cum fluid was sliding from my penis lips.

Without wasting a time or uttering a word he opened his mouth and took my 5 inches cock in.I was scared and pushed him away….He said dont…”i am not gonna eat it…U will love it” and again gone back to work with my cock in his mouth.

I could feel his tongue over my cock, its the greatest pleasure I ever enjoyed.

He started to move his lip up and down by sliding my cock to and fro making me more out of control and he slid two of his fingers in my mouth and started sliding them in and out and when I was about to loose my control and release the semen he stopped and climbed over me and sat on my chest and unzipped his jeans and took out half harden cock almost 6 and half inches large…Larger than the cocks I have seen in porn movies.He asked me to kiss it….

I was so scared and every thing was coming into my mind…About stds and hiv and I started to cry. He assured me he was safe and he always had safe sex but I dint obeyed. Then he pulled out a drawer and tore a packet and took out a latex condom and he said this is safest and it wont bite you …And he dress the condom on his cock and without a word he forcefully slide his cock in my mouth.It was huge and he started pushing in deeper and deeper …I could hardly take the whole thing inside my mouth and its size got bigger and bigger.

The condom had a lubricant which had a bad oder but I couldnt speak up he was fucking my mouth and hold stiffly my hands and I couldnt move….His cock may have easily entered my throat and I almost gave him a blow job for 10 minutes.At the start it was horrible but later on it started feeling nice.He rolled over still making sure his cock deep in my mouth he bent and started sucking mine in 69 position. This went on for some time and the he said it time to steal your virginity….Dint knew how he knew I was virgin….I never even mentioned him. He took out his cock and started hugging me and again smooching me….Then his hand started caressing my butt/ass….

Now I clearly knew what was going on in his mind….I shouted big no….But he never listened to me and was doing his own job and he then assured me it wont hurt and he took out a bottle and pressed out some liquid in it and started caressing his condom and he said its worlds most favorite lubricant and he pulled me towards him and started kissing and trying to find the sweet spot.Though he missed couple of times but at-last found my ass hole and in one go he slid half of his cock deep into my anal.

I was in such a pain that my mouth has wide opened and was about shout but he saw this as an opportunity and gave me a deep kiss and started to slide slowly out.It got some relief but again in a moment it went deeper than before and he started pushing deeper and deeper and with the help of that lubricant it was sliding freely in my hard anal hole.

I was in pain ..He started caressing my cock and fucking my anal simultaneously …I could remember pain and pleasure both running hand in hand and he picked up the pace and started fucking harder and harder and giving deeper and deeper kisses and at-last he pulled out his cock and spilled all his juices over me and then started jerking off my cock with kisses and at-last I too shot out all the semen and to my great surprise I spilled semen more than what I usually do while masturbating, I reached my destination …The heaven…He cleaned me with tissue papers and then hugged me and then after some time we had a hot shower where he again made me to suck his cock and cum on my face.

By this chapter was over the rain stopped for me and I was scared, as I was very fair I changed my color to red due to this rough sex.I left to my place.

Never heard of him again as he told he will be leaving the next day.

I always dreamed to seduce and fuck a beautiful girl or a woman but I never imagined that I will become a girly bottom to a handsome matured hunk.

This is it, spent three hours writing this tale to all the iss readers and writers and hope you people enjoyed it the way I enjoy reading your hot and spicy stories.

I have mixed my fantasy as well as reality to write down this story. In reality I dint allow him to do anal sex, we just jerked each other.Though loved it.

I always wanted to make an entry in iss by writing my experience from long back but now it happened.

Thank you iss for giving this opportunity to tell my experience.

Comments and feedbacks are always welcome / /

I always wanted to be a writer/an author but I never knew I would start writing with this kind of story.But happy to share my experience and happy to give my confession. Would start writing more of my fantasies or my experiences….This is just the beginning

Always undergo safe sex, safety first pleasure next……Live healthy and make others live healthy

White Foreigner Seduces A Young Indian Stud