Bed Romance With A Foriegner

Hi all, I am Ronit, a 26 year old guy living in Delhi. Some days back, while browsing I came across this site. Read a few stories and found them really erotic and interesting. Felt like sharing my story with you all, thus writing it out.

I am just an average looking guy, 510” height, average slim built. I like to hang out with friends, go out for dinner and movies with them. Recently I had gone to a gay friends birthday party. After the cake cutting, we all started dancing, that is when I saw this 35 year old French guy. He was of an average built with a sweet face. In no time we were dancing very close to each other; that is when he asked me accompany him to his hotel room for the night. Somehow I couldnt deny him and said yes in return.

At around 10 PM we escaped from that place, and went straight to his hotel. After reaching his place, we had a brief chat and got acquainted with each other. While talking, got to know that his name is Alain and was visiting India with his boyfriend. His boyfriend had gone to visit some temple and was to come next day. I asked him if he was OK with meeting me in absence of his boyfriend. He told that they were in an open relationship and they both didnt mind having casual dates once in a while.

While chatting, he came closer to me and touched me. I somehow couldnt resist, went closer to him and kissed him. It was a real romantic kiss we shared; we both were aroused in no time. We got up from bed and got undressed gradually. Then we went to the washroom, where we got into the shower and we continued our kissing. He slowly applied soap on my body and rubbed his body against me. It was really erotic and romantic at the same time.

In no time we were all covered in soap, rubbing our bodies while smooching each other. As water started falling on our bodies, we came closer and our kiss became more intense. Slowly he went down kissing my body, started licking my balls and later took my dick deep in his mouth. He was a complete professional at it. After a while he turned me with my back facing him, and started rimming and tongue fucking me. I was in seventh heaven. He then asked me to move to bed, so we got out of shower and dried ourselves.

As we hit the bed, I made him lie on bed and started licking him all over. Started with his ear; moved to his neck, then his shoulders, then armpits. Slowly licked his hand and fingers; moved to his nipples. Bit them hard, and he moaned like crazy. Slowly moved to his navel area, by then he was going all crazy with pleasure. Slowly went below the navel area and took his 8 inch monster in my mouth in one shot. He moaned heavy from pleasure, pulled my hair and made me suck very deep. He was enjoying the blowjob I was giving him.

I kept sucking him non-stop, that is when he pulled my legs and we got into 69 pose where even he started sucking me. It was a heavenly experience doing 69 with him.

After sometime, when he was about to explode his load, he came upon me and splashed his entire load on my face. My face was all covered with his love juice. When I wanted to clean it, he stopped and went down and started jerking me off. Since I was very horny, so cummed in no time.

He took the entire load in his mouth and then came close to my face and started eating his own cum. Then he kissed me, I could easily taste the mix of both our man juices. I had never tried that, but was real kinky thing I had tried in a very long time.

Then we both went to the shower panel and cleaned ourselves. Dried each other and came to bed. It was past midnight and we were hungry, so called room service and ordered Bolognese Spaghetti. My dear friend didnt even wear underwear while opening the door for the room service. The room service guy was stunned to see his boldness. After entering the room he saw me in bed and our clothes lying on the floor. He was completely speechless. He was in fact stammering while getting the bill signed. It was a hilarious moment.

After the room service left, Alain sat on the chair and I went and sat on his lap. We made each other eat that spaghetti. Accidentally some spaghetti fell off on his chest. Instead of throwing it away, I ate that spaghetti by using my mouth.

He got an idea, and put some spaghetti on his sleeping tool and winked at me. I got the indication and started eating spaghetti from his dick. In no time his sleeping monster grew in my mouth to its full length, and I was enjoying the suck. He started moaning and pressed my nipples very hard. I got an instant erection and was craving for more. Then he took me to bed, we got into 69 pose where I was sucking him and he was rimming me.

After my hole was all wet with his saliva, he asked me to stand on my all fours. Put some lube in my hole and wore a condom on. He then entered my hole gently, and in time he was fucking me like a bitch in doggy style. We then kept changing our fucking poses from missionary to standing pose to lotus pose.

We tried quite a few postures which made me moan out of pleasure. Our session went on close to 30 minutes, when he couldnt control anymore further. When he was about to cum, he took off his tool from my hole and shoved it deep in my mouth.

I had no other choice than drinking the whole lot of it. The whole mood was so steamy that I splashed my load all over my chest while he was shooting his in my mouth. We both were totally exhausted and without even washing ourselves, we cuddled in each others arms. Didnt even realize when we slept off.

It was one hell of a session we had, and can never forget it in my life. Next day morning things took a more adventurous turn. Will post it in the next story, you can always mail me on / / Waiting for your suggestions!!!