Broke Virginity

Hello friends this is my first story on ISS about one of my three sexual encounters of my life. My intro, I’m 20, muscular, 5” 10’, brown, handsome and an easy bi curious by now! I have an average penis of about 6 inches but a fat one.

When I had this life changing encounter I was young, age not to mention, straight. I went to my best friend’s house for 2 days for vacations. At the noon we started watching porn as usual in kids, of celebrities and a Tarzan porn, which really turned us on. However touching and looking each other’s penises was common in school kids. By the fall of evening, he took me to a station where we were supposed to pick up a saint.

After a long wait he finally arrived, he was 28, medium size but strong built body, mid bearded, short haired and in white lungi and white upper just like others. I ignored him at first, for no interests. We sit on the bike as triple shuttle. Due to his thin cloths, I could feel his penis lying on my back, extremely hot and hard, which was really burning my back, but I ignored because I was pure back then.

My friend asked me if I knew how to masturbate, I said I knew how. He said we will play some game at night, which I was okay with not knowing what game. We reached home had a dinner, and we came upstairs for a sleep. My friend’s neighboring friend also came to join us.

As night fell, I asked about what game he was talking about, he said before that we can lose our cloths because of summer. Which we did and all four of us were naked. In their religion it was okay for saints to stay naked on the streets too, so I didn’t mind. My friend and saint then started to find oil in the kitchen, as part of the game I was curious about not knowing what it could be. As rules, he turned off the lights, we lied down.

The saint and me were sleeping side by side naked and my friend and his neighbor besides him. The saint then starting to explain the game, told me to pose myself like a horse, which I did out of excitement of playing stuff. He then dipped his fingers in oil and started rubbing at my asshole, surprised and innocent, I decided to go on. It was too much exiting, nobody touched me like that before. He entered his finger into my ass which also I liked, I was liking the game.

Doing this for a while, my asshole felt very hot and burning because of the oil and rubbing. My penis was very hard and paining to ejaculate, I was shivering. His fingers were hard, I could feel bones in my ass going in and out, up and down and I enjoyed how oil was making this act smooth. I was out of the world, and I wished this could go on forever! His fingers were fast and slow, rough and smooth. He then applied oil on his dick.

The moonlight was falling upon us through the window and I saw my friend and neighbor were busy with their own game. The saint mentioned the further part of the game, he said he was going to put his penis in my ass, I was curious how it was possible, since I never knew this meant something in adult world. He told me to lay down flat on my chest, he tried to enter his penis in my ass, but me not knowing how to spread the cheeks, it was too tight for him.

He then told me to become the horse again, my first sex in the life was going to be doggy style yes. He told me to spread my butt cheeks as wide as possible, as an obedient I was spreading my huge, smooth and soft rounded ass oiled with cooking oil to its widest form. And that moment, he entered his whole huge, hot penis in my virgin ass. I shouted,” Aaaah”. There were tears in my eyes, and other three told me to keep quite! His penis was still inside my asshole, I could feel every inch of it, and every degree of its heat. I could bear the pain, he laid on my back, his chest hair I could feel on my back.

Watching my comfort, his penis started coming in and out, my entire world was focused on my asshole, it started being comfortable, with his push came the pain but with the pull out, a relief. He was fucking me gently but firmly. I felt a wood in my ass, so hard, and rough but hot and relieving. He kept fucking my virgin ass, while I was seeking comfort in his penis. I could feel his massive nerves, which gave me an erotic feeling.

He kept fucking for about half an hour slowly and firmly, then he was about to cum, he held my waist, his penis was getting even more bigger and hot, I knew he was going to cum, then his fountain released, he released all his cum in my ass, which to my relief stopped the burning. Taking cum in the ass was even more fun than to having penis played in the ass. He then told me to suck his dick, I refused, but he put my head on it forcefully, I tasted, it was good, but I put my head up. Deciding not to force me, he let me be on my will. My friend and his neighbor too finished their game and we slept.

My friend told the saint to jerk my penis off, he held my penis between first finger and the thumb, and started shaking the shaft of my penis very very fast, it was so much intense that I wanted to scream, but he went on doing, I came so quickly.

Next day I played the game with my best friend, but being amateur my penis never reached his asshole, but we sucked each other’s dick. And I had to left for my house. This game changed everything and still to this age I want to play games. Suggestions and feedbacks please on / / I will post my next encounter if you liked this story.

Broke Virginity