My First Sex With My Friend

It was a summer afternoon and I was lying on my bed rubbing my dick madly. It was the first time I got so horny in my teen life. This new feeling was making me crazy, and this boring afternoon is pushing me towards my first masturbation.

I started stroking my finger sized dick. My eyes are closed and my brain is going numb , only my hand is working. This feeling of pleasure is overcoming all my senses and my hand is going faster and faster. With every stroke pleasure is increased. My feet are feeling a strange sensation and it feels like something is traveling inside my body from feet through thighs to my dick. After a long 25-30 minutes of enjoyment, here comes a sudden shock of pleasure and I sighed with relaxation ….. Aaaaahh!

What I see is 3-4 drops of a liquid on top of my dick.

This is how I entered into world of sexual pleasure. This pleasure by my hand went on for next 3 years and my dick grew from finger size to thick 7.5 inches huge. When I used to play with my friends, I was often mocked at by them saying I hid a cucumber in my underpants. I took that as a compliment. But yes even at school I caught one or two girls staring at my bulge. Even my bestie sometimes used to take a peak on my tool while we pee, playfully though.

But by now I have become so horny and dreamt of pussies every night before shagging. Then came summer vacation. I used to play cricket all day long with my friends. Then came Rani, to my neighborhood to visit his maternal grandparents. He was going to spend his whole 2 month vacation there. Soon we became friends and he used to play cricket with us.

Me and him used to go out on random walks around village in the evening sometimes too. He was two years younger (20) to me. We used to talk about all the stuff like girls, pussy, masturbation etc. Soon we both started talking about porn, which we both have never watched in life before. He told me that one of our neighbors has some porn video discs which we can watch at my place.

At this place I should tell you that both my parents are working and are not at home during daytime. And during those days my grandparents also went to my cousin’s home. So I was staying at my home all alone during the day.

So the next day, it was around 12-01 pm. Rani knocked the door. As I opened the door he seemed to be very excited. He had 3 discs in his hand which he brought from our other neighbour. He came in and asked me to lock the door from inside.

And soon we were sitting on bed next to each other watching a girl sucking a huge dick in her mouth on computer. We both were so aroused and my dick made a huge tent in my shorts, which was quite obviously visible to rani. I could see him getting uncomfortable with his small dick jumping in his shorts too. Soon we both got a little comfortable with each other and we started rubbing our dicks from over the shorts. With me being more ok with things was the first to take out my dick and start stroking slowly. Rani was stunned by my size and was gazing on it continuously. This was now making me more horny.

Soon I put my hand in his shorts and took out his dick and rubbed it. He was going all crazy in pleasure. Soon he was stroking my dick and sometimes while he was enjoying with his eyes closed his face would come too close to my dick and my dick would jump with ecstasy.

Then on computer next scene changed and in few moments another girl was sucking a huge dick. Rani while watching that got so hot that he rubbed his face on my dick. I was so aroused that I said, ” do it it again….. Do it do it rani”

And this time he rubbed even more and this time I grabbed his face and his lips looked like a strawberry to me and I just placed my lips on them and started kissing. We both were totally out of world,not knowing what’s going on with us. Suddenly I took my lips off and pushed my dick in his mouth. He tried to resist but I just forced it in.

I kept it there for 4-5 seconds then left. He took his mouth away and stared at me for few seconds. I don’t know what happened but he quickly went down again and started sucking on it. I was feeling like I am drugs or something. Couldn’t feel anything else but the pleasure.

He kept on sucking for 4-5 mins. During that time on computer that guy was pounding the girl like crazy. My hands automatically went towards his ass and quickly found his hole and started touching it. He shivered when my finger touched his hole and he started moving his ass like he was all enjoying it. This made me so horny. I removed my clothes and removed his too. And we were lying on bed hugging, smooching and my dick between his thighs right under the balls. His smooth thighs and my precum were making my dick move easily there.

Soon I turned him on his belly and for the first time saw his asshole. Oh what a beauty….. No hairs .. a pink hole between almost white butt cheeks. It looked like a oasis in the desert. I put my dick slantingly between his cheeks such that it rubs his hole, and lay down on his back and started moving my dick there like m fucking him.

Soon his ass was all wet with sweat and my precum and suddenly my dick instead of going over his hole got stuck in his hole and with my force it went inside the hole. I quickly took it out. We both knew what happened but said nothing. I think he felt a little pain too but he didn’t say anything.

Then I went to kitchen and brought some desi ghee. I couldn’t think of anything else. I started putting it on his ass hole. He didn’t resist. I think he was too horny that he wanted more pleasure and could do anything for that. I put a lot of ghee on and in his hole with my finger which he was not comfortable with. Then I put a whole lot of ghee on my dick.

Then placed my dick head right on the hole and the laid on rani back. I held his shoulders to avoid him to move and then started thrusting slowly into him. But he was feeling too much pain and wanted me to take it out but I was all out of senses and wanted to fuck him by any means now. So ignoring his struggle I thrusted my dick very hard into him and my dick just slipped into his hole all the way. He was all in pain and almost vomited when dick went through. Then he was abusing me for doing that to him and we were lying there like that.

After couple of minutes he was feeling a little better. Then I started fucking him slowly. He felt pain but couldn’t move. Then slowly I increased pace and he was enjoying too.

After few minutes I was about to cum and I was fucking him so hard. He was screaming but his voice was all suppressed in the bed but it was making me more horny. And then in few moments my dick swelled and he took my first cum inside him. We stayed there for few more minutes and then I kissed him. I said sorry for forcing it into him. He said it’s ok… The pleasure compensated for pain. Then I went in and brought a towel made it wet and cleaned his greasy and cum laden ass. He kissed me again and again like a gf and this was making me feel a very different sensation.

Then he stood up but his legs were all weak. Then he sat on bed for sometime and I made tea. We both had tea and then he was ok. He then left and we met almost everyday after till he went back to his home.

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My First Sex With My Friend