Having Lots Of Sex With Cd Uncle

This is my second story in ISS first one written in another username. Im average fair 5’8 feet with 6 inch cock I like to suck cock a lot l never misses any chances to suck I like to crossdress most of the time I feel horny and slutty I consider myself as slut this is not my first sex experience yeah i had lots of sex experience .coming to the story this happened in 2007 at the time I was in 12th class this is a true incident and I added anything extra so go to the story

In 2007 I dont have any Internet and I have to go to Internet center for watching porn but it is very risk as there is no cabin every systems are open so I started searching for CD renting stores to get some porn CD as I searched CD store away from my home so my identity will be safe. And find out an CD store after searching for an hour and I pulled all my guts and entered the store.only the store owner was there he is an old man 5 feet fair fully shaved a little bit of mustache. I asked him about the new movies available he told me some movies and asked about the charge and sort of things.

Then I asked uncle do you have any porn video and he said no I wont give you and kept on asking and assured it will be safe and wont spoil anything then he convinced and told me to return CD tomorrow itself I said OK and he closed his store gone to his house which near to the store and gave me a CD from his house.

I returned to home and watched the porn. I was disappointed that porn was just B grade Malayalam movie where only boobs will be shown and the very next day I put the CD inside the pants and gone to his store in bicycle on the halfway the CD broke into two pieces and I was afraid dont have enough money to pay him but the uncle was cool he didnt got angry but asked me about the porn I said it was boring nothing is there except boobs.while telling this he was softly touching my hands and patting me on my palm I didnt cared about it and he gave me a new CD and kept on touching my hand I asked him why r u doing this?

He just smiled and told it is getting dark I need to go home so I pulled my hand and gone. Next day it was a holiday and gone to store in noon and given the last CD and got a new one today also he asked about the porn and I started explain like a bitch while he came near me and touched my touched my cock I got erection and uncle asked do you want I said yes he got me inside a small store room inside the store and locked me inside as somebody came to the store my heart started beating fast afraid whether we will be caught after some minutes the customer is gone he come inside the store room and locked the door

He hugged me very hard and started smooching me and gave me lip lock and removed my shirt and kissed my neck nipples and sucked my nipples so hard and I felt very lovingly open my zipper started touching my cock I was holding his dick and jerking his cock was small but a good cock not a dark cock and he bend over and asked to fuck his ass and I did so for some time he was feeling pain. So he took my cock and started giving me hand job and it was immense pleasure and kissed me while jerking me and I cummed in his hand and I jerked him and he also cummed and we cleaned ourselves and I gone to my home.

After that incident we become so close I never pays him and got lots of CDs and he used feel my cock my ass and fucks me some time in my asscrack because of his small penis. We used to have sex in his house but we cant fully enjoy because there will be people in his house just handjob, kissing ,ass grabbing etc..

On one Sunday his store was closed I gone to his house he was alone and wearing just a towel I asked him whether anybody is there he said no. Like a bitch I touched his cock and he take me inside his house he was nude and lip kissed me bit my lips pressing my ass we kissed for some time and he sucked my nipples hard and I mourned mmmm.

He removed my clothes and my feelings were elevated I couldnt control myself and kneeled down and started sucking his cock it was small but I enjoyed it a lot and drink his precum and he was so satisfied and started fuck my bitch mouth and I was enjoying like a bitch and asked me to lie on the bed facing down he pressed and spanked my ass made me horny and i mourned ah ahh.

He took some oil and put it on my ass and he started fucking it was so awesome that his cock nearly touches my asshole and goes back his cock was sliding inside my ass because of oil after some time he cummed inside me and he gave me hand job with oil and I also cummed. Put my clothes and started walking .while walking the feeling was so nice cum and oil inside my ass made it slippery. It made me think that I am just like a bitch in the porn movies who loves getting fucked

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