My First Love

Hi. My name is Rohith, I am 21 year old. I am in final year of engineering in Bangalore. This is my real story spanning last 3 years. I am not a good writer but I am happy to share my love story.

This happened when I was 18 year old, just passed my 12th in science. I scored good marks in the final exams and gave 2 to 3 entrance exams. And I got a decent rank well enough to get admission in a reputed engineering college. Around june first week I got my seat selection date where I have to go to a center and to verify my documents and college to be selected.

I went to seat selection centre with my uncle since my parents were busy with their work. We reached the venue an hour before the scheduled time. All the seat selection process is maintained by software engineers because seat selection process is done simultaneously through out the state in different centres.Thats why it is outsourced to a reputed it company. We waited for our turn, finally my number came and me and my uncle sat before two officials with our documents ready. Out of those one is a married woman and other is a man. Both were wearing id cards of their company. The woman was busy with the computer and the guy was checking my documents. He smiled at me and said ” good marks”

I smiled back, and said “thanks”

I found him more attractive than that woman. He is very well dressed with good masculine physique, clean shaven and neatly combed hair with gel. He folded his full sleeve shirt till his elbow. I can see his muscles and fingers are so thick and wanes are running

Over it. He is more than 6ft tall. I thought in my mind that “wow this guy is a perfect man and a girls dream boy”

As I scanning his muscles and looks he asked me to select a college. My uncle selected a good college and we were about to leave the chair. He smiled again and stretched his had for a handshake. I too starched my hand. O my god his masculine fingers and broad palm consumed my thin white hands. He pressed my fingers and smiled back. And me and my uncle left the place and headed towards home. His face is so attractive that his face printed on my mind. I was rewinding his body and try to imagine his body under his shirt. After coming home I couldnt stop thinking about him. Days passed and I almost forgot him and I joined my college.

Its about 2 months later I joined my college, I was staying at the hostel, I bought a new phone and I started using some apps including facebook.Till then I was using my facebook account occasionally. I had many friendship requests. Out of them one request was named “siddarth” I didnt know anybody by that name. I am thrilled to see that its the same guy in seat selection centre. I checked his profile, he is about 28 year old, single. Living in bangalore.I checked his photos took in gym, office and playing cricket. In one photo I saw him without shirt.Wow!!! He has perfect chiseled body. With tight stomach and chest. I started think why he sent me the request. Then I accepted his request.

The same night I got a message in fb from siddarth saying “hi rohith” I was online at that time.I replied “hi” and he introduced him and asked about me and my college and I asked about him.

The next day same time at 9pm I got message from him and we went on to talk till 1pm.Talking about likes and dislikes.

It has become a routine from 9 to 1. I enjoyed talking to him, he was so friendly and soft spoken. We shared our numbers and he used call me after my class till 7pm. He helped me in many ways like advising me and he has shown so much of care that I was addicted to him. We became good friends probably more than a good friends. This friendship continued for next 4-5months.

Oneday he asked me whether I have girlfriend or not.I said no, then suddenly he asked “boyfriend?”

I laughed and said ” I dont know”

And disconnected the call.

He called me again and again to know my answer but I didnt picked up his call. And then I said I dont have one.

After that day he used to praise my looks and talking some naughty things. I too praised his body, his muscles, his nature everything, that he was not expected from me. He might be surprised to hear how I feel about him and how much I liked him. After hearing my opinion, from next day he gradually started calling “dear-honey-baby” in the beginning I acted like surprised “honey???” although I like it when he calls me honey.

One sunday he told me that he want to meet me in his rented house. Normally I dont go anywhere alone.But that day I went alone to his house at around 3pm.There were 2 others there.Probably his roommates. They were sleeping in hall. He asked me to come to the room. We were chatting and suddenly he took my hands in his hands and said ” I love you” in low voice. Im shocked to here this from him.And felt shy and afraid too.Because 2 others are sleeping outside the room and he is holding my hands. My heartbeat raised and he continued. ” I need you in my life. You are my queen. I want to worship you and your body. ”

After hearing this I almost fainted. He continued but I dont remember anything. He went and checked they are awake or not. And suddenly hugged me from behind. He is over 6 ft tall and im 5.8 ft. My head was touching is chest. His broad chests and muscular arms covered me completely. His thick fingers are between my finger gaps. I struggled to get out of his grip. He loosened his grip.

