A Wild Encounter At A Spa

Hi once again!!! Thanks for your overwhelming appreciation on my stories. This is Ronit from Delhi, 26 years old and a average looking guy with 6.5 inch boner. In the last 10 years, I have had many experiences with guys and I really cherish them. I am here today to share one of such wild experiences; I had been to a spa in Delhi recently.

It was a Friday evening and I was returning from work, tired and frustrated from usual office routine. Thought of getting relaxed but none of my friends were available, thus decided to go to this spa near Nehru Place. To brief about this place, it’s an OK types place having a hallway giving way to a small steam sauna room, a shower room with some massage rooms. It also has a dark room which has a king size bed in it and as the name refers has no light, and is DARK. Even the steam and sauna rooms are dark, with the hallway light being the only source of light in the room.

Coming back to that current scene, I entered the spa and saw few guys roaming around here and there in towels giving looks to each other. In midst of it a guy greeted me and asked me to change. I then went to a corner where few others were changing clothes. Following them, even I gave my clothes to this guy and wore a towel. I went to the shower room to take a shower. In the shower, there was a guy must be in his late 30s taking shower with a semi hard on. I had an instant urge to grab his meat loaf, but controlled. He even winked at me, but I ignored his gesture as I wanted to check others out too.

As I came out of the shower, a guy came close and asked if I wanted a massage. I had a close look at that guy; he was in his early 20s, slim, dusky skin tone and had a very wicked smile on his face. He was in a loose t-shirt and a towel. Since I was a little stressed out, and the guy was quite tempting, so I nodded in an affirmation.

He took me to one of the massage rooms there, and closed the door. The room had a table in the center of the room, with a foam mattress. The only source of light was a small light lit at the bottom of one of the walls. Before I could register the room completely, he asked me to lie on bed on my stomach. So I loosened my towel and lied there on the massage table. It was a funny feeling, with me lying on that table with a semi hard on.

He then took off his t-shirt and came closer to me. His slim torso was an instant turn on. He then took off the towel and I was lying stark naked on that table and my butts facing him. Somehow I felt exposed and nervous. He like a complete professional got the oil bowl and started applying oil on my legs. His hands were doing the job really well. My legs had started getting relaxed by his touch. Slowly he worked his way from legs to my butts. I was enjoying the feel of his hands on my butts. He started casually talking to me. He told me that his name was Samar and is studying BA from Delhi University. He is basically from Orissa and is doing this job to make some pocket money. He then started massaging my back and came closer to my hands. His lower back was touching my hands, and I could feel his meatloaf hidden beneath that piece of cloth.

To my astonishment, he removed his towel!!! In a polite voice, he asked “If I was OK with him being naked around”. I was taken aback by the size of that monster. It was huge and still semi hard. I took some time and said, “I dont mind”. He started massaging my back I touched his tool. He behaved normal and asked me to turn around. My tool was already very hard and was standing like a pole on my body. He then got onto the table and came closer to my dick. He winked at me and asked if I liked it wild!!! I was in no state to say no to such a sexy guy and I smiled in return. Taking my consent, he moved upward and pressed his monster against mine. I moaned to which he came closer to me and licked my lips. I was so turned on, that I just grabbed him from his waist and turned upside down. Now he was lying on his back on the table and I was on top of him, with our heated bodies rubbing against each other.

My testosterone levels were way too high, and his touch had made me go crazy. I started kissing him wildly and his lips kept asking for more. I gradually went down and started licking and biting his nipples. He moaned higher and higher with each bite on his nipples. The heat was building up and we both were flowing in it.

I then moved my body up and my hard rock tool was close to his lips. In no time he took my bulge in his mouth and started sucking it deeper and deeper. He was sucking as if it was the last tool he would ever suck. I could feel the aggression in his movements. His mouth and my tool were in absolute sync. I then took his face in my hands, and started mouth fucking him like a machine. We both wanted it more and more!!!

After a while I stopped mouth fucking and turned him on his stomach. His butts were in front of my eyes. They were hairless and soft. I spanked hard on his butts, he moaned high again. I then went down and bit his round butts, and parted those butts to expose the butt crack. I brought my tongue in action and licked the crack line. He moaned again and asked for more. I slowly inserted my tongue in his hole and tongue fucked him. His moans got louder and craved for more. His moans made me precum and I was getting out of control. I then stopped rimming/tongue fucking him, and took the condom kept on the wall unit.

We both were totally charged up and were ready for the next level of excitement. After putting the condom on, I started teasing his butts with my dick. He went mad and begged for me to fuck him, all he could say was: “Please fuck me hard before I go mad!!!”

In a fraction of second, I inserted my whole meatloaf in his not so virgin hole. He screamed out of pain, but I got hold of his waistband and didnt let him push back himself. He cried and asked me to stop, but I was in no mood to do that. In fact I started thrusting my dick in him harder, went forward and covered his mouth with my hand. After a while he got used to the pain and I could see him enjoying. In fact he was pushing his butts backwards to feel me better in him. Taking a chance, I made him stand on his all fours (In doggy style) and kept fucking him. Then I pushed him back and sat on the table. Slowly I lied on bed and he kept jumping on my tool like crazy.

We both were enjoying that pose. He kept moaning and making all sorts of sounds. We then got into a horse pose, where I pulled his hair and kept fucking him harder. It was really awesome to see him being a bitch to me. Then I made him stand, and kept fucking him. He then started shagging himself and cummed there on the floor. Looking at him cumming even I couldnt control further so took my tool out, threw the condom and made him sit on floor. I came all over his face. It was such a relief to cum like that. He had opened his mouth to eat cum and ate all cum he got in his mouth.

He then went and cleaned his face, while I lied on the table for a while. He then came closer, kissed me and laid on bed with me for a while. After sometime, when we got totally normal, we wore our towels and went outside the room. He then directed me to take steam, so that I could relax myself completely.

Then later I saw him talking to his colleagues, while I went inside the steam room. The room was full of other guys. But after the session I was in no mood to do anything. So I took my steam, came out, took a bath, paid the money, tipped Samar and left for home. It was a real wild experience, I could never forget. The way I fucked him and him moans still gives me goose bumps and sometimes I shag myself remembering it.

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