My First Time With Tuition Sir

To start of with, Im an average built guy with a height of 6 feet 1 inches. This story took place when I was 18 years old. I was studying commerce and was in the 12th standard when I switched my tuition from a big sized class to a class which had only 5 people including me.

The reason behind me switching classes is because I wanted proper attention in class. Who knew I would get such attention ;)

Lets begin with the story. My tuition sir was about 5 feet 8 inches and was around 45 years old, nearly two and a half time elder to me. The classes took place in his house. He had two houses and had converted one house into a coaching centre. The class took place in the kitchen or the hall. Classes began normally for me and I had not been attracted to my sir at first. Five months passed and we had the relationship of a student and teacher, nothing else. We were nearing our boards and our portion had also finished, so sir said the classes would only take place to solve doubts.

In one such class, sir was solving our doubts one by one and I was the last. The others left after their doubts were solved and Sir and I were alone in the house. It was the first time we were alone and I dont know why I was suddenly excited. I could feel the feeling in my penis and was sure I would drip precum. As Sir was solving doubts, I sat next to him. I had a doubt in the very easy sum and Sir was disappointed. He tried to calm me down and encourage me by giving me a motivational speech and while doing so, he was touching my shoulders and thighs. I was wearing a tshirt and jeans so it didnt feel much but I was horny. I left class and masturbated as soon as I got home. Boards were near and I was worried. I had another doubt so he told me to come in the evening at around 6pm.

I reached at 6 and he solved my doubts. This time I wore shorts on purpose and a normal tshirt. As we sat down I pulled my shorts a bit up so as to expose my thighs. We sat in the hall and I sat cross-legged like a girl and I knew he would be excited because I was tall and had long legs. My thighs also were a bit chubby. He finished solving my doubts and I told him I was worried about the exam. He again tried to encourage me by talking positively and in doing so, was touching my thighs and shoulders. I was enjoying his touch and I had never been touched before by a man. He saw that I was getting excited and he decided to make a move.

As he was caressing my thighs he slowly started going up towards my cock. He was almost covering my entire thigh area and he was about to finish his motivational talk. I couldnt resist the touch of his hands on my thighs as it was tickling me a bit and making me nervous and excited at the same time. My cock was all wet with precum. He was talking to me while caressing my thighs and I let out a soft moan as he squeezed my thighs a little. He knew this was the moment. He came and sat a bit closer to me and hugged me saying my exams will go fine. As he hugged me, I could feel his hand over my cock. I didnt know what to do because I knew I wanted this but wasnt sure if I was gay or no.

Next, he slowly came close to my neck and gave me a kiss. I shivered and he could feel that. I moved back to little and he told me it is okay, dont worry. He again kissed me and I was till unsure. He told me not to worry and that the next 1 hour would be the best of my life. I said okay and submitted to him. He was licking and kissing my neck for about a minute and I was breathing heavily. He was gently pressing my cock through my shorts. He held my hand and took me to the bedroom. Here I was, and 18 year old boy in shorts walking with a 45 year old tuition sir to the bedroom. We reached the bed and he told me he likes to dominate but since this is my first time, he wont be a lot dominating. All I could say was that Ill be his girl. He smiled wickedly and threw me on the bed. I was on my back and he came on top of me. He stopped near my lips, and first, removed my t shirt. I had a small boobs :p he then planted a kiss on my nipple and came close to my lips. I was breathing very heavily and he could feel my breath.

He kissed my lips and I responded. We used a lot of tongue and this carried on for 5 minutes. He moved back a little and with his clothes on, he started to move his cock area and was rubbing his jeans on my shorts. I was enjoying every moment and was moaning softly. He moved down and started sucking my nipples and after a few seconds he bit one nipple. I gave a shocked scream and smiled at him. He smiled back and licked his way down. He then removed his shirt and jeans and was only in his underwear. I guess he was getting impatient that he couldnt be dominating with me so he ripped down my shorts and pulled my underwear with it. In one pull I was naked with a hard cock.

He removed his underwear too and cam and sat on my chest and told me to just enjoy the taste. I was really unsure about sucking a click but his 5 inches cock was too tempting at the time. I took it in my mouth as he sat on my chest. He was making a motion as if he was trying to mouth fuck me. I didnt like the taste but I was enjoying a lot. Sir was ready to be dominating so he took his cock out of mouth and slapped my cock a couple of times. It hurt a bit and I let out a soft moan. He sucked it slowly and he even gave in a few bites down there. It hurt but I let it out in moans. I think both of us knew it was time for him to fuck me. I had no idea how it would go.

He told me go on all fours and be like a dog. He came from behind and spanked me hard. It was very hard and it pained. He didnt insert his cock yet, he pulled my head back by pulling my hair and whispered in my ear “its going to pain and Im not gonna stop”.

With that, he applied some oil and slid in his 5 inch thick cock in my tight ass. It didnt go in at first when he tried putting it in slowly so he knew he hard to give a hard thrust. He said “enjoy this” and pushed it in hard. I was in a lot of pain an I screamed. It was a moan and scream combined and he started giving soft and slow thrusts. His cock was setting in and my ass was loosening up. I was moaning normally when he wanted to go full thrust. He started fucking me hard and fast and I couldnt take it. It was painful and I was screaming and moaning at the same time. He even pulled my hair back and was riding me. I cant describe how it felt but it was pleasuring, but painful. It seemed he had a lot of stamina as he was fucking me hard for 5 mins and I literally in tears. He hadnt cummed yet and told me “its time for your mouth now”. He told me to turn around and suck his cock and I obeyed him.

I was in a doggy position and he was monthly fucking me. He even slapped and pinched my ass and I softly bit his cock in the process. He was close to cumming so he told me to close my eyes and take it all in and if I dont, he swore he would wait for another hour fuck me till I bled so I agreed. He came in my.mouth and I swallowed everything. Both of us were tired and laid next to each other but it wasnt over yet. My cock was still semi hard and sir started jerking me off and I closed my eyes and was giving out moans. I cummed very fast and we both went for a nice bath and I headed home after kissing Sir goodbye.

This was the only time we had sex and I havent seen him in over a year. I plan to visit him soon so I can submit to him completely this time.

Thank you, hope you guys like it.