My Encounters In Planetromeo

Well, it was almost 2o clock in the afternoon. My Parents and Grandparents were going to a wedding function at our ancestral home 1 hour drive away from where I live. Well the question erupting in your head is who am I? Well I am Neel (Name changed) and I am a bit plumpy, people say I have beautiful teeth.

So once my parents left, I logged on to Planet Romeo and was looking for gay boys. Since I live in a small town, every one is either some I despised, or people who had blocked me, or people whom I have already fucked. At any given point of time, the number of users online wouldnt cross 15. But that day, I found a new face his id, was chubchaser or something like that. I checked his profile, his display picture was his chest without his face, beautiful, genuinely toned body.

I pinged him : “Hey, where in Thrissur? ”

The reply was almost instantaneous : “I am traveling from Coimbatore to Cochin. So now in train”

ME : “So where have you reached? ”

HIM : “Reaching Palakkad.”

We went on chatting and I understood that he was a native of Cochin, he likes chubby boys, he was 25, I year older than me.

Somehow the connection was almost instantaneous.

I called him up, he took the call and spoke very discreet, I convinced him to get down at thrissur and told him that I have place and will come to pic him up.He said he was hungry, I told him we will find something to eat.

So within few minutes, I was out with my car waiting for him in the Railway station. He got out and I waved my hands, and he too waved back. He came towards me and I let him in.I thought it would be awkward, but it was surprisingly pleasant. So I started the car and started driving. In the car, while changing the gear, I touched his leg.. He noticed and smiled at me..

He asked me : “Mood aayo enne kanditt (Have you come in mood after seeing me)”

To be honest, YES.. He was damn sexy… Say 510” , 70 kg weight, nice curly hair, specs with red colored stalks towards his ears, Nice black eyes…

We talked as we drove. I was worried about my neighbors thinking it as fishy. But, who bothers when you have a bombshell like this to eat. We reached home, and he opened the gate for me. I parked the car in and I opened the house letting him in. Once he entered, I got in and closed the door and bolted it. He started seeing all around and he was talking something, But I was seeing his ass..

I told him : “Room meleyanu (The room is upstairs)”

He started walking talking something and all.. I felt horny all the while. He got into my room and I too got in. He sat on my bed, and I was sitting on my study table. We were discussing something about our sex life itself and he said how he too have a boyfriend.

Something led to another and he moved his hands towards mine and holding it.. I too advanced, he pulled me off the table towards the bed and I sat near him. He pushed me on to the bed and lay side ways. We were looking into each others eyes.. We were every bit stranger, there was absolutely no strings attached, I didnt even know whether his name was true or not. But it hardly matter because something else was hard…

He leaned towards me and I lifted my head and slowly kissed him on his lips..

He said : “hmmmm” in a very reassuring way, allowing me to advance and I kissed him deep. This time with more tongue, saliva mixing. We almost started running out of breath, but the very fact that such a PATAKA was laying on my bed, how could I let him go. He was very generous person. We would only stop when both our teeth struck each other. It was nice.. I pulled up his t shirt and revealing his trimmed body, his chest nicely formed. I touched it…Then I got on top of him and started licking his nipples.. He started touching my chest, my small man boobs, pressing it harder..When he was tired of it, he would pull me by hair and kissing me..after that he will put his finger in my mouth and watch me licking them..

I undressed myself, completely naked. and he just lay there seeing me naked..He signaled with his eyes to undress his jeans and I pulled it. I saw a sexy man on my bed, his underwear was red silky in color, texture was too smooth, not cotton..I started licking him over the underwear, slowed he put his fingers inside his uw and revealing his dick..I started sucking his..First his dick head, then the whole shaft in my mouth, the swallow his balls and choke.. every action with hands running all over my body..

Now both of us were charged..He made me lay on my back and started running his hands every where..He made me lay on my stomach and licked my back…and started rimming..This was the first time some one was rimming me..I was like “what the maaann”Then I shifted myself to make room for him and got in 69 position and started blowing him..His bj was out of the world…I was fucking high than I have been on drugs..

Anyways, the came the moment which I was expected.. “Da, Condom indo? (Hey, do you have condom)”

I jumped and went to my cupboards, below the dressed, I had a pack.. Kamasutra ripped..

Finally, I took the condom and I gave to him…In the mean while I went to the toilet and did the stuff so that I dont appear as the shitty bottom..

When I got out, he Qutub Minar was already erect and stronger than ashokan pillar..

He was standing and he asked me to lay on my back with legs apart towards him.. He adjusted for a while..later licked my ass..fingered for a while..and after 4 5 tries in moment he grunned : “Grrhm ”

And I was : “Aaoocchh”

The his 6 inch dick was in..It was just perfect.. I dont like big dicks when it comes to be fucked. He moved to and fro..Then there was doggy style, missionary..standing up against wall.. he fucked me good for 10 minutes and he said : “Kudikkano? (Wanna drink this up?)”

I said : “Venda, adich mukhathittu tannal mathi (Nay, just spray it on to my face..)”

I was laying on bed with head towards the corner, and he shagged and sprayed it on my face..much of it on my eyes, some one lips..He kissed my lips and we were kissing with his cum as lubricant..

Nonetheless..This was the most random sex ever..It was absolute fun.. Later I took him to a hotel, where he ate..then I dropped him back to railway station. Fuck !!! one hell of a day… I was more than happy and super proud that, I could get a smoking hot guy, convince him to get down from train, fuck me good..and then drop him back smiling..

Absolutely no bullshit, just raw sex..We never called each other or anything..In fact, I lost his number, but it was super fun..Something to which I shag every now and then…