A Chartered Accountants File

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I have published my first story “Life is a one time affair” followed by “Life is a one time affair returns”. Another story “Ankit – A friend of a date” got amazing response from readers and therefore I am yet again coming up with my latest story on sexual pleasure.

I would request you to read these stories since they contain all my real life incidents which were unplanned and happened abruptly. And unplanned sex is always better than planned sex.

This story is about a Chartered Accountant named Vaibhav.

Do you know that Indian CA Course has been recognized as the world’s toughest course by the Guinness Book of World Records. This calls for a great respect to all the men who are Chartered Accountants. Salutes!!

There are many CAs in our LGBT world too. I have fucked many CA in Delhi NCR and trust me, all of them were great on bed. They were as good on bed as they are in making financial reports and filing income tax returns!

Vaibhav, the CA in our story, texted me on grinder:

“Hi! I am Vaibhav. You look great. Can I please some more pictures”

I shared my pictures and asked for his pictures. He replied:

“Wow! You are really hot. Can I please see your cock?”

I shared pictures of my dick and body. He replied

“Wowww….you have a monster cock. I would want to submit myself to you”

I have always said that I am wild dominant kinky top who loves to take men at service. I wanted a slave for myself and Vaibhav seemed a good option. Vaibhav wanted to serve me and I wanted to use him.

When he told me that he is a CA, I was really impressed and this wanted to make me out with him. You know why? Because it makes me feel powerful when I fuck classy people on good positions. I know that is a sadistic statement to make but I am honest with you all.

I wanted to fuck and use that chartered accountant. I wanted to see that how a man who carries so much respect and sophistication in the society, has that ego & pride of being a reputed CA, will be soon sucking me cock.

Vaibhav reached my room at sharp at 5:30 in the evening. I welcomed him. He was 28 years old fair Punjabi guy from Delhi itself. He kept his laptop bag aside and went on his knees.

He knew what he had to do. I had already explained my terms and conditions to him.

I lighted my smoke and he was sitting on his knees on the floor. I was sitting on my bed. He came closer to my foot. I asked him to remove my shoes. He started obeying me with both his hands. I stopped him. I said “Dude! Hands are not allowed. Use your mouth and tongue”

I was smoking my cigarette. And that CA was sitting like a dog removing my shoes with his tongue and teeth. He removed my shoes and shocks. It was a proud feeling to see him as my servant. He was obedient I must say.

He started licking my feet. My feet were smelling my mantastic sweat. He was licking every bit of it. He took each of my fingers in his mouth. He was so dedicated at blowing my feet fingers that my dick was hard in my pants. He licked my foot and drenched them with his saliva. I enjoyed feet session.

He wanted to move forward. But I said: “Remove all your cloths and sit naked on the floor”.

He obeyed and sat in his underwear. I shouted “Did you not listen properly?”

The poor CA removed his underwear.

Now I could see a 28 year old fair looking chartered accountant absolutely naked standing in a smoke filled room waiting to suck a cock. That feeling was adventurous.

He sat on the floor and used his mouth to open my pant’s button. It took him time to do this and I was enjoying his helplessness. I was standing and he was removing my pants and underwear. Now it was time for him to serve my cock and my balls.

He was a born bastard. He was amazing at what he was doing. He licked my crotch so well. He took every pubic hair in his mouth and made it wet. He licked my balls for next 10 minutes like anything. He sucked my cock very well. I was in heaven. He was master in serving his masters.

I asked him to open his mouth, and when he did, I spitted in his mouth. He was hesitant to gulp it. But he had to follow my order when I shouted that gulp it. He gulped my warm spits. I was happy with it and rewarded him with a slap on his face.

He replied: “It is hurting”

I said: “Good! That’s what I want”

He understood my intentions and he was now sucking and licking all parts of my body. He licked all the sweat and saliva he was given. He licked my under arms so well.

It had been an hour now and he was serving me real good. I had slapped him so many times on his bubble cheeks that he moaned with pain. I spanked his ass real bad. He had a virgin ass and I wanted to fuck it. It was very tight and I have a big cock. So I decided not to reduce my pleasures and continue with foreplay session.

I ordered him to lick my spit on my shoes. That bastard did that too. I was enjoying every bit of my manliness. I know I am a monster. But on bed, I am happy to be a monster. He was obeying me with all his heart and willingness.

I slapped him tight again and he was crying like a baby.

I wanted to fuck his mouth now. I fucked it well. I inserted my cock deep down his throat that he was gagging it so often. He had tears in his eyes sucking my cock deep down his throat. After fucking his mouth for next 7-8 minutes, I bursted out my heavy load of cum in his throat. He had no option of spitting it, he took the entire thing in him. There was little cum on his nose, cheeks and lips too.

Now, I took him to my bathroom and started pissing on him. I wanted him to open his mouth and drink my piss. But he did not want too. Shits! I had to slap him again. Then, he gulped few ounces of my piss too.

Ahhhh!! I was done now. I was feeling so relieved and happy.

Now I saw a man in my bathroom, who is a CA, has a reputed job, a car, and a handsome package. He is sitting fucked in my bathroom covered with my cum and piss. What a pleasure!!

He took bath and came out. We chatted and then I got to know it was his first time. I complimented him that it looked as if you are master in that. He said he really liked the sex. He shared some of his personal life talks and I got to know that he is placed with Ernst & Young Gurgaon as an Assistant Manager drawing a handsome salary per annum.

He bid adieu and we remained in touched. He always wanted to be tortured by me.



I wish him a happy life with her, but I cannot forget how he was my bitch on my bed.

To remind you, I am a wild kinky dominant top. I love to fuck young boys and men. Like to make them dirty. Make them drink my cum, piss, saliva, sweat etc. I like soft and sophisticated boys. When it comes to sex, I love exploring. I don’t like routine sex.

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