The Guy From The Chicken Shop

The guy from a chicken shop

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My next story which I have encountered at the age of 17 is way am going to pen down now.

While I was quite happy with my friend at school , whom we twice a week met in his bed at home right after our school get over, we started to taste both of our ass. We even bathed together while having kissed each other . Just lying naked in our shoulders . It was quite a love that cannot be explained. Also we where good friends at school . Nobody knows abt our relationship. It was all going good.

Our family is a middle class , where my dad has a shop near to the city to support our family. Its like five shops in a row and behind the shops is a vacant land thick mass of tress covered thats where the restrooms and sitting are arranged. Shops goes like this from left to right furniture , jewellery (2), our shop and the last is a chicken shop which is small . And the next to it is the entrance . All shops are covered with glass windows and that with the advertisements . Almost everybody knows me in that area . Its like after the love with my friend I dress up and come to our shop and with my dad I go home . My dad after I come in he will go for collection and will be back only when the shop closes say at 11.One lady was working with us she will leave at 8.

There is one elder guy say may be an age of 23 working in the chicken shop , he was so fond of me as, he used to crack jokes with me and kills my idle boring time . One day after the sex with my friend as we where so hot that we had two shots that day and was damn tired came to my shop .

Once my dad left I went to sleep as I was damn tired . This lady left early that day , that time a customer come in and couldnt find me so they left saying to that chicken shop boy about no one in the shop . He came in to the shop and saw me sleeping exposing my navel , I dont know Wat made him to do that , but he just bend down and kissed no just licked my navel using his tongue and made some saliva in that small pit .

I suddenly woke up and saw him kissing it , I was speechless as I was not aware of the things . He just smiled and got up and said the customers returned back as I was sleeping and just laughed and left .

After he leaves I just touched my naval where his saliva is still there and confirmed he actually kissed me . After that one Sunday, where I am alone in the shop this guy comes in and started his usual talks and its about me to close the shop .

When I was trying to take a dress from the top of the shop I was stretching out to reach the height . He just came in back of me , and push me towards the racks and tried to help me , he was so close that a big mass was actually pushing into my ass , and his smell of the armpits made me go crazy , I really want him to hold me from back, he after getting it hold me tight and pressing his hands in my navel once again and he just kissed in my neck leaving a lot of saliva .. I asked him this time Wat are you doing .. He said I look good in his eyes. I asked so Wat do you mean. He didnt spoke any word .

We normally used to down our shops shutter 75 % and I will wait for my dad to come so as to close and leave. Same way that day I closed the shutter and came inside where this guy pushes me towards the wall and made that first kiss

He just came towards me his mouth is full of saliva and he just touched my lips and opened it using his tongue and shifted his saliva to mine and it just splashed in the near by area and at the same time he forced his hands in my underwear and squeezed my ass I just pushed him but he was strong I couldnt he went further more and removed my pants in one push and exposing my cock and ass he immediately turned me around and pulled down his pants and Inserted his penis between my thighs and used his hands to squeeze my legs and started to thigh fuck me hard . My god his cock is so huge I can see it when i bend my head down so white Precum all over the fluid is actually all over my things and his saliva all over my neck and lips and face he started to thigh fuck me pressing hard on my nipple and navel my god he started to moan I was afraid by now I pushed him hard and pull in my pants and asked him to get lost.

After he left I still couldnt come out of it my cock was hard on. I put my hands in my thighs under my underwear and swept the fluid in it and smelled it my god it was awesum I licked it my neck my lips all is of his saliva. I immediately called my dad saying I will close the shop and will come home asked him to come home.

I keeping my face so angry went out , I saw him smiling at me strong outside his shop . I with an angry face closed the shop and asked him to come to the toilet backside . He obeyed and come m, I asked him Wat he was doing and I dont like that and all. He was saying you are so hot and my ass he want to suck it . I told him get lost you pig.

He got angry and forced me into The toilet and pushed my pants down . In a fraction of seconds he started my lick and pour his saliva in my ass thats really got me high . I couldnt control myself I pushed him again and went to kiss him hard this time it was me , I bite his lips and pulled it taken his tongue in mine and removed his shirt its like am getting mad he took me in his hips and started to lick my neck nipples and navel as if his is very thirsty. He pulled me and starred to do the thigh fuck and I was in heaven . Heaven he poured whole lot of cum say a half tumbler onto the floor some getting drained in my leg and he turned me now his cum is in my navel and started to kiss me hard saying you are amazing.

While kissing him I started to masturbate . I was so horny, in between he wants to loo. I hold his cock he was kissing me and I was masturbate get he was urinating and I just dropped some cum when I took my mouth out of his he kissed me once again and we started to dress

Even after we got dressed he wants more of me still holding me tightly and kissing me . At least he masturbate do again kissing me and then we left out of the bathroom and he said see you tomorrow and I got bus and left home.

That again we continued till he left that chicken shop and went to Dubai …

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