My First Gay Experience

Hi Friends, I am a huge fan of ISS. I have read many stories in this site and love all. This is the real incident happened in my life.This is my first story please forgive me if I made any mistakes.

My name is Santosh 25m working in MNC in Bangalore, about my self I am fair in colour , thin and tall 6” dick . over all good looking person.Initially I am straight guy always like to watch a porn movies, read sex stories, jerking myself and all ways fantasied to fuck a girls/heroines…

I never had sex till I at the age of 22, one day I fed up with watching porn and reading books, i started searching for a call girls and fucked around 10..

After few days by watching all the porn movies and porn stars i felt like i had small dick and could not able fuck more than 10 mins. Slowly I start loving a huge dicks and cocks..when a porn star licking a cock, I felt why these girls suck for long time “will it be tasty??”

Later by seeing their face expression and pleasure I felt will I be fell the same if I get fucked..So slowly started watching she-male porn, reading gays stories etc..

After all this things going in my mind, I felt to suck and get fucked by a nice and thick tool.

So on weekend I had posted add in craigslist Bangalore. “Virgin guy looking for a Top” and time is around 8:00 PM and later I went out to meet my friend and came back in 30 mins and checked my mails…

I got shocked to see 3 reply for my add and all the three want to meet them immediately.

So i decided to chose one, but suddenly it started raining heavily in Bangalore.

Out of three one guy is mailing me continuously..I replied him that it is heavily raining and cant come now.(he stays 20 k from my place).

He told he was in mood and want to have fun by today itself, he asked me to take a OLA and said he will pay for it. He has only this weekend since his wife and family were out of station.

He literally started begging me, I said should have my dinner first, but he said he will arrange for me and asked me to start immediately. As I ready in Internet to have a anal sex we should clean our ass and be clean.. So I said I will take bath and fresh up come.

He said okay and he went out to get dinner…later he called and asked what condom you like…I said this is my first time and I dont have any Idea. So he decided to bring a score dotted condom.

I took a cab and reached his place…..

Now the first gay story begins..

He came out of his apartment and waiting for me..once I reached he gave me a smile and took inside his flat. It is clean , good and felt like hygienic and safe.

He closed the doors and curtains and gave a thigh huge and pressed my ass and started kissing me…

I was bit tensed and told that we will do after dinner, so we started having food and watching IPL…

Once we finished food we decided to have fun, he removed my cloths and made me nude his cloths and stood naked in front of him. He started kissing me and feeling my body, pitching my nipples, pressing my ass and he also removed his cloths now.

Now he is standing nude and showing well ejected cock to me. it is bit small than me in length but double of my girth.

He made me kneel on my knees and asked me to suck his cock. I hold his cock and just feeling it. slowly made up my mind and gave a kiss licked tip of it and tasted. felt like tasteless. Slowly he moved his cock inside my mouth and started sucking his half of his cock too and fro…

Later he hold my head and pushed his entire cock in mouth….it went so deep and i started choking. he did it 3-4 time and I could not able to take it I coughed and got tears form my eyes..

He felt I am not able to take and asked to suck how much I can, mean while he was pressing my nipples and playing with my cock…

I licking his cock and started sucking with his balls and playing.. I told that I wont eat cum.. so he took a condom and asked me to suck again… after sucking for a 5 mins he came with all his juices in condom.

We had a break for 10 mins and he had a cigarette mean while and talking about our personal life for some time.

He asked me what do you like , I said I wan to get fucked in my ass..he took a condom and now his cock is not rock hard as earlier, but it stood.

He asked me to bend and he tried to push in A hole. I dont know the reason why he could not able to pus in.

I felt like he had already came and I am a virgin and may be his cock wont fit in me. he tried and become unsuccessful.

So I asked him not to worry and I said we will have a oral fun. Later again I took his cock and sucking it and become used to it. I am also enjoying it and my cock become hard.

He gave a smile and said “Hope You are Enjoying Now” earlier I didnt enjoyed it.

Later He came again in condom and we washed our self and went to living room and watching the IPL climax overs.

I booked a cab again and went to my place,

I was bit unsatisfied that I had not got fucked, but enjoyed my first gay experience.

To be continued ….

By the response I will let you know How I lost my virginity with a Foreign visitor.

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My First Gay Experience