I turned towards him. I was feeling really shy to see his face. I just smiled and left his home. After reaching hostel. I replied ” I love you too” we exchanged some kisses in text and we both got emotional. I couldnt believe our journey from seat selection center to this day. He told me about our future plan.Etc etc. That day I couldnt sleep I was thinking about that hug.

I started concentrating more on my looks. I removed all hair from my body. While taking bath I use to think about his body. And getting naked and examine my body. Im having average body. With red neat lips. I am fair in colour. With light brown colour nipple spot. Not so deep naval. Curvy waist. Milky white thick thighs and soft round cute butt and medium sized dick.

We started talking more romantically and our love getting more and more intense. At night we used to naughty chatting.

One night he said he want to kiss my lips in real as his birthday gift.Because of his roommates and distance from my hostel to his room we couldnt meet after our first meet. One day we met each other at our college day function at night and we came to my hostel room. At that time my roommates are watching the function. We came to my room and started talking.I was nervous that he will do something.Thats why I keep talking.I noticed his face that he is not at all interested in talking.

We went on and locked the door and hold my hand and pulled towards him.I placed my two hands to avoid impact of my nose with his chest. He hugged me tight with my hands folded between me and his chest.He was tightening his grip and my hands got stuck between us. I lowered my hands to cirlce his waist.And my head rested on his broad strong chest. Wow!!! Its a heavenly feeling. I was feeling protected in his strong arm.

Then he circled my hips with his left arm and and with other he raised my chin up.To face my lips towards his. I was closing my eyes. I opened my eyes to see his face. Dry lips. He hold my face with both the hands and pressed his lips against mine.I could feel its dryness. He started kissing me so passionately like a hungry lion biting its pray. My lips struggled between his lips.

In between he pulled in my lips inside his mouth. I just lost my senses and enjoying my first kiss.Suddenly I broke our kiss and separated from him.Because I was worried that anybody can come.I saw deep pleasure in his eyes. I hugged him tight and kissed his chest and said “lets go” he smiled and said “lets go??? I thought you would say lets do” and laughed. I smiled and said ” you have to wait for it.My man.” he smiled and hugged me and we kissed again. I kissed him three times.Saying “i love you.I love you.I love you” and opened the door and ran away.

After few days my exams came and I was busy with it. In between exams.We met for a movie and after exams I met him in his room where we kissed when his friend went to bathroom. Next day I went to my home for holiday and my first year completed.

Two days before I return to my college after holidays.Siddarth called me and said he took a new 1bhk house for rent 2km away from my college and he said dont pay for hostel.You can live with me. I am thrilled to here this. Oh my god. Finally we are together. After almost 8months. I couldnt not control my excitement. I imagined us together. And felt shy.

On arrival he picked me up from the bus stop. We went straight to hotel and had lunch. And then we reached our new home. He opened the door and stopped me entering behind him and said ” enter with right leg first”

I said “why?”

He replied with a naughty smile “my wife coming home for first time”

As I entered home he hugged me .I stopped him because I am tired and my body is full of sweat.

I took my hand and started to show me the home. He pointed kitchen and said its your department and laughed and said its my pleasure. And then bathroom. “where we have bath together”. He said.I pushed him. And smiled. And he took me to bedroom and said nothing just smiled. I said ” its where my man will love me” he laughed and hugged me and said ” I love you my baby”

I went to bathroom “alone” and took bath.And later arranged everything in place. At around 9pm our home is perfectly set. We ordered dinner from hotel. After having dinner we went to bedroom. I was soo tired. I wanted to sleep rightaway. But im afraid to tell to siddarth. While I was sitting on bed wearing boxers and t shirt.

He came inside without shirt. And wearing night pant only. He came close to me he lifted me and said ” thank you” I said ” I cant live without you” and then he told ” today you are tired I know.He kissed my forehead and lips and continued. You need lots and lots of energy to get loved by me”

I understood what he wants to say. I smiled with shy and placed my head on his laps and closed my eyes while he is sitting.He caressed me. Then we slept together kissing each other.He hugged me from behind while both of us sleeping sideways.
Next day, after a long day finally its about 9pm.

Its our first night.First sex.

