Converting My Straight Friend

Hey all, this is fizzy indori here to tell you about all his sexy, kinky, and most fantasized things and experiences  I  hope you like it… Do share response at “/ /”

This story is about my childhood friend to whom  I  shared everything, everything meant everything. He was 2 3 yrs older to me but never made it realize and was very fun loving and happy creature. Though he was from a village but was very intelligent and knew everything about current affairs.

About me,  I  am a chubby fat boy having a normal 5.5″ dick but my nipples are heaven to watch and suck and cuddle. M pure white skin with big aerolas on nipples and chubby tummy with navel. I clean shave my armpits and pubic hair daily

One day while talking to him all the bullshits we used to talk, we suddenly paused for 2 minutes and  I  asked him

Me: bro,  I  wanna ask you something but only if you trust me and promise me that whatever is your reaction you will never tell this to anyone?

He: if you dont trust me dont tell me!!!

Me: its not the matter of just trust dude you have to make a promise to me that you will never ever tell this to any1 because this is something which can destroy my life and you r the only person to ever know about it.

He: ohhk man chill!! Promise!!! Now tell me whats that?

Me: bro, you know that  I  fucked many girls in life had many gfs  and all fucked aunties and did everything to satisfy myself with a women and no doubt they satisfied me every time. But dont know why  I … Just… Want to just masturbate sum man?

He: what??? Are you crazy???

Me: dont panic,  I  am not a gay  I  just wanna try it out for the pleasure?

He: soooo? ….

Me: so  I  was thinking that everything is shared between you  and me so why not  I  try this to you…. We can end this topic if you want but you are the only person  I  found to share my “This” type of feeling with.

He: ohhk fine but ill not do nothing to return this favor you can do it no need to extend that too long???

Me: ohhk, soo tomorrow morning after you got a good shower???

He: ohhk then (y)

Next morning  I  called him up  and asked him whether he is ready  and he told me to come to his room.

He was in a loose payjama and a t-shirt.I suggested him to start some blue films in my laptop I showed him the BBC videos he enjoyed them much and got an erection. I caught his erection from above his pyajama,he breathed heavily and told me that he didnt get shower

Soo I decided  and told him let me wash just his pubic part  and he can take a bath later. On this idea he promptly asked me whether I will suck him or nor and I told him ill do it with a condom on on this he just smiled

So we went to bathroom and  I  undid my t shirt and pyjama, he suddenly stopped me saying why r you removing clothes if you just have to masturbate me?? Till this time  I  was just in my underwear exposing my chubby body to him… I took his hand and guided it to my boobs  and then his head towards my nipples he sucked them continuously till they became red with his bites all over

I bent down on my knees and pulled him down on a small stool in bathroom  and  I  told him to let me remove his clothes. And started undoing his pyjama and then his underwear his cock sprang up near my face and I took some water and applied some soap all over his pubic area and to his dick after stroking his dick 2 3 times and washing it clean again with water

I finally gave him 5 6 strokes, he was pressing my boobs, after some strokes pre-cum oozed out of his cock I saw him in eyes and just licked the tip of the cock so that the shiny drop was in my mouth and I told him thats its all natural by the way!!!!

Again  I  started stroking him  and this time when  I  bent my head to lick that drop he pressed my face to his cock and  I  finally knew how it feels to take a cock in mouth ( I  have tasted my precum though) it was bit salty but I very much liked the taste and gulped it fully then I started blowing him with my mouth after 5-6 minutes of blowing him he ached his body  and  I  knew what was going to happen so I just put his head in my mouth stroking his rest of the dick so that every drop first touches my tongue and then my boobs and all over.

We then took a bath and came to his room

He asked me now what  I  made him sit down beside me  and he started pressing my boobs again from t shirt itself  I  removed my tee again wile removing my tee he saw that my armpits were very cleanly shaven an told me that he also wants to tell me something which I should never tell to nobody and I told him that bro just tell me and ill fulfill your wish on this he said that he fantasized every womens armpit specially chubby ones.

I asked him to be clear  and he told me that he want to lick me all over including my armpit excluding my dick  and ass area.On this I agreed  and showed him my white shaved chubby armpits which he licked dry and then sucked every inch of my upper body including navel!!

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