Pr Friend Made Me Randi

Hi guys, this Karan 23 years aged guy,new to this site I never wrote any story.So please forgive me for grammatical mistakes.For comments please follow me at / /

Hi guys lets I share my imaginary experience..

This story which happened 3 month back in my life.I am north Indian but living at chennai for job.During Sunday I was free so I was surfing Pr.Suresh named guy called me to his room.His room was 2km farther from my room.I caught auto and went to his place.I ringed doorbell.A muscular guy stood in front of me.He was so sexy that this broad chest showed his manliness.He was just wearing boxer and sleeveless t shirt.Invited me to his room.

I went inside and sat on his sofa.He just grabbed my lips and was kissing so sexy and his tongue was rolling all over mouth.Saliva was transferring from one mouth to another. My mustache hair went inside his mouth.He felt disgusting and told me to get shaved off.He told me that he will call his friend who help me to get shave off.He ringed a call to his friend.We were waiting for his friend.It became 30 minutes he was busy in chatting in pr and I was staring at his bulge. He saw me that I was staring to his tool.

So he called and told to suck his tool I removed his boxer and omg soon a 8 inch cock came out.It was semi erect black cock.I took it in my mouth and sucked for 5 min.Meanwhile bell rang.He told me to open the door.I saw two guys were there.One was 25 yr old guy who was in track and t shirt and another guy was 30yrold local guy was in lungi and shirt.Decent guy was his friend, manish …. Another guy was barber who was wandering in roadside so he picked him suresh told barber to start.Barber told me to bring water and newspaper.I sat on the newspaper and barber applied water on my mustache and beard and applied shaving cream and started to brush.

He took out razor and loaded with blade and shaved my mustache and beard so smoothly.I couldnt recognize myself.Manish told barber to shave my hair surrounding ass.Barber told me to undress I removed my track pant and was sitting nude in front of him.He widened my leg and applied water in my groin area.Lathered there and shaved it off.He called manish to check the smoothness.Seeing my asshole barber too got in mood.Manish saw his bulge so told the barber to use me. As he heard the word from manish.

He gave a sexy smile to him and barber ordered me to follow him.But I ignored and told manish that I wont get fucked this cheap guy.Manish gave a slap on my cheek and told me that he have to whatever they tell otherwise they may kill me.As barber heard that I told him heap guy,he became angry.He started abusing me and told me that he will show me the cheap guy act.

He took hans panmasala nd loaded in his mouth. He dragged me to bathroom.He became undressed.Pointing his dick.I went nearer his dick.His dick was 6 inch non-erect.It was smelly. Urine pungency was there.I sucked slowly.He spitted panmasala on my face and told to suck fastly as bitch.I sucked like bitch,he was moaning and abusing me.Told mother fuck,sister fuck and many more….

Made me facing toilet tub and pissed on my face.Felt too bad. Suresh knocked the door.Barber opened,dinesh smiled as he saw facing toilet tub.They both came near me and they too pissed on my face.Now my face became so smelly.They told to get bath.So I took water and poured on my face.

I felt more smelly.Barber came near to me and slapped and questioned with whom permission I am bathing?? I told that dinesh has ordered.Barber told that he is my master so I have to follow his words.He ordered to suck his cock.I was sucking slowing.He pushed me back,kicked on my face and told me to suck like slut.I stood up and sucked his cock as ice cream. Precum was oozing.He made me top lick his precum.He hold my face towards his dick strongly such that I couldnt escape and was fucking. Hot juice shot in my mouth.He told to drink each and every drop but I vomited…

Barber:bitch you will bet punishment for this????

Barber to dinesh??:sir! Can I take this bitch to my area???

Suresh : we will fuck this slut then you take….

Suresh and dinesh brought me to bedroom and fucked one by one in different [positions… Dinesh dick was so big that it was struggling to enter in hole but it went …….Any how.I screamed.They were sapping on ass check.

I pleaded to me but there were none to listen me..

They both fucked me 3 times….

Meanwhile barber called them and ordered me to follow him but I ignored.

Barber:randiii come fast otherwise you will be sold out in randibazaar. I sat in one corner of bedroom.Barber show the video of me being fucked by dinesh and suresh.He blackmailed me that he will post in internet…..

I followed with barber. I was unable to walk properly but I managed.I sat in auto and slept in barber lap.I felt asleep and slept. As I wake up I was in under hut.Few men were drinking beer next to me. Nipple was so paining with burning sensation.I was crying and asked barber about the pain.Barber show the video,they gave injection and made me nude.4 men made me slave and played with me.They made me bitch and one by one had fucked me.One among them bite my nipple till it red.In between barber had shaved my head and all the hairs of my body made me like bitch.

Now I couldnt even get up from cot.He gave hand took me to toilet.I was bleeding and cried a lot in bathroom.Seeing this he made hot water massage to me and gave analgesic drug.I slept two days in that hut.Then after I make regular visit to his hut,not only for fun but also to teach him English ….

Now we became close friends.This is the story how I became slave….