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I would request you to read the story with your all your heart and without any emotional barrier. Since the story is about a friend from Pakistan, I hope all of you take it positively. This is not to hurt the sentiments of anyone.

In the end, it is always about the human and the relationships. It is never about the hatred, it is always about the love. Let all of us spread some love in the world and spread happiness all around in the world.

This story is about a friend named Zaib, who hails from Lahore, Pakistan.

My name is Zaib Ahmed Khan. I am 26 years of age and a professional doctor in Lahore, Pakistan. My family stays in Karachi and I stay alone in Pakistan.

I was not born as a gay or a bisexual. But the incidents in my life made me so. Today I do not have any feelings for women. Sometimes, I think I am a sex machine who always thinks about sex day and night.

My father had his job in Australia and he used to visit us only once a year in Karachi. I and my working mother were busy with our lives. Relatives used to interfere a lot since there was no man in my family. One of my uncles used to take care of the requirements of our family since my father was abroad.

His name was Zakir Khan. Zakir uncle was a clever man. Throughout my childhood, he played well with me. I was hardly 9 years of age when he fucked me. I cannot forget that night. There was blood in my ass and I was crying. I cannot forget his wicked smile.

Since then, he has always made out with me. My entire childhood passed in sucking his cock, rimming his ass, bearing his slaps and getting fucked by him the entire night. For continuous 14 years, he fucked me. Post which, I shifted to Lahore when I was of 22 years.

I got so habituated of his torture that I started missing those happenings in Lahore. I tried my level best to get along with girls and have sex, but I somehow realized that its too late now. Now I wanted dicks and not vagina.

I curse my uncle for this.

Today, when I practice as a doctor, its very tough for me to handle my hot man patients. When I touch their chest, their belly or while putting on drips or injections, the vulgar thoughts of making out with them come to my mind.

Today, I am sharing that one incident with you all.

A young teen was suffering from flu and I had to admit him in my clinic. There are only four beds for patients. Mine is a small clinic, located in main area of Lahore.

Other three beds were vacant. So my patient Ramzan occupied on bed, and on the bed adjacent to him, his father had slept. Other two beds were empty. I had my furnished rooms on first floor.

In the night, I had to remove the glucose drip and inject a medicine. When I went to do that, I switched on the lights and filled my injection first. The lights made Ramzan awake. His father was snoring and sleeping.

I removed Ramzan’s drip. When I was injecting, his ass crack and smooth skin made me horny. I could see his pubic hair, that gave me a hit. I wanted to have sex with him that very moment. But I am a doctor and I cannot do this. Plus the patient’s father was also sleeping next to him.

But I was so horny that I could not control myself. My fingers were rubbing on his bums more than normal time. Ramzan did not object and I did not stop.

After a minute, my fingers reached his front side. My fingers passed through the bush of his hairy pubes. Ahhhh!! I felt so good. I touched his cock, and it was getting hard.

I rubbed his cock and started masturbating it.

Ramzan closed his eyes and was enjoying it.

I looked at his father, he was snoring. But it was a big risk to do anything because lights were onn.

After thinking for a while, I decided to fulfill my filthy desires. I lowered his pants a little and took out his cock. I gulped his entire cock in one go and started sucking it like never before. I was enjoying every bit of it.

After five minutes of rigorous sucking, Ramzan bursted his cum in my mouth without any notice. I took the entire cum in my mouth and closed his pants. I switched off the lights and came back to my room.

Wow!! What a pleasure I had, I cannot even describe.

Wow!! What a night I had, I cannot even write it down.

Wow!! What a cock I sucked, I cannot even tell you the taste.

He recovered the next morning and went. I miss him often.

He had a lovely big dick by the way ;-)

Thank you all. So this was Zaib’s story which I penned down for you all. Here is your friend Abhimaan Sethia signing off. Bye

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You can share your real and true incidents with me, if I like them, I shall write a full fledged story of it and get it published on Indian sex stories.

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