Friends Intimating Love

Summer was on, my friends use to come at my home in every afternoon together we all used to play video games. We all friends enjoyed lot playing game, as there was no restrictions on us as my parents both were working. Once as usual we were playing games and there was a sudden quarrel between two of our friends the issue was so simple that who will be the first to play, after much more discussions and fight, the conclusions we reach to was that no one will play for a day. To everyones sadness one by one each of my friend started leaving to there own houses.

The house was full of mess so, I insisted my best mate to stay back as we need to clean all mess, which we made. He is raghav with a well built body with 5.10ht and 32wt, and brown in colour and me with 5.9ht and 36wt, and fair complexion. He agreed and we made all clean. Tried due to work we were just laying on the bed and he spoke that he is getting board and we came up with the idea to make a surfing on internet. We started surfing and the advertisements popped up of a call girl for sex, he looked at me just to ask what to do and to that I nodded my head and thus he suddenly made a click on it and eventually surfing further we reached to the porn site. We both were getting in mood and in very naughty way I asked him that we would celebrate first night dramatically. To my surprise he suddenly agreed to that. He said to behave me as his wife.

Ready to that, made myself sit on the bed as like a girl on her first night. He slowly arrived in the room, came next to me, sat and hugged me tight, saying that I look gorgeous. I felt as if I was really a girl and started blushing. The pleasant smell of his body was making me fall in love with him. He then made me fall on bed with him. He was on top of me. The wt. Of his body was all on me, the sudden shiver ran through my veins as he made a first kiss on my forehead, following my chicks and neck.

It was the first kiss of my life and was too amazing, he made my lips all the way inside him and sucked them for at least 10min. I then suddenly realized that, we are making offensive but on the other side I was enjoying him on me, and let him do as he wants. He then slowly inserted his hands in my t-shirt and made a hard press on my boobs to which I mourned aaahaaaa.

My nipples grown and he then removed my t-shirt and caught my nipples. He started sucking them and biting and made both of them red in colour. Sucking them he whispered in my ears “you are too sexy, my wife” I replied to thanks, he then took off his shirt and jeans and also mine jeans and we were in our undies now, he asked me suck his cock then and I obeyed and went down to suck, I made a kiss to a tool covered with underwear and then I pull down his underwear down and I was in shock to see the 8″ long and thick cock. I kissed the upper head of cock and then started sucking slowly he stated making a sound.

He held my hairs tight and made me suck deep to the thought which was to uneasy as his tool is too big. After 15 to 20 min of sucking he made me lie on bed again he made my legs widen and went down he started licking the area just lower to my balls and made his tongue to move inside my ass. He inserted his middle finger in my ass to losen it, to which I got a little pain

He came on my top kissed me and said “be ready for a ride and gave a smile” kissing me, he went to my ass and he then placed his cock on my ass and started rubbing the top end of his cock on my ass and started teasing me, I badly needed his cock in mine by now so I begged him and said ” please fuck me hard” he then inserted the tip of is cock in mine, he stopped for a while as I made a loud noise as the pain was unbearable, it pained too much then I thought off, he slowly stated stoking up and down and as felt relaxed he made one more hard stroke in and his 8″ cock was fully in me , my ass started bleeding and pained a lot.

He started stroking back and forth and I made a sound ”aaahhh its paining” he carried on further and with the time I started enjoying too, he started fucking me harder and faster to which I enjoyed a lot,

After 30 to 35min of hard fuck he asked “tum mere bacco ki maa banogi kay ” and before I say anything he loaded his cum in mine ass, it was hot and many of the hot juice spilled out. He then held mine and gave a harder stokes to my cock to which I came on my body. Then he kissed me and lied on me for some time. We took a shower and cleaned ourself and slept nude, he made me cuddle in his arms and chest, till my parents arrived. We then kept on meeting and had much more fun, he always keeps me too happy and never let me alone.

He thus made me his wife and went home back.

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Friends Intimating Love