Seducing Best Friend On Camera

Hello beloved readers, Im back with my second encounter after the saint. I got a lot of mails asking for my second story as I promised, here I go! First let me introduce myself again for your ease to imagination. Im 20, handsome 34 waist, bi-curious, huge ass, 6 inched fat penis, 5″10′.

While lets say Yash is 5″11′ average penis, skinny, 21. He gained penis size later years though. I mention real story so I rather focus on play than to eroticism.

After I got my virginity broken, it was hard for me to resist my sex desires, Id read online stories and watch porn all the time, sex took charge of my mind and my senses. I had to relieve myself to any possible hole! Meanwhile me and Yash used to hangout at each others houses very often and watch porn together. But things were clean as common. But I wanted to do something more than watching porn, so I decided to lure him in for sex.

On one fine evening we were hanging out as usual, I told him about how fake accounts work and we may make some fake accounts to troll people. One of them for of course to troll gay people at social sites. He was excited. We went to my home and did the process, i showed him how gays exchange their numbers and pictures and locations to find partners. I suggested we must put some erotic photos as well! To which he agreed, I put my penis photo which received many likes, and got a lot of proposals, seeing this he became more into it! I wanted not be seemed as a gay to him so I decided to keep it lightly. Having to play for a while, having to get more fun.

Next day I told him that we should take this to next level and start gay photography! He agreed and we found the day my parents were out of town and we were free to do so! First I undressed him a little bit and started shooting. His penis never gets erected to easily so I took it in my hands while he watched porn. Same time I undressed myself and told him to handle my erection for a while. Not finding erection, I winked at him and said,”I think I have to do some more play”. And I kissed his penis, and licked the skin for a while, to which it got iron rod! Both got naked photo by photo. Its hard to see someone naked and not do something about it! But I resisted a little bit!

After my first sex, I learnt how to play games before sex and foreplay was more important than fucking. Seducing is more fun, so I said that we should start with a erotic photo of a blowjob, for which he must take my penis on his tongue, what he did. My penis was hard, and shivering to be taken care of, I put my penis in his mouth, and took several photos, then I asked if we could make a video about it and he started sucking my penis, i felt very warm and i started to fuck his mouth, innocent he, carried on and i felt his teeth on my foreskin, then we change pose and i sleep on the ground while he was sucking my penis, I wanted to seduce him more, so I said,” No thats not how you do it, let me show you”.

I push him to the chair and started licking his top of the penis, then I insert his penis in my mouth with my tongue on my teeth and i started moving my mouth slowly for a deep throat, he was in heaven.

After getting it shot, we decided to pose for sex positions, First we took this to 69, he was sleeping on me as I lay on the bed, 69 for men, is heaven. Then we shoot photos as cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl.

I saw hes fit to fuck now, but I still wanted to play a little bit to make him sure that I wasnt just a gay seducing him, I then pose him in doggy style and take several photos, but not resisting anymore asked him if I could insert my penis inside his asshole for better graphics, he nodded. Sex was new to him and he was excited about what was about to happen!

I put some body lotion on my penis, and I inserted my finger in his ass, to which he chirped! I started fingering very fast and he liked it, I rubbed my penis on his ass crack for a while, and insert it whole in his ass! He was virgin and he could not take a fat penis, I gave a few shots but he couldnt handle more and we stopped.

Seeing his sad face, I offered to continue shooting as I wouldnt feel pain because my ass was huge, yes a silly reason to give to keep things go on, he put on oil on his penis and insert it suddenly in my ass, his first fuck as well! I had a little pain now comparing to last sex. But I loved it, he then set his legs covering my body and started fucking very fast and he would insert every millimeter of his penis inside my anus.

I could feel his pubic hair in my crack and his body tapping my butt chicks, such an erotic feeling guys, he kept fucking more and more and it was being recorded! His penis was extra oiled and shining, pulling my ass muscles out, and my huge ass was being pounded heavily. He pushed himself on my giving me bigger and bigger pushes, I felt like my nerves were about to break! He started spanking my rounded butt chicks, which is very satisfying, he learnt this from porn as well.

This kept going on for about 5 6 minutes and I didnt want him to feel like I was enjoying and i was gay or something, so I asked if video was done and then we stopped, we jerked off on another video on my stomach and we went outside for dinner!

Regardless to say I masturbated hundreds of times watching those photos and videos! We repeated this several times, till we finally stopped.

Im sorry for content but this was as happened, mentioned! Suggestions and feedbacks at / / thank you.

Seducing Best Friend On Camera