Sissy Slave To My Master Kamal

Hello master and mistress , I am your sissy slave Arvind alias Ananya . I am novice in story writing so please ignore my grammatical mistakes .

I am working in a private firm , I am a regular visitor ISS . I really fond of gay story and submissive and feminine character story . Read many stories related to above topics and loved to be sissy sex slave to any man (masters) and women (mistress) .

Let me come to the story , due to this interest I started chatting with guys to be my master and treat as a girl as well as a slave . Finally I got a guys named Kamal . He agreed to meet on his flat , provided chennai flat address .

Finally the day arrived to meet Kamal at his flat for my sex experience . Once I reached flat I called Kamal.

He picked up the call told me undress my clothes and put it in the polythene cover kept before the door , however the flat was newly build only few houses are booked , so I undressed myself and kept all dress including my inner .

Once I kept everything in the polythene bag door opened . I was excited and also feared , first I am seeing the guy Kamal he 6ft tall white color, gym body . He gave a soiled girl pink panty , white legging , pink bra and blue top . He told me to wear the dress in front of him . While I was dressing he captured in his mobile without my knowledge . Once I dressed he showed me the video clip and blackmailed to obey his orders . I have no option to reject it . I accepted it else he told he will release in net .

He told rules and regulation I have to follow

1 . Always I should wear women dress

2 . Always drink his pee , no water will be provided

3 . I should not ask any question to master , unless he allows

4 . Regular punishment will be provided

I accepted to all his rules . He dropped his pants and ordered me to suck his cock . 1st time I was seeing a cock near face , I came to my knees his cock was 6’inch . I started to suck his cock and ball for 30 mins , but he was not ejaculated kamal having stamina , after 15 mins he blew the hot cum in to mouth , I immediately spitted the cum on the floor , he took can and hardly hit for 20 times my ass become swollen and I started crying , he told to eat cum which I spitted on the floor . I licked the entire cum before I swallowing he took a snap in his mobile .

That time the flat door bell ringed , kamal told to me open the door . I know no if don’t obey I will receive can shots , so slowly went near the door and opened the door , found 25 aged lady .

She was kamal gf both are living together in the flat , she came to flat and ordered me to bring water from the fridge . Immediately I took water bottle from fridge I gave it to my mistress . She told me to lick feet , mean kamal started fingering in to my ass through panty and finally removed my legging and panty , pushed a 3’inch dildo in to my ass , this is the first time I was fucked with dildo . Once he plugged the dildo made me to wear the panty and legging again . It gave hard feeling to me , but after 15 mins it gave pleasured ,

After 1hr mistress called from the rest room I went to the rest room both kamal and gf are nude taking bath together in the shower , they asked me to came to my knee , I obeyed their ordered they both pissed in to mouth , it flows over my dress .

I was fully drenched with piss , once they pissed they went to the hall . I too went following them in 4 legs as dog as my mistress ordered . Once I reached the hall master removed the dildo from ass and started my ass meanwhile my mistress inserted the dildo in to my mouth , its some shits . However I don’t know have option I was sucking he was abusing in tamil bad words , master vigorously fucked me for 45 mins released his cum in to ass , like this I had 15 session for two days .

That two they gave me their piss as water and I had eat what they left in their plate , they made everything as video .

My mistress cam up with a idea of transforming from boy to girl . They told me stay at their home itself and made their slave to do all household works and cooking . Everyday after my master and mistress went to work I have to clean the floor and evening I have to prepare snacks and coffee for them .

Daily they ordered more items to transform me as girl , means my master used to fuck my ass . First day my mistress locked my cock using a Chasity device and kept the key in her necklace locket .

Daily they told me to eat seedless grapes and fig fruit to develop my boobs . Also my master told me to exercise to burn extra fat and expand ass size . Also I daily get punishment like can shots in my ass and balls from mistress for my every mistakes . I enjoyed every moments and stopped going to my job , become sissy girl .

Daily I started to wear girl dress and started behaving like a girl .

I will continue how my mistress converted from boy to girl in my next story.If you liked my story please mail to / / . I loved to salve to master and mistress anyone call mail I waiting for your call

Sissy Slave To My Master Kamal