Hot Fire In The Cold Rain

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I am Adityan, aged 45 years, from Kerala. It was a cold night in December. The last bus has passed around nine thirty. I was going to close the shop and go home. My small shop is opposite to a bus stop in the estate by the way side of a road.

I usually close the shop after the last bus. Suddenly it started to rain. So I decided to stay the night at the shop. I have a makeshift bed at the corner of the room for days like this. Have a spare dhothi and a blanket too. I took off my clothing and changed to a dhothi. I sleep without underwear. My shop is a one room building on cutting side of a ledge on the side of a hill. There is a small window by the side of my coat, through which I can see the road winds down through the side of the hill.

On the opposite side of the shop there is a waiting shed. It stands on the edge of an S bend so that a person waiting in the bus stop can see the the entire Road by the hillside winding through the estate. It has shoulder high walls around. A small light on top of my shop sheds light into the waiting shed. It was still raining. I have put out the light and was lying on the bed looking out through the window. I heard the sound of a motorbike coming down the road. Some poor soul caught in the sudden rain. The bike passed by and seeing the waiting shed stopped and the rider rushed inside the waiting shed.

He was drenched through and through. He seemed to be around thirty five. Around 510” or 511”. Must weigh around 80. A handsome man with chocolate complexion and a thick black mustache. I have a thick mustache too. I am lean, fair complexion and weighs 60kg. I like big men with dark complexion and thick mustaches. He wore a dhothi and a shirt which were soaked through and through in the rain. The outline of the underwear is clearly visible through the transparent wet dhothi. He was shivering in the cold. If he waited long with the wetness he is sure to get pneumonia. He looked around and saw that its very deserted.

He removed his shirt and using it tried to dry himself. He was a hunk of a man. His arms are that of a wrestler, well developed. His chest is very hairy and well developed. His abdomen was flat and muscled. Must weigh around 80kilos. He is a big guy but not a trace of fat in the body but muscled. His attempt to dry himself with the shirt was not getting anywhere. He looked around and he removed his dhothi and dried himself with it. Oh boy what a sight he was. His thighs are really large and muscled. His hips are narrow. His whole body was covered by nice black curly hair. He was wearing a jockey trunk with penis pouch. Oh boy and how he fills the pouch. It was a marvelous sight. I hoped that the rain will continue the whole night. But I did not know that I was in for a treat and more.

He dried himself with the dhothi but still shivering from the cold. His jockey was wet through and dripping. He removed his underwear too. Oh boy oh boy what a sight. A hunk of a handsome man stark naked in front of me. And what a dick he was sporting. It must be some six seven inches flaccid. And thick like a log. Such a beautiful instrument hanging between his legs. The hair around the clock was trimmed short. And his balls were huge. It was hanging between his thighs like an apple. He turned to keep the cloths by the side bench. And what an ass he has got. Two big round chocolate, huge chocolate bums. What a handsome man. It was a real treat seeing him drying his hair stark naked, the huge cock and balls swinging with the movement of his hands while drying his body.

He wore his dhothi drying it as far as possible by squeezing it. He was still shivering in the cold weather. He tried to rub his body with hands. But it was no use it was still raining and the cold was getting bad by the minutes. He was getting desperate.

I pulled the curtains by the window and switched on the light. I didnt want to embarrass him by letting him know that I have seen him naked. I opened the side door and as if to urinate got out at the side of the shop and urinated. In that position I cant see him but he can see me.

I turned around to get in the shop and as if seeing him for the first time called to him and asked what happened. He told me that he got stuck in the rain and got wet, and as it is raining and very cold he cant ride. And he was shivering miserably from the cold and from the wet dress he was wearing. I called him to come in to the shop and he ran through the rain and again got thoroughly wet.

I gave him a dry dhothi and towel to change and dry himself. Up close he was more handsome than I thought. His thighs were like two carved logs. Barrelled chest covered with curly hair which extended to the abdomen and going below the navel. I gave him the single chair and I lied down on the coat in the blanket.

He changed to the dry dhothi. But he was still shivering and he was not able to control the shivering. And I had no spare shirt or blanket to give. So he asked me whether he could come in to the blanket with me. I agreed happily. He was still shivering from the cold I asked him whether I shall rub his chest to make it warm. He gratefully agreed. I put my hand above him and started to rub and massage his body. His body was so cold from the weather I started to shiver. I hugged him close and started to massage his chest, neck, arms and abdomen. I lowered his dhothi further and massaged his his lower abdomen below naval. I lowered my hand and massaged his thighs over the dhothi. He started to breath heavily.

I inserted my hands between his thighs and massaged his inner thighs. He parted his legs. I inserted my hands in the dhothi and massaged his thighs and inner thighs. His breathing became heavier. When I inserted my hands between his thighs my hand brushed against his cock. He shivered slightly. After some ten minutes of massaging and vigorous rubbing his shivering stopped and his body started to regain warmth.

I continued to hug, rub and massage him slowly. My hands brushed against his dick and balls several times. Each time he shivered slightly. Now he was warm and comfortable. We lay down like that for ten fifteen minutes more. I was hugging him close. I did not want to lose him. I wanted to lie there like that the whole night. I was wondering whether he would get up and go once he has recovered. I hugged him tight.

Then he turned around and took my face in his hands and kissed me on the forehead by way of gratitude for rescuing him from a miserable night. I hugged him more close and put my cheek close to his cheek. He put his hand around me and kissed my cheek. I hugged him tight and kissed his eyes. He hugged me and kissed my forehead eyes and cheeks. Now I didnt want to lose him. I hugged him with both hands and pressed my forehead to his lips.

He kissed my forehead and hugged me with both hands and brushed his lips against my lips. I pressed my lips to his lips and kissed his mustache. I kissed his lips, cheeks and necks. Our bodies were pressed against each other. The thin cloth of dhothies containing our desires. I can feel his cock getting up against my thighs. He picked me up and put me on top of him.

I started to kiss from his forehead, eyes, cheeks, neck, and slid down to his chest. I kissed his nipples. It was getting hard under my lip. I caressed it with my lip. I kissed, sucked and licked his nipples, chest, abdomen and slid down to kiss the navel. I can feel his erection under my abdomen. I kissed and caressed his abdomen. I touched his kunna (cock). Its enormous. Must be 10 11 inches and thick like a log. I wanted to see him in his birthday suit. I got up from the bed. Removed the blanket.

His kunna (cock) is making a huge tent in the dhothi. I removed his dhothi too. Its the most beautiful sight. He is lying there stark naked. Like a sculpture. His cock erect like a pole. His balls are resting between his barrel like legs. I was standing near the bed he snatched my dhothi too. He touched my thigh. Its like an electric shock. He kissed my thigh and caught my cock. My cock is not modest too its 8 inches and straight as a pole. He kissed my cock and balls.

He took the balls in mouth and sucked it like lollipop. I moaned with pleasure. I got on top of him in four legs. My cock above his lips and my face between his legs. I kissed his thighs. Took his balls in mouth and sucked it like plums. He moaned with pleasure and bit my thigh. I caught his cock and squeezed it. He arched his hip and pushed his enormous kunna (cock) in my mouth. It was a mouthful. I tried to take it full in my mouth. I sucked and licked it.

He pushed his hips with my rhythm of sucking. I was lying on top of him on my knees and hands. He was eating my pole and massaging my thighs with both hands. I pushed my entire cock into his throat. He bit my cock gently. I mouth fucked him. He licked my thighs. I was in seventh heaven. His huge banana was standing like a pole. I licked it, sucked his balls which was also a mouthful. My precum was oozing from my kunna. I was going to come. I mouth fucked him fast. I was moaning with pleasure. And i came and came and came in his mouth. He swallowed it. Licked clean my cock.

I sat on the bed. I wanted to drink his pee. I asked him to piss in my mouth. He stood before me. I opened my mouth. He positioned his cock and started to pee in my mouth. It was hot, white and salty. I drank it and drank it and drank it. I took his cock into my mouth and his hot piss hit my throat. Like water running from a tap. He pissed and pissed and pissed in to my mouth and I drank it without losing a drop. I sucked every last drop from his kunna (cock) and drank it.

I took his cock in my mouth and he caught my face with both hands and pushed his cock. It went through the throat. And he mouth fucked me to heaven. His nuts were getting tight. I knew he is going to come.

I hugged him tight and took his balls in hand and started to kneed it. He was moaning with pleasure. “Oh dear I am going to come. I am going to flood your mouth. Hmmm ahhh haaaa” And I sucked him faster. He was pushing faster. “I am coming dear ohhhhh ooooh coming dear. maire, pundachimone (abuses in native language) suck it darling, I am coming darling. aahh haaaa aaaaaa” He arched his hip and pushed his cock into my mouth and flooded and flooded and flooded my throat. I swallowed the entire load. I licked his cock clean and hugged him tight and kissed him all over. And we slept hugging each other.

Hot Fire In The Cold Rain