Enjoying Teenage Boy

Hi am Ravi.. This story is partly true. Am working in a village school near Pondicherry as an English teacher for higher secondary classes. Me, am a bi, but mostly liking teen boys, especially Tamil boys. In the school, as am a teacher here, I came upon a lot of hot boys of 11th & 12th std. And there is this boy named Raj, of 12th std, chocolate brown in color, tall as 5.5 ft, slim, but very strong & masculine. His hair shiny with his sweat, his neck looking like a long candy bar, with sweat giving his skin a nice watery texture, and a spicy smell. As it is a village school, there are no strict rules.

So the students wear dresses with top buttons opened showing bare chest, with sleeves rolled a little up showing the arm bulge, and collar raised at the back, with the shirt so tight it almost fits their body perfectly. And the pants are skinny too and lowered as much as possible, low hip style, showing a glimpse of their under wears just above the rim of the pants.

And this guy Raj too has the same masculine hot dressing as others. His face skinny & hard as a stone, with wet spicy skin, a little faint growing mustache, with no beard. This boy is weak in studies for he is a bull who is fond of sighting girls. His parents had come to school during patents meeting, and they were told of his poor studies. As I am his class in charge as well as English teacher, I was there talking to his parents, and I told them I could gladly accept if Raj comes to my house and study here as I will take care of him. His parents had accepted to that. I found myself lucky to have that hot bull to my home. Raj was unwilling at first, but accepted later.

The next day evening he came to my home to study. He was wearing a white shirt similar to his school uniform and a lower as soft as nylon that it almost showed his private bulges even when flaccid. He was carrying his bag and came to my room. In my house, I stay alone. My parents are in cuddalore. So my house s very comfortable for Raj and myself. I led him to my room. And offered him some drinks.

And then I sat very close to him at the study table and was instructing him to learn some pages. He was learning them. Meanwhile I could feel the heat and smell of his body. That made my dick hard. It went on till 8, then we had some dinner at a local restaurant and came back to my home. And I gave raj a little break. I told him he was free to watch TV. So he did. And later, time to study. It reached 11 pm. He was already sleepy. I could see that in his eyes.

I went kitchen and took my chance. I mixed two sleeping pills in a glass of milk and went to my room and offered him to drink. He didnt know about those tablets. He drank it, smiling. And then I called him to sleep. I took him to my bedroom. The bed is comfortable for two persons to sleep, with two pillows and a bed sheet. There was a TV in my bedroom too. Raj started sleeping beside me, while I was watching tv. Again I could feel the smell and heat of his body.

After about half an hour, I was certain he has slept deep. And here it starts. The sweet feast. Slowly I unbuttoned his shirt. I could feel more heat now. He was wearing a black upper inside his shirt that was tucked inside his pant. I slowly slid it up until it showed me his gorgeous chocolate brown body.

I lifted his body somehow and removed the shirt completely. He was still sleeping. But I didnt remove the black upper wear which was inside his shirt. It made him look so sexy. I lifted that cloth slowly and brought my head closer to his body. I kissed his navel. His abdomen was so flat, and there is a faint line of hair running in a straight line from his navel hole to his manhood. I kissed the abdomen and smelled it. Ahhhh.. So good smell it was. And what a taste. Little salty, spicy with warmth.

I ran my tongue & nose from his belly button to his neck, drinking those sweat juices that was oozing out of his manly skin. I went to the nipple and took it in my mouth and sucked it… Oh .. Ah …. It felt awesome. It was the best taste I had ever tasted. I was licking his nipple so nicely that even the fast asleep Raj became horny.

I could feel his manhood growing bigger and his lower getting bulging & tight. I went to his armpits. Ah.. They are a pool of sweet delicious drink with his man hair. I buried my nose into his armpits and took a deep sniff. The best smell ever. A manly smell. And tasted the juice there. So ripe and salty. Ahhhh …. you could never have tasted anything like that. The sweat was oozing out in his armpit skin and i was licking them hungrily whlist smelling its odour.

That went on for about 2 hours. Those two hours I was tasting & smelling every bit of his upper body. My tongue & nose are lucky enough today. Then i came to his manhood bulge in his nylon sports lower. I touched the smooth bulge and kissed it. There, i could feel the strongest manly smell, even before opening his treasure. And slowly I removed the lower & brought it down to knee level.

He was wearing a red& black jockey underwear adding to his manliness. His thighs were juicy dark tasty with manly hairs just started to grow sparsely yet it was good enough to make me mad. It took me another one hour to taste his both thighs & legs and to drink those juices which are thicker than juices in his upper body.

Then came the main part. His manhood. I wondered how he could keep his hard-on for these many hours. Not many people can hold their hard-on longer. This boy is a real man growing, for he was horny maintaining it for long time. I removed his underwear and smelled it.. Ah the man smell!!!! His cock was semi hard, still huge!! 8 inch size even in semi hard. Black monster it was. Uncut monster, curved and so fatter & longer than any dick i have ever seen.

Around it was a thick forest of his manly hairs so thick. It gave his manhood a better look as the lion has its mane hair.

Beneath the black monster, hung a pair of heavy balls in its bag big, thick and hairy pouch. Each ball is half the size of my fist. I could feel its heavy weight when I lifted them. Ahhh … This little man is a dream boy every girl would like to bed with. A fresh grown man. In the tip of the black monster, oozing a juice which is a mixture of his precum, sweat & urine. Ah… Strongest smell!!!! It can make u drunk even the smell of it. Such power. I hooded the monster in my hand and started to kiss its tip. It had sensed my lips and began to grow bigger.

Then I tasted its tip. Drank its juice. Cleaned it with my washing tongue. And there!!!! Its growing bigger & bigger. A black anaconda.

I started to swallow it. Too difficult I must admit. Even my wide open mouth hold its shaft so tight. I can feel the pain in my mouth. The pleasure pain. And its length touch the back of my throat. Ahhh….!!!

Then I slightly started the to&fro motion with my mouth giving him the maiden blowjob. Ahh.. My mouths paining. I like it. With each thrust, i could feel the bush of hair covering my nose & those big balls striking my chin hard as a stone. It went on for 15 mins of to & fro with taste, smell & pain.

When finally I could feel this black monster growing to its biggest size & shoot a heavy load of hot salty cum at the back of my throat. So heavy it felt as if someone poked my throat. I was drinking them as much.

But it kept on coming for around 1 minute. Heavy juice. A big load. So tasty. So salty. So much warmth in it. After, I dressed him clean and went to sleep near this young growing man. Though he was in sleep, I bet he was aware of this scene. Yet it seemed he was enjoying it, at least a little.

When I slept, I put my hand around his manly waist, and put his thighs on mine, and slept so close I could feel his scent & heat again. My dick was getting hard. Though I slept hugging him…. (Comments welcome. Any school boy in Pondicherry? Text me. I would like to unload your seed)