A Guy Seduced Me And I Made Him My Sex Slave

This story is based in Mumbai where I currently live in a flat with some friends.

I travel to work from local trains every morning from the first class local. A mumbaiite might be aware what travelling in mumbai local trains is like. Well it is completely jam packed where you are felt up by various men from all the sides.

One such day, while returning from work, I was standing in the local on my way from churchgate to Malad when suddenly i felt somebodys hand brushing my penis. Nothing to be surprised on it as it is pretty normal during peak hours when people barely have space to stand. This, however continued for two stations and made me aroused too. My penis made a pole in my trousers and suddenly I felt a hand rubbing its tip from above the trouser. I was scared of being caught.

I looked up, he seemed to be a middle-aged man in his 40s with somewhat good health.

He played it safe by covering his hand with a backpack and continuing his job. He could figure out by looking in my eyes that I was enjoying this. I, on the other hand was avoiding eye contact and looking the other way.I turned around with my ass facing him to avoid it going any further. He started rubbing his finger on my ass-crack and this started making me even more aroused.

Next station was Dadar and as the crowd got in, he adjusted in a way that i was facing him with his hands on my crotch. He was confident enough I was liking this.

He slowly unzipped my trouser hiding it below his backpack and inserted his hand inside my underwear. By the time I reached Andheri, I have had the best handjob of my life.

Both of us got down at Malad and he just gave me a chit and left. He had left me his phone number !!!!

I never cared to call him but saved his number nevertheless. he was never to be found on the train while my eyes kept searching for him on my daily trip.One afternoon, i was alone and was watching a porn when out of curiosity I went into gay section. This particular train incident struck my mind and I thought of giving that guy a call.

I went to a local PCO and called him up. I was lucky, he said he was free and with his own place as well. We decided to catch up in the evening around 8 at his place. I told my friends I wont be back that night as I shall be staying back at my friends place.

I reached his place at 8oclock and rung the bell. He opened the door just wearing a white towel covering his bottom area.I moved in and he asked me to sit on sofa.

I made my self comfortable and he came and sat close to me and started caressing my hand. I purposely adjusted my lund from above the lower to give him a hint. he didnt bother to touch it. By now my pole was fully erect and the bulge was visible from the top. this was when he touched it from the top of my lower. While he was touching the top, I held my lund and began giving it very light jerks.

He stopped me and started”What do you want me to do?”

I was like, Wow, he wants me to direct him.

I asked him to give me a blowjob as this was my long standing wish to get a blowjob. He opened his towel and asked me to take out my clothes. I said you only have to take out my clothes from my body. He took out my lower and underwear and here I was naked in front of a stranger.

I directed him to suck it. he bent down and started sucking it like a pro. Trust me it was such a heavenly feeling. I asked him will he gulp down my cum. He hinted by his hand he has no problem and I got green signal. I asked him to open his mouth and spit my saliva inside it twice and directed him to suck my lund without gulping it down. He appeared more than happy !!

Soon, i blasted into his mouth and without wasting a single drop, he took everything in and then withdrew. Both of us rested on the couch for about 15 minutes or so. He jerked himself and came there itself. By this time, my lund too had some cum oozing out so I asked him for washroom. He directed me towards the corridor. I, however was too lazy to get up and asked him to clean myself up. He did so smilingly thereby further arousing my penis. This was turning out to be so good.

I asked him to take out my T-Shirt and start licking my nipples. While doing so, his face was coming directly in front of my mouth. I felt the uncontrollable urge to spit again on his face and did so without asking/informing him. He cleaned it using his finger and licked his finger clean looking at me. After he cleaned me up, both of us dressed up and he ordered dinner from a nearby restaurant.

We spent the time watching a porn together till the dinner arrived. We had dinner together (and a lots of fun too like I asking him to swallow the portions of chicken I have already chewn and asking him to clean up the bones after I have had the flesh from the pieces) and decided to go to bed then. His submissive nature brought out the dominant person inside me.

While on the bed, I felt like peeing and excused him for going to the loo.

While peeing, a thought struck me and guess what, I enjoyed him while peeing as well !!!

We had lots of fun during the night the details of which and many of the later meetings I shall describe in the next part.

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A Guy Seduced Me And I Made Him My Sex Slave