The Day I Got Cracked

This occurred a 3 years back  ..  When I was just 18 & 6ft tall with long legs with less hair on bcz I used remove it a lot because I liked hairless body .. ! I was a medium toned & had a pretty normal face for a guy but I have fairly large lips..!!

People used to laugh at ne for that..!! .

When I was travlling to chennai to visit m_y,aunty house  .. !! I was in. A sleeper class coach ..!! It was just like another trip! !

When I met this guy opposite to me who was really build & tall maybe 65 was  .. Staring at me when I was having supper  .. (ps its a midnight trip) I got a little scared..!! So finished my meal quickly & slept ..! After sometime I got up while the train stopped & someone turned the lights on .. !!

Then I saw that someone was taking my luggage & going away with it!! I got down & started chasing him. ..!! When I . Reached near him  .. !! He suddenly turned towards me & sprayed something on my face! ! I was out cold at that I remembered it was the same guy .!! Who was sat opposite to me ..!!

I woke up very dizzy on a chair in a large yet old & dusty room .. ! .. I tried to get up but my limbs are tied up .. !!

It was official then that I stupidly had walked into a  ..  Kidnapping  .. !! I was so angry with myself & cursed my self  .. !

Then suddenly a door opened .. !! There that son of who sprayed me came in with the company of another guy. & a women .Who looked like a w in saree .. !

I started shouting at them the very instant .. ! Suddenly. That woman slapped me & said “Kathathe diii” ( dont shout -bitch)

Then something struck me that the voice she had was  .. Too low pitched .. !!

Then they stared talking to themselves that “Iva annake nalla pariz tha ,romba kolupum ille! (this looks. Like a good present for big brother/boss seems fragile enough)

Then many things struck me ..L!!

1)was that the person wearing too much makeup & long saree was not female. !! He was hijra(common in tn)

2)they got something bad planned ..For me! !

I asked in sunken voice  .. ! Neenke. Enna panna poringe, ungalke enna venam .. !!(whatre. U gonna do?? What you want??)

Then the answer came from. The women that I partially understtod  .. ! Nee enka annanke .. !! Kanikai .. ! (youre gonna a be a presnt for my boss) & she told the other 2 dudes to get ready .. !! & the next second its lights out  .. !”” it seems somebody did something to  .. Drug which I still dont remember .. !

I woke up & I saw that I was naked & I looked like butter  .. ! I was fully shaved/waxed & my skin was fairer than ive ever was  .. !”””

Than I noticed women(who turned out to be hihras) ..  Working on my nails  .. ! Polishing it & coloring it! I was unable to get up as I was tied on the  .. Bed .. ! Then those 3 from earliier came & said that what the whole scene is about .. Zzz

I was completely shocked .. ! It was too much for a 16 year old .. !

They said(in tamil- I just translated) that theyre boss have some special sexual needs  .. !! That they once in a month . Gets a present for him .. !! It would be a young boy crossdresd outside from their lands to have sex with him .. !

I was terrified & confused! !! I asked them why me & where is this place..??..!

They simply answered ‘that you dont need to know that & the very next morning I would be released into the nearest town. Along with my belongings .. .!! If I would cooperate or else they would  .. Make sure  .. !! That I dont see the light ever again..!

I knew I was so screwed thay I decided to go with the flow( I still dont know why I agreed!!)

They untied me & I stood up( I ‘m still nude) than the dressup. Came

I was worn a pink netted panty with my d btw my legs .. ! Then a padded bra with red laces & then the blouse & petticoat came & came something I actually dreamt I wore in. My dreams(yes I was part cd) a red half sareee.  .. !!”” they put a wig no me with clips then only I found I was realy screwed because I had my ears pierced along with one of my nostrils .. !!

They put long gimki earings & a big nosestud they didnt put too much makeup .. ! Just some blush thigh eyeliner my big & soft. Lips were deep red painted .. !”” I looked in the mirror & saw an angel but they were not finished they put a lot of ornaments on my limbs & I was ready .. .!””

