Fucked Flight Attendant Super Hard

This is a real story from 3 yrs ago. In those days I used to work in a IT firm. I used to start my work in afternoon and got off around midnight. It was mid of December and was pretty cold in Chandigarh. It was foggy too. I used to live with my dads friend in his house. But I had a separate entrance, as my working hours were not normal.

So long story short, it was Friday evening when at work I got a message on my gay app from a stranger. After exchanging few conversations, he asked me if I have place where he could stay, because he was coming from Delhi and didnt book a hotel.

So I allowed him to come and stay with me and told him that will pick him up from isbt. So at 12 am I was at isbt 17 to pick him up. After few minutes he arrived. He was looking so cute. He was 22, 56″, toned body, neither slim nor thick. Beautiful rosy lips and light brown eyes. All these features with fair color made him look like a very cute yet sexy guy.

We shook hands and we went home. It was already 1 am but he went to bathroom and opened shower. After few minutes I knocked the door and found the door not locked. So I went in. Oh what a scene….. Super hot naked guy in shower. Water was falling on his head and flowing all the way on his back into his butt cleavage. The movement of water inside the ass cleavage made my dick jump instantly. I quickly removed my clothes and went into shower.

I hugged him from behind . Our bodies were so hot and because of hot water falling on us it seemed like we both are sweating in shower. My dick was touching his super soft ass and was so hard that when I tried to hug him tightly, dick went straight to the hole and tried to get in. Lol it seemed like dick is trying on its own.

Suddenly he turned and locked my lips with his. We stayed like that for few minutes. Then he started kissing me around neck, on my ears…. Oh what a pleasure. He continued kissing and going downwards and he reached the dick. He kept on moving his lips around dick but was not putting in mouth. He was teasing me. I was so horny by then that I was begging him to suck, but he kept on teasing me more.

Then after few moments he opened his mouth to suck and I pulled his with full force and my dick slipped all the way through his throat. He gagged but now it was my turn. I was fucking his throat and he was gagging. After few moments I left his head. He started sucking and watching his sexy lips rolling on my dick was making me more and more horny and dick became even harder and bigger. Actually my dick was aching now with too much pressure in it. He sucked for 10-12 minutes and then I stopped the shower. We both dried ourselves up and came out. He quickly climbed the bed and lie down on his belly showing me his smooth and round ass. My dick jumped again and quickly I mounted his back.

I started kissing his back and soon my face reached his butts. I kissed his butt cheeks and slowly bit them. I spread his cheeks apart and found a beautiful clean pink hole. It wasnt virgin but was tight.

I have never rimmed an ass before but this ass was tempting me to taste it. It was very clean and looked yummy. So I made a first lick on the hole. He moaned and put his hand on my head and gently pressed towards his ass. I understood he wants more. I made another lick and then licked it more. I pushed my tongue in him and he moaned like a goat. We then changed position to 69 and he started sucking my dick while I licked his yummy ass. I then extended my hand to the cabinet next to bed and grabbed the bottle of Vaseline and condom. While he sucked I inserted my Vaseline filled finger into his ass and applied it thoroughly inside. Then I gave him condom and Vaseline and he put the condom and Vaseline on it.

Now I asked him to sit on it. I was laying on the bed and he started sitting on the dick. After the head went in he screamed and got up. I put on more Vaseline and asked him to sit slowly. This time it was easier than before but when half of the dick was in, he again made a face. But this time I held him in place and slowly made push from down and 3/4 of dick went in. He was all restless and was trying to get up but in this tug of war he lost his balance and his whole weight made him push himself on the dick. Whole dick slipped in within a fraction of second. And everything became quiet for a moment and his eyes were closed and same painful face was there.

After few moments I started stroking from down. And he was now ok. My gentle strokes slowly increased in pace and force. Then he started feeling pain and we rolled over the bed to get into missionary position. His legs were on my shoulders, his lips inside my lips, and my dick inside full depth and even testes almost in…Lol.

Now I started the full chudai (fuck) session. He was so hot that every time I saw him under me it made me even more horny and I fucked even harder. I kept on fucking him like crazy, full speed. He was going all out. It was so much heat in his ass that I thought my dick will come out all burnt today, but I was ready to take that risk for him.

I kept fucking him for almost half and hr. I was not able to cum because he was making me more and more horny. This was making me crazy. I changed position and made him lay on his belly and mounted his back. I spread his cheeks and saw that tight hole was a big red gaping hole. I put my dick back in the hole and started pounding hard. He was moaning and wanted me to stop because he already cummed. But I had to hold him strong and keep fucking hard. After 10-15 minutes I neared my orgasm and my dick started swelling that actually brought tears in his eyes. Then I exploded inside him . We both were moaning like animals.

Then we got up and cleaned ourselves. I fucked him again in the morning and then dropped him to the place he wanted to visit.

Let me know how was this. This is not fiction.

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Enjoy with safety only.

Fucked Flight Attendant Super Hard

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