I was in bathroom taking bath. I told siddarth not to take bath.Because I want the smell of his sweat while having sex. I came out if the bathroom. Went to our bedroom I applied soft jasmine deo. My siddarth is at the hall. I called him. “i am ready” and while he is coming.I closed the bedroom door just to tease him. He begged to open the door. Saying “baby.Darling.Honey.Open the door. ”

I opened the door.He came in and lift me up and took me too bed.

He said “i will eat you today”

I smiled and said. “i am all yours baby. Give me love”

He made me to lay down on the bed. He removed his shirt. Wowwww!!! What a muscular body. He placed his thick hands on my lips and started rubbing it . My lips sliding against his rough fingers.

He pushed one finger inside my mouth. I circled my lips around it. I lost my senses and I am hypnotized to him.He sat over me. Holding my face. Pressed his lips against mine. Started licking my lips taking my lower lips inside his mouth, he started sucking it.I can feel his weight on me. He is a hunk and im his soft wife.

He started to suck my tongue.I stretched outside so that my baby need not to struggle to find it. He sucked it .He pinned my both hands to bed with his strong hands. Im shivering because of his dominance and intensity of lovemaking.

He went down kissing my neck licking it with his dripping wet tongue. I was feeling heaven. I surrendered myself to him. I started moaning. He removed my t shirt and boxer. He is trilled to see my curvy soft body. I am in my undie now.He pulled me up and I started kissing him .

I rubbed my lips against his chest. His abs. He moaned.Ahhhhhh. Im moved by his reaction. I want to please him more and more. He is in boxers now. I can see a big bulge in his boxers. I started biting his ears. He smiled.And enjoyed. I teased him by pulling his boxers bit by bit.

And then I suddenly removed his boxer with his undie. Ohhhh my god!!!!! I havent thought in my wild dreams that his dick would be so big.. At one moment I thought to run from there. That big it was.!!! Its so hard like a iron rod. And blood wanes running all over it. Its double in thickness compared to mine.What a man I got!!!! Seeing my expression my siddarth said.” its only for you honey. Enjoy it”

I thought in my mind. Im thankful to siddarth that he choose me. I will give him pleasure so much that he will never leave me.

By thinking that I hold his dick.Wowe. I can feel its strength. I started shaking it. I pulled its skin below its head to find a reddish pink head. That turned me on. I placed my wet rosy lips its head. Kissed it with so much of love. I moved my lips further down. Circling my lips around its head. Oww. Its smelling making me crazy. I made my tongue dripping wet. Took some saliva in it and lashed it against its head. Made it wet. Then. Started licking it with the tip of my tongue. I licked all over it. He is moaning loudly . Ahhh hhhhh hhhhh . Babyy yyyy .. Mm mmm mm mhhhaaa.

I took his dick from head and moved towards its base. And increased the speed. I licked and tasted every bit of it. Siddarth enjoyed a lot.

Now he pulled me and kissed me. He come over me and make me to sleep on my stomach and removed my undie. He is thrilled to see my soft and bubble but.He pressed it. Licked and started biting it. He sucked my dick too. I said ” baby.I cant wait anymore.Make me feel your strength, hardness in my ass.Love me please.I beg you.Please fuck me”

He said with a smile. ” ok honey. Its my pleasure” I was sleeping on my back.He placed my legs on his shoulders. He applied some gel on my ass and placed his dick in my ass entry.He started pressing. But it slipped. He pressed with the force.But no use. I adjusted the position to make it easier.

Finally a small part of its head started sliding in. He pressed with the all of his force. I screamed holding his hands. It was so painful. He pushed it hard.Its head slid in and suddenly his full dick inside my mouth. I saw his face giving an expression that. “I am your slave.You own me.” he started pulling it back then pushed again .

He fucked me in different positions and finally .His cum blasted in my ass. We cuddled after the sex. Kissing each other. Our first sex was painful but enjoyed a lot. I started feeling I want more and more. First week it was painful for me.After that we enjoyed without any pain.

We tried different things.In bathroom, on sofa.Kitchen.Everywhere. On Sundays we use to have lot of fun. We stayed together for 2 years.Living like husband and wife. I used to prepare him food and we enjoyed our life together.

Unfortunately he got transferred to us. Now I am back to hostel. We chat occasionally now.This is all about my love story. Send me your feedback at / /

My First Love