Sex With My Best Friend

Hello everyone, this is my first story. Let me introduce myself. I am Ajay and I am 19 years old. I am a collage student.My family consist of only me,my mom and my dad.My mom is 40 years old with sexy shape. Everyone longs to fuck her.Even my friends too.. They even said this to me.

Now coming to the story. I have a best friend. His name is vicky. He is very handsome and he has good body.Every girl in city was behind him. We used to jerk off in same place.That much close friends we both are. Once when we were jerking off I found my love for him. I asked him him that shall I suck him? That has started everything between us.

We both love each other now and we are having wonderful sex whenever we meet. We both live in different cities. Whenever he comes to my city he stays with me.On that days ill become his wife. On that day there is no one in my house. My mom went to school as she is a school teacher and my dad was out of station.

On that day I was sleeping in my bed and vicky came to see me as he knows there will be nobody in home as I told him. He came into the house and tried to wake me up as I did not wake up. He used a technique which I love when he is using to wake me up. He opened his pant zip and took out his cock and put it near my nose and made me smell it. As I know his smell very well.. I woke up.

Then I smiled at him and hugged him and his cock is still out of his pant zip as I held his cock and rubbed it allover my face, he said his cock was waiting for me only and we both kissed in lips passionately for about 15 mins. Then I went to brush my teeth and I came back. Vcky was sitting in the bed on that time and as soon as I came he stood up and I bend in my knees and oped his zip, but he stopped me and said weather I can take eat many loads of cum. I said yes. Then he said that he never jerked off for a month so that he can enjoy so long with me when we meet.

I laughed and said to him that I am always his property and at that time he took off his shirt and I still bending in my knees opened his pant and removed it and removed his underwear also. His huge thick whit cock got erected and he asked me to stand up and removed my dress and we both were nude and I held his cock in my hands and I knelt down and stated sucking his cock .He held my hair and started pumping his cock in to my mouth.

After fucking in my mouth for 15 mins he shot his thick load of cum inside my mouth. I was very thicker and very tasty I kept that in my mouth and he said well continue after he finish pissing. I was tasting his cum in my mouth still, suddenly I got an idea and swallowed all his cum and ran after him to toilet and sat in the floor and opened my mouth for him. He said he ll fuck in my mouth after he pee. I smiled naughtily and said him to pee in my mouth. He surprised by what I said and held his cock straight to my mouth and said drink this all.

I nodded and he started pissing in my mouth. His urine was overflowing from my mouth and I was swallowing all urine as much as I can and then he stopped and we both went to the bed as I cleaned myself.

He made me stand in doggy style and spit his saliva in my ass hole and he was inserting his cock in my ass. It was so tight. So I turned and sucked his cock for sometime and made it wet so that it can easily enter my ass. The I stood in doggy style and he gave a big thrust into my ass and I screamed in pain. Him wasting no time started fucking my ass like I am a bitch.

Then he fucked me for about 10 mins and shouting that he is going to cum inside my ass…And he came.. And then after fucking for this much time he was tired and fell in bed. I sat in d floor and his cum was flowing out of my asshole. He called me and asked me to clean his cock.

I took his cock in my mouth and licked it fully and cleaned it and I was sucking him deep throat. He was about to cum once again he held my head tightly as I was taking him deep throat and he cummed straightly in my throat and I cant breath in that time. But I enjoyed it very much. The he left me with a satisfaction.

I said I want more and took his cock in my mouth and playing with my balls he said to me that he want to fuck my mom. I knew he likes her so I said then fuck her. He laughed at me and held my head and directed me to suck his cock. I was sucking his cock for about 20 mins this time and he cummed in my mouth and face all over. And he became very tired and slept in the bed nudely.

On that time the bell rang. I stunned and dressed up and opened the door and it was the gas cylinder boy. I asked him to bring that cylinder to kitchen. He knows my mom very well so that. I made sure that he didnt notice anything in the house strange. As we were fucking there. He kept the cylinder in kitchen and was coming out vicky came out of the room without noticing the cylinder boy.

The cylinder boy saw and he realized what just happened and he was telling me that he is going to inform my mom about this. I was shocked and begged him not tell to my mom.

Then he said I must do something to him for not telling my mom about us. I asked him what he want he said he is bored of jerking off. I got his point and closed the door and opened his zip and took his cock out and asked him this what he want and he smiled.

Vicky also got erection on seeing me holding a cock. Then I called him also to me. Then I sucked both cock simultaneously for 10 mins then they both cummed in my face and mouth and cylinder boy left and vicky and me got ready for another session

Sex With My Best Friend