My Second Time At A Bath House With A Stranger


This story of mine happened roughly a year after my first encounter with Raj. In the year, I did not meet him for an unknown reason. May be I just wanted to explore at the time and see how the experience would go. Later in the year, I and Raj started chatting online as a friend. And one day, he messaged me and wanted to see me. I was still hesitated as I was strongly in belief I;m not looking for any relations. I also wanted to meet him and explore each other as last time. But my mind wasnt set.

As we were occasionally chatting, Raj kept asking how his experience was with me, as he had not met anyone in the country to share such experience. I knew he wanted to meet up again. This went on for few weeks and finally I decided to see him one more time. We met at the same bathhouse as before as it more private and cozy at the time. This time we got a different room, it took us longer to locate the room as it was very dark in the hall. When finally found it, it was very much the same setting inside. A bed with night table on the side.

Entering the room, I went through the entire last time experience in a single thought in a second. Very chilling. Eating Rajs full dick was stuck in my head ever since. As entered the room, Raj closed the door and smiled at me. A very friendly smile that made me relaxed this time as well.

He started approaching and we sat on the bed. Talked for more than 10 minutes and Raj headed to the washroom and I stayed in the room. I started changing TV channels as only gay porn was playing on every channel. After few minutes when Raj returned he had a town wrapper around him and he threw his clothing on the floor and approached me. He made me stand up in front him and he patted a very soft kiss on my lips. The kiss, chill ran through my body and we continued to make out for 2-3 minutes.

While kissing, he ran his hands all over my body and hugged me firmly. He paused every few seconds and kissed my neck, ear and continued to my lips. I felt powerless and gave myself to him in his arms.

Few minutes later, he undressed my shirt and started unbuttoning my pants. He even felt my hard on while undressing me. He spoke very softly that he wish to kiss my hard on. He put his soft lips on my hard cock and i moaned. And he stood up and hugged me again. This time, his bath towel slid on the floor, and ours touched, felt very soft and once again, the chills went through my body.

Then he made me lie on the bed and he came on top of me, and we continued making out while our cocks touched with precums. He saw that I was really hard and pre-cumming, he went near my cock and started rubbing gently. And all of the sudden I felt warmth down there and shocked to see he was actually eating me. As I was still shy and ticklish, he did not want me to ejaculate just now, and made me relaxed with kisses and caressing me.

After few minutes of cuddling, he came on top, towards my face and once again he placed his on my lips. I smiled and asked if he wanted me to suck. Before I say anything, he inserted his thick and meaty cock inside me. For some reasons, it felt even bigger than last time. Probably it was my senses. He started going back and forth in my mouth. He was moaning more as he pushing his meat inside me.

Later he got up and lied down beside me, man he was sweating this time. So was I while eating his full meat. He kissed me more as my mouth was covered in saliva and his precum. We cuddled for at least 10 minutes, just watching the TV over head, he just caressed me and I lie next to him in hugging position. He stopped on one of the porn channel and asked if I would like that kind of position, where two men were eating each other in 69 position. I smiled back and said, I can do anything now.

This made him very happy and he got up and set him self in a sitting position on the bed. and asked me get on top of him where my feet are on his shoulder and I face his meaty dick. I was almost upside down position but really enjoying it. His tongue was circling my dick in his mouth and switching to my balls every few seconds. And eventually he cummed in mouth.

I felt slight weird and embarrassed and seconds after I came in his mouth. We got up and cleaned up right away, we both enjoyed that position and just cuddled for few moments relaxed. We chatted and continued hugging and kissing. Cuddling and caress him aroused him and he wanted me to such his meaty cock again.

As I already took his cum in my mouth just while ago, I felt I wasn’t ready for second time. I hesitated and he was fine. I laid next to him hugging, and caressing his dick, feeling his balls made me excited again.

I got up and asked him to stand up with me, I hugged him right away when he stood up from bed. Our cocks were touching and all the cum sticking to our body. We didn’t care at the time and continued to kiss passionately. I paused and took mine and his meat in my hand together in one hand and started to jerk both together. He giggled and continued to kiss me and eat my tongue. He started caressing my back and ass vigorously. He was really excited and loving the whole thing.

He turned me and hugged me from the back and jerking me both hands while kissing my back. I came in his hands and he licked his finger. And made me kneel and wanted me to eat him again. Since I was in the moment, I didn’t mind and followed his move and started to eat the thick. He was very enjoying as he started caressing my head to comfort me. Few moments later, I knew he was going to cum and I took it out of my mouth but he pushed it right back in me while he came. I ate his entire load. And enjoyed the second time eating it.

This was my second experience with Raj, and was much better one. I felt more relaxed and comfortable. Raj was again very gentle with me knowing Im ticklish and shy. As we were getting dressed to leave, Raj gave me a warm kiss and hugged me tightly for few moments and said he wanted to continue seeing me.