To my surprise I was enjoying it  .. !! That hijra from earlier saw me & said I looked like an angel  .. ! She told. Me her name was arathi & said the whole story that her boss. Is the one who. Cares for village full of hijras .. ! & that everybody is indebted to him & she brought me into her boss (kumaravelu his name) & said” I know that you will love this & ill be. Back home before tomarow night. & for tonight my name is kanyaka(mermaid)

Then she closed the door with me inside & I heard. Footsteps coming towards. Me .. ! I knew its not gonna be food .. !

Then suddenly I felt a hand on my shou??Lder. & I turned around & saw a manbeast !! He was as tall as me big & bulgy with a big gut. & hairy face .. !!

I almost cried in fear & I thought I cannot do this( I didnt know much about. Gay sex but I ‘ had seen videos .. !!)

I decided to talk him down to let me go & suddenly he planted a kiss on my lips .. . I was awe struck , I had never lip kissed anyone ever .. ! It was strangely pleasureble  ..

Then without a doubt I decided to go with it! !!

Feeling my approval he took me to the bed while still kissing me & we shared some tongue action as well  .. !! I was getting so horny .. !

He put me on the bed & started biting my large & juicy lips while I . Was unconsciously rubbing my d .. !! He then started to down from my lips to the chin & neck sucking it like juice & I suddenly let out a ..  Moan. Ahhh yaaa .. !! Mmm .. !

This. Suddenly got him aroused & sit me up on the bed & started undressing while I was feeling his heat  .. !! I had noting in my mind suddenly! !!

He took off_ my saree & blouse @s I had removed his shirt to .. . Fell his  .. Hairy just & I was letting out sound.  .. Haass. Hhgf .. . !! I was pulled down to the. End of the bed while he stood near the bed & he undressed his lungi & innerwaer! ! .

There I saw a big black d which is probably twice as big as mine. As in almost 10 inch. Length  .. !”

I knew what I had to do  .. I put my hands on it hich put a shiver on both our bodies  .. ..! I slowly put in my mouth & started to. Suck it ..  & stroke  .. !”! It felt dirty but I had no choice. ! Then he. Started to fuck my mouth very  .. Quickly .Lips were burning  .. .!!

It went on for say 20 minutes  ..  .. .Suddenly his thing swelled. Up & hit a giant load of. Cum in my mouth & boy did it taste sour .. !! I tried to get back but he clinched my. Hair made me suck  .. .Every..Bit of cum from his thong & balls  .. ! It was so sweaty. & smelly .. !!

I was so tired I could not move  .. !

He carried me on to the bed  .. ! Partially undressed me & started sucking my .. Boy  .. Boobs & I was moaning .. Mmmm hhhuah tyaeh  .. Come one ji..Jhhaa .. Huh..!! Hhhamb..!!

He then started biting my nipples & blood was every where  .. !! He broke through my lips &: I was in  .. .Deep trance that I didnt feel my lips gets cut in all places ..  .. !!Now I was covered in blood but he didnt stop  .. -he sucked my navel & nipples  .. !! I was moaning slowly as I awas tired .. !! Mmmmhh. Yhhhgfn jjjug huhhj .. Zzhhhff..!!

Then he went down & grabbed my thong & to my surprise started sucking it was. Full erect  .. !! He sucked me so hard  .. That I had aftershocks .. .!!! I was just about to cum as  .. He suddenly grabbed @ glass & took all my cum in it .. .!! & he mixed it .. .With his cum & pee .. ! I could see everything but couldnt do anything .. ! He pour the cum mix into. My mouth .. !! It was so awful  .. That I still hasnt forgotten ..  .. ! I drink all of it as I couldnt resist it .. ! .. .

Seeing. How tired I was .. .! He left me on bed & said that was quite the the best couple of hours huh??????

I couldnt respond & thought “Only a couple of hours???”(it was actually 3 hours)

But I knew this was just the start